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Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku Logs


Here you will find my Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku logs. They were written from the moment I started up the Tamagotchi School and I continued to write through the entire creation of this website section. You can follow along in my adventures as I talk about my thoughts on the TamaSuku and get a feel for how we figured things out from the start.

The early logs from during the making of this website may have some inaccuracies, such as missing some student names, which I later correct in newer logs or have already been corrected and reflected on other Tamagotchi School pages within this site. The logs were simply train of thought during those days and times of unlocking the mysteries and discovering the secrets of the TamaSuku. I hope you enjoy.

Year: 2006

Dec 20 Time for launch. And the mail came. Wooo!
Dec 18 A long day. A short log.
Dec 17 A short day. A short log.
Dec 16 Cant... stop... playing... the... games...
Dec 15 A visit from a.. poo with wings?
Dec 14 A visit from the Tamagotchi King!
Dec 13 The adventure begins here.

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