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Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku Observations & Tips


Below are some of my observations about Tamagotchi School. Some are differences between other Tamagotchi and Tamagotchi School and some are just general tips and information.

This page is somewhat short and incomplete. More to be added soon.

  • The Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku was released in Japan November 23rd, 2006 (the 10 year anniversary of Tamagotchi).
  • You don't raise characters on Tamagotchi School.
  • You are a teacher and you run a classroom.
  • You teach multiple students.
  • There is no Food icon.
  • There is no Light icon.
  • You don't do any Discipline, Time Out or Praising.
  • There is no Bathroom icon.
  • There is no Medicine icon.
  • The students turn out the lights on their own.
  • Some of the items allow you to play mini games.
  • The menus are different, they use text and images.
  • Most everything in Suku has a face and its cute.
  • The animations are very cute, like V3.
  • TamaSuku has different sound effects and music.
  • A Tama doesn't sleep on your screen at night - you just see the reflection of the blackboard.

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