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Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku: Log 12/15/06

12/15/06: Today I went to work in the morning. The last couple of days at my job have been cool. My job has become two now. I'm administrative assistant and now I'm the SEO person (search engine optimization). It's pretty cool - I think I have a lot to look forward to.

After I got home from my job (I work part time, mornings) I relaxed a bit, read the TSS chat board and wrote a bit in the instructions here.

I was thinking about what I discovered yesterday about the times TamaSuku classroom is open. At 3pm I decided to set the clock on Suku to 12pm and start it up. This way I could keep better track of how many hours will go by before School closes. I also decided for realistic purposes not to pause at all, once I unpaused.

So at 3pm I unpaused the clock that read 12 noon.


Yesterday when school closed I had 13 students. It didn't take long for me to get my 14th student because about an hour later the Suku beeped at me for attention. The Raised Hand attention light was on and a new character was pacing back and forth. Wouldn't you know it? It was Mametchi! He's very cartoony and cuter than the P1 version!

I plopped him on the scanner and took a good shot of him in front of the blackboard.

I spent some time this afternoon playing Final Fantasy XI, occasionally playing games with Suku - or should I say teaching my class.

Around 430 or so I received the new on the TSS Chat Board that Tamagotchi Connection V4 was being sold at TRU online! When my husband got home I told him about it and he told me to get dressed because we have to go out now and go looking!

We searched through a few stores and we didn't find any V4's or any Tamagotchi Cards. Oh well. We will continue looking. Brendan ordered us each a V4 on the website tonight, to ensure we'd get some! So we have that to look forward to.

While we were out shopping, looking for V4, I was keeping care of TamaSuku. I just carried Suku in my hand and that was just fine. I always think the beep on Suku is so loud but tonight I missed a beep. When I walked out of Target I held Suku up in the light and saw that a character was on the screen. The character looked like a poop with a face and angel wings! I've never seen this character before. He was speaking a ton of Japanese and I had no idea what he was saying. He was not talking to me like all the other new students do. He had a lot to say, going through several screens. Eventually I got to a choices screen. I turned the TamaSuku to Brendan and asked him if he could read either of the choices. He said he could not, so I went to make a selection and suddenly the choices disappeared. I was really disappointed. It was only about 10 seconds or so that the choice screen was on. So I have no idea what that conversation was about and what it was leading to, but I missed the results.

Brendan remarked that the conversation looked similar to the one he had with the Tamagotchi King. When he got the Tama King the other day he was rewarded with a new character (but not the king). So... oh well. That's life.

Later in the evening I was approached again by someone I did not recognize. Again a long conversation pursued and at the end I had a choice. I selected the choice that the arrow was already pointed at and the Tama character got happy, playing a little tune, than he left and things went back to normal. I checked my students and several other things and found that nothing, that I noticed, had changed. So now I'm extra confused and have no idea what is going on during those conversations.

While I know some of the characters in my classroom, I don't know all of them. They each have their names in the Students list, so I've asked Brendan to translate those for me. He said he would this weekend. Than hopefully I'll have some names to write about in here. :)

For now I have 16 students and that is the mount I have tonight as School closed.

The other stats are: Japanese Studies: 18 Points, Math: 37 Points and Science 72 Points. I have a total of 2340 Gotchi Points - tomorrow I gotta go shopping for more items!

Regarding the School Closing time. I believe that the first night I had the clock wrong. Tonight, just like last night, the School closed at 10:30pm. So I believe that this is the closing time.

Also before I thought the Tamagotchi was "Painting" the screen dark when going to bed. I thought this because the first time I saw it the character that did it, his primary study is painting. I believe now this is a mistake. Brendan let me know he thought the Tamagotchi was actually using a broom and sweeping up the classroom - and this makes total sense. I was too caught up in the facts of things and trying to connect them together, overlooking this so obvious thing now that I see it.

So that's it for now. Tomorrow I will keep track and try to make sure to nail down the School closing and opening times, just to be sure.

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