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Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku: Log 12/14/06

12/14/06: Today I had to work, so I could not be home to start my entire day and spent it with the TamaSuku. So I left him on pause (this was achieved by using the classic method of Set Clock Mode).

Around 2 or 3pm I woke my TamaSuku or should I say.. I opened my classroom doors. The clock on the Tama said 8am so that's when school starts.

Most of the afternoon I was catching up on the posts on Tamagotchi Social Sphere. I got really behind between figuring out TamaSuku and going back to work here for a bit.

During the afternoon sometime TamaSuku beeped at me for attention and for some reason I got distracted and had to leave the room, when I came back the character was no longer waiting to join the classroom. I felt really bad about that too. I didn't get a good night sleep last night, so my brain was all over the place.

Either way, I missed a student in the afternoon. I hope he/she comes back again soon.

I spent much of my afternoon after catching up on the boards, writing more instructions for TamaSuku. I'm creating my own version of instructions for other Tama Enthusiasts like myself who need a guide to playing with TamaSuku. I started out with a blank page, the instructions are coming straight from experience, since I can't afford to just have the manual translated by a professional company. I'm also working on other pages that might be helpful to a new TamaSuku owner.

Today I also spent a lot of time playing the games. They are all enjoyable. The one I avoid is the Japanese Crossword. I really don't know Japanese and without much time and research there's no way I'll ever be able to get those puzzles right. So for now I just skip that game.

Later in the evening I had to take a shower, so I left my Suku in the care of my substitute teacher Brendan. He played games with my students and when I got out he announced to me that he was visited by the King Tamagotchi! Argh. I was sad I missed this. Brendan told me the King said about four lines of Japanese to him and than left us another student.

bigger blackboard

After King Tamagotchi came, the Blackboard got bigger. Brendan was able to read the Japanese characters on this newer bigger blackboard and it translated literally to "It starts Applying." So perhaps it means "Application" or "Applied" or "Applied Math" (which is what I teach). Or perhaps even "Apply Yourself" - something encouraging to the students?

After this I set the clock correctly, it had been wrong all afternoon. I figured I had plenty of time, seeing that class closes at 11pm.

Well wouldn't you know it, at 10:30pm my Itchigotchi started painting the screen, indicating it was time for class to close. He paints the lights off for the night and just the chalkboard outline is glowing in the dark.

So I started thinking... is the TamaSuku only open eight or nine hours a day? That would make sense if it's true. That seemed to be approximately the amount of time I spent playing with TamaSuku today. This is something I'll have to pay better attention to tomorrow. I have paused too much to be certain.

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