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Ookii Tamagotch Arigotoo Gozaimasu

The initial launch of the Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku section of Tamagotchi Planet took many hours over the course of almost two weeks to create. This was primarly due to the Japanese content and the fact that TamaSuku is entirely different from any other Tamagotchi. It's been a fun adventure and I would like to say that this site would not have been possible without the help of the following:

  • Special thanks goes out to all the supporters of Mimitchi.com. I Especially want to thank those that have followed the site for many years and stuck with me even when the site was dead for a couple of those years. Without you wonderful folks I would have never kept going with mimitchi.com. Your encouragement, your words and your kindness is touching and I thank you for that. Many of those wonderful people, whom I consider my friends, can be found on Tamagotchi Social Sphere.

  • Special Thanks goes to Dancinkayley (TSS) for helping me discover the Contrast settings and for correcting the spellings of some of the names.

  • Special Thanks goes to binary/tamatalk_binary (TamaTalk, Tama-Zone, VPetsML) for giving me all the details and information on the TamaSuku Connection icon use. Also thank you for clarifying the correct names of the Smile Roulette, Spotlight and Baton items.

  • Bandai, the creator of Tamagotchi, for their continous dedication to making innovative virtual pets and all the support they give to the Tamagotchi community.

  • Japanese Language Websites: The following websites have been helpful in the creation of the TamaSuku site: Spencer's Japanese Dictionary, Japanese Translator.co.uk, Japanese Kanji Character Designs, Hiragana From Wikipedia, Babel Fish Translation and Custom Japanese Calligraphy.

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