A Cat Person

I woke up really early today. 5am to be exact. I don’t know why exactly after only four hours that my body decided that it was time to be awake. I could have gotten at least a couple more hours. It was entirely just one of those wide eyed wakeful moments that turned into a wakeful early morning.

I haven’t had coffee yet. I don’t know that I should be writing here before coffee. Perhaps I won’t allow myself to do any editing either, that might be interesting for all of us.

Just a side note, some of these blog posts will be serious and some of them will be less than serious. Variety is the spice of life, right?

So, I grabbed a chocolate milk and decided I wanted to write something this morning regardless of the lack of coffee in my body. I have another more serious post still in the works but I woke up with something else on my mind today…

Cats. I do love cats.

I am guilty of looking at cat pictures on Facebook and watching cat videos on Youtube. Surely we are all guilty of this occasionally but I am guilty of it on a regular basis so you might say that it is “normal” for me to be enjoying pictures of funny cats. Cats are just entertaining, lovable and endearing in their own special way.

As such I have a favorite cat Youtuber. Before you close the article.. I will mention this is not a regular cat Youtuber but it is a guy who makes animated cat videos and he’s rather well known  as his Youtube account has millions of views. His videos are hilarious and totally spot on for cat humor in every day life.

If you love cats at all, you will love Simon’s Cat. These videos are black and white, hand drawn animations. They are original and unique and all very hilarious. The videos are usually only between one and four minutes long, most of them around two minutes. So they are short but very fun little films bursting with cat entertainment.

I just wanted to take a few minutes here to show you some of my favorites. If you have ever lived with a cat, you will find these to be so much fun.

The first Simon’s Cat video I ever watched is called Cat & Mouse. The title is a bit of play on words there and the mouse actually is referring to a computer mouse. This is still one of my favorites.

The first video he ever made is called Cat-Man-Do. From the very start I just find his animation to be so funny and so well made. It is about the desperate actions of Simon’s Cat who desires attention from his owner who is sleeping. The author of these videos does have his own cats and it really shows.

This video called Scary Legs is one of my very favorites of them all. As you may have figured, I do not much like spiders or other bugs and so it really hits the spot for me. While I do not like spiders, I do have a good sense of humor about my otherwise unexplainable and illogical phobias.

Lastly I will mention this video called Screen Grab. I recall seeing this one when I was not having such a good day and it literally made me laugh so hard I had to watch it a few times in a row. It cannot be described but is best seen for full effect.

Honestly, I love all of Simon’s videos and sometimes I just watch them all when I really need a smile. It was hard to pick out just a few, but I hope you enjoyed them. While I don’t regularly subscribe or watch any particular Youtube channel on a regular basis, Simon’s Cat has made my rare exceptions list in that regard. In that, I had to share it with you in hopes that it too brings you a smile the way it does me.

Here is a link to the Youtube listings of all of his videos. Enjoy!

PS: You should also check out this funny cat on head while brushing teeth video. I just saw this one this morning. (note: not related to Simon’s Cat, just something I wanted to share)


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Dear Mr. Spider #1

Dear Mr. Spider,

I think you need to understand that “hiding” on a white surface is not very stealthy. In fact, you are quite noticeable in that “hiding” place. You do realize the color differences, right?

I have been giving swimming lessons in the toilet to spiders lately, and you must have wanted a lesson. All lessons are free to all the local Mr. Spiders.

I presume in the sewer you have joined The Others in a very large meeting hall of spiders that I have taught to swim. I imagine you all have formed the Organization of Swimming Spiders and probably even have your own theme song by now.

I hope that I move out of this place before you and The Others in the Organization of Swimming Spiders finishes plotting their revenge against me.

Surely we can keep living in a somewhat peaceful situation. Perhaps we can discuss some negotiation plans later?

However, you should avoid white surfaces. I am only being nice by giving this advice.


PS: I have noticed the web behind my desk is getting ever larger even though I clear it quite often. Don’t think I don’t notice.

[Some background on the Dear Mr. Spider stories: On facebook I started writing my adventures with spiders in a humorous format in 2012 because I really do not like spiders and they seem to like me. I have decided to include those adventures here on this blog. There will be some I have written and shared with close friends in the past, as well as some new stories. The stories surrounding Mr. Spider are entirely based on real events that have happened to me personally. I do hope you enjoy them!]

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Greetings from Mimitchi.com

Phew, just got out of the shower. That was a long shower.. feels like I’ve been in there since 2006. You can’t imagine the prune effect my skin has going on!

So it’s June 2014. Eight years since I’ve written much of anything for Mimitchi.com.

I’ve got my coffee. Coffee is one of life’s best friends. I’ve also got some tea, cuz I like variety like that. It is somewhat warm outside today, but inside where I live it is cold. I have three shirts and three pairs of socks on to help keep warm. It’s always cold where I live.

So in this first personal blog I’d like to cover a few aspects of what’s to come and what’s happening and some other general refinements.

This might be a tad long, you may need to get yourself some coffee too.

Why is Mimitchi.com still online? Will it be staying online?
This is a question I get in a variety of versions when I check my email.

Some history first..
Mimitchi.com has been online in various forms since June 1996. That makes this website 18 years old as of this writing. Most of it was created back in those days of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. I was only 18 years old myself when this little adventure began. I started this website out of fascination with page coding. It was initially named something very original – “Katherine’s Webpage”. I needed to make a page so I had something to learn on, thus the site was born. Though in the beginning it was nothing but links to many of my interests and really nothing special.

Once Tamagotchi came into my life in 1997, that all changed and the site slowly converged into mostly Tamagotchi in subject matter. While other things have been added (and removed) during the years, Tamagotchi remains the main topic people visit the site for, with Furby at a strong close second (mostly due to the recent interest in the Furby Boom). Furby interest fades in and out, but the crowd that loves Tamagotchi keeps at a steady stream (according to my page metrics and emails).

I moved the website around to and from different URL’s as I changed hosts. It went through various name changes as well. The “Mystic Fortress” name was the second name of the website. For the longest time.. it was all simply called “Mystic Fortress”, with the Tamagotchi section being the main page. The name “Mystic Fortress” survived many of the changes to end up being the general name of the site index, while eventually the Tamagotchi section got the name “Tamagotchi Planet”.  I prefer it’s more organized form now. I added things on constantly back than, with no plan in mind, I just let my passion fuel the site’s growth.

I eventually got the domain Mimitchi.com in March of 2000. Once that happened, it was far easier to handle host switching and content delivery. The site host has changed three or four times in all these years, but since the URL never changes.. that has happened seamlessly (except of course on the last little thing that happened). It has had some updates through the years in the form of added sections, forums, little adds here and there. The last handful of years it hasn’t been very active though.

When I made this site I had no delusion or belief that anyone would have any interest in it. I simply created it from my interest and passion in the subjects I wanted to talk about. I figured if maybe one or two people saw it, that would be nice, however I didn’t think anything would become of it at all. My initial plan was always.. learn from the experience and grow my ability to code and learn how websites work.

I recall the days of using a Free Webcounter of some sorts (that probably doesn’t even exist any more) and seeing I had 10 or so visits per month. I thought that was interesting and pretty neat, and assumed that was all I’d ever see.

Something happened along the way when making the Tamagotchi section. I stopped looking at the counter stats and just kept building onto the site, pushing my thoughts out. I wasn’t really paying attention to statistics or anything until the mail started pouring in. Can you imagine logging into your email and having literally over 11,000 emails in your inbox – all from real people (not spam)? Not only that, it kept pouring in day after day, faster than I could keep up with it. That was quite a shock to me. I was amazed, surprised, overwhelmed, and completely just had no idea how to handle all of that. I was just a kid and radio stations wanted to interview me and my URL was suddenly being published in Japanese newspapers. I was in absolute stunned amazement. I really had no idea what to make of it all. It was completely unexpected.

I don’t remember the exact day that all happened with the email, but it was around the big Christmas holiday rush in 1997, when Tamagotchi was a craze. That day when I saw all that mail was when I realized the website might actually stick around for a few years. I was flattered and deeply moved, but also very overwhelmed. I seriously tried to answer the endless mountain of emails, but it was just too much for one person to handle. So I answered what I could but otherwise shrugged off most of the email. Instead I just kept on doing what I was doing on the website because it was my passion and if I had tried to deal with all the email.. the website would have stopped it’s progress all together.

Those early days were definitely my most enthusiastic and productive. Over the years life did change, things happened in my personal life, and eventually I hit full on burn out with the site. At the pace I was working on it in the beginning, that was bound to happen. I did get spurts of energy over the years to add things or to work on sections here and there, but mostly I found myself in a state of constant and total burn out. Combined with many other things in my life, I found myself without much motivation to work on the site.

Of course, as life would have it, things kept turning even worse for me and the website eventually was too much for me to deal with along side all of the other things. These things may well be talked about in another blog on another day.

However, it is worth noting.. I have never stopped caring about the website or the kind people that take the time to visit it.

And now here we are. I sure never expected I’d be writing this here in 2014. I am truly still.. without words to describe how I feel about this all. I am terrible at expressing my emotions. But I will say.. I am extremely grateful for the experiences this website has brought me. I have met people I never imagined I’d meet, experienced a lot of fun things and I have wonderful memories I associate with the site.

To answer the question…
I still get mail from my visitors, while not the thousands a day I used to get in the beginning but enough mail that it is encouraging.

Many of you say to me that you value the site. You care about the site. You still enjoy what is here even though it is outdated. You find the site nostalgic. You feel the site is important even still now. Many people still mail me saying all of these wonderful things. It is touching. It warms my heart. I can’t express enough my thanks in all the kindness I receive.

I get many first time contacts and I also hear from people I’ve been hearing from for years. It makes me smile to see how people still come around, still drop a hello.. people that still care very much.

It is you that I keep this website online for. And it is you that I have decided to start writing this blog for.

A very special thank you to those that have reached out to me in the past. Your comments and thoughts are always valued. I may not have always responded, but I always read everything that is sent my way. You took the time to write, you deserve having someone take the time to read. And you deserve to know… your words are heard and appreciated.

There of course is another part of this.. and that is the financial side. It does cost money to keep this website up and running. As such, Mimitchi.com does serve some advertising as I’m sure you noticed. The profit I get from the advertising doesn’t make much at all, but it does make enough to cover the hosting and URL costs.  I currently can’t afford to keep it online, but thanks to you the visitor, Mimitchi.com stays online. You help fund the site by visiting it the way you have over the years.

In that, I am absolutely grateful in more ways than I can say.

Literally without your support, the website would not be here any more. It is you, the friends of Mimitchi.com, that keep this site online. Not just financially, but also.. those emails. People who have kind things to say.. I thank you so much.

So is Mimitchi.com going to be staying online? Absolutely yes it will.

That was a long answer, time for more coffee.

Okay, I’m sure that time passed faster for you than it did for me. Mmmm coffee.

So What to Expect of this Blog…
This blog I consider to be a personal blog.

Topics will vary…
thoughts will be all over the place…
randomness in abundance is coming your way…

The one thing people always enjoy on the site are the Tamagotchi Logs. I won’t lie, I can’t promise you Tamagotchi (or Furby or other virtual pets) material here, that is why I made this blog separate from the Tama Logs section. It won’t be what it’s been in the past. I am hoping it will be interesting still though on it’s own merit.

I apologize if that is a disappointment to you. I imagine for some it will be.

Right now in my life things are very different. And things keep changing. Everything you’ve known about me in the past has changed. Nothing is the same. My life turned on a dime. I am still here though. That is another story for another time.

Tamagotchi still has it’s place in my heart, but is sadly does not have an active running place in my life at this time. It may again someday, as the itch has come and gone over the years, but right now.. it is not.

Essentially this blog is new ground for me as well. I have never written a general blog like this and I am hoping it will still be interesting without the Tamagotchi and virtual pet element.

As always, you are welcome to drop me feedback. You can also make a comment below on the blog itself. Feedback is always helpful, as written above, it keeps this site going.

From here on out…
I have learned in the past that when I plan things, things just don’t happen as planned. I work easier if things are just simply chaotic and unplanned when it comes to this website. However, it is my intention to write in this blog at least once a week. There is a chance it may happen once a month or it could happen eight times a week. Anyone who has read here in the past knows.. randomness is abound with me. Life turns on a dime eh.

I intend to mention when I add blog entries here, on the facebook page for Mimitchi.com, so if you’d like to follow along there, you are most certainly welcome…


“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
~Albert Camus


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