Just a quick post for today.

I do enjoy poetry.. writing it and reading it. So today I wanted to share a poem I found online that I have felt some connection with. While some people might have a guess at the reason why, my reaction would be.. it’s not that, it’s something else. That is for another time though.  Hope you enjoy.

There are times in your life when you find 
yourself in middle of nowhere.
With hundred thoughts yet blank 
Having to speak but no words..
Wanting to hold but no hands
Willing to stay but no reason
feel like crying but no tears

When it’s still alive. Everything. 
Like it happened yesterday. 
and then today everything just falls apart. 
When everyone leaves but you miss the one. 
When words are just not enough. 
When your place in their life seems blurred.

Its tiring. Its exhausting. Its harder. Everyday.
when “ I’m okay “ no more works. 
Coz deep down in there, it hurts. Badly.

When you are trying. You are trying coz its hurting now.
Because there’s a hope that maybe someday it won’t hurt. 
Maybe someday it won’t be hard.
That some day everything will be Okay! You’ll be Okay !!

And one day,
you stop pushing yourself. Stop trying. 
You just lie down and breathe.
You are not changed, but drained. 
You are not mad but hurt!
but even then you just manage to smile…

“Am I still Waiting?”
By Shipra Sahu ©
Life & Poetry 2014

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