Greetings and welcome to Open Road: Echoes in the Dark.

My name is Katherine. This is my personal adventure in writing a general blog about random topics of interest and about life overall.

I have been inspired to write a personal blog out of many reasons and the influence of many kind people. I miss writing and miss having a place to convey and sort out my thoughts. After much indecision, I decided it would be ideal to go back to my web roots and start this journey at Mimitchi.com.

Mimitchi.com is a website mostly about virtual pets and my involvement with them. It has been online for over 18 years now. However, this blog is not going to be about virtual pets at this time.

In this blog, topics will vary…
thoughts will be all over the place…
randomness in abundance is coming your way…

In whatever happens, I hope you find something interesting here and I hope most of all that you enjoy what you find.

The first post of this blog is here, it also explains much of the history of the site and information about this blog.

You can follow me on facebook… if you’d like.


7 Responses to About

  1. Max says:

    You still exist? Damn.

    Most of my childhood was dedicated to Tamagotchi Planet. I was born at the tail end of the 90s and missed the American craze, but it was obsessively popular in my small-city Australian hometown when I was in primary school, when the Tamagotchi Connexion was the popular kind and every kid was having theirs befriend everyone else’s. Knew more about it than anyone else.

    Every once in a while I check back up on Mystic Fortress. What my childhood self didn’t always notice was how fascinating a person you seemed. I read your logs quite often even then — they were a glimpse into someone else’s life, something I rarely found as a reclusive social outcast. But now I look back through it and see a person growing up sometime before I did, but leading a fascinating life that I caught glimpses of in logs.

    I never imagined you would come back to Mimitchi.com. Even when I found it, most of the content was fairly old. But here you are!

    Oh…and I still play Neopets avidly. I’ve noticed that the mimitchi account was purged (deleted from the servers due to inactivity), but I believe you would be able to recreate it if you so felt. The name is still open. Though I know the 2012 purge was glitched and the names from it are uncreatable, so if it was purged that year it’d be an issue. I’m not entirely sure, myself.

    • Max,

      Thank you for the very kind comment. It is always so touching to know that people still come to this site and still enjoy it. That means a lot to me. It especially means a lot to read the things you said here, it is amazing to know how far things have come and people still come back here after all these years.. :)

      I never wanted to stop doing things with the site… life really happened, and as it does, life happened again.. and thus I am still here again.

      Very nice to know you are too still! :)

      Regarding neopets, I have contacted customer support. Hopefully I’ll have the account returned to me soon. Thanks for letting me know about that, it has been a while since I’ve been there, but I did still check in once a year or so. Just I haven’t for a while for too many reasons. So I appreciate you letting me know!!

      I hope you enjoy what you find here, things have changed and it won’t be about virtual pets, but maybe you’ll find some other things interesting.. :)

      Best always,

  2. Renegade the Unicorn says:

    Wow…I never thought I’d see the day you’d come back. Most of my mid-to-late childhood revolved around Mystic Fortress. Since I was OBSESSED with Furby when the 2005 version came out, I discovered your little site. I have owned four Furbys since then:

    Gravy and Vanilla (2005 Furbys, may they rest in peace)

    Nah-Bah (Also 2005 Furby, kickin’ back n Texas with his stuffed chihuahua buddies.)

    Daffy (2012 Furby, and pretty crazy.)

    I look forward to your further adventures, and the return of the Social Sphere.


    • Renegade,
      Thanks for the comment! That is very nice to know how much you enjoyed the website some years ago, that is very cool. I have not played with any of the newer Furbys, but I may get one someday when the time comes. I hope you enjoy the blog and thanks so much for commenting! :)

  3. Mason says:

    When I found this I freaked out.

    I have been awaiting the day you came back, and im so happy to finally hear again from one of my internet idols! I found your website in 2010 when I typed my favorite tamagotchi into the web adress bar just for fun. What I found was heaven. Even if the website was quite older than me (im 15, also please excuse my grammar as well, im not that great at it haha) I still fell in love with it because of how interesting you made life with Tamagotchis. I didn’t just care for the tama stories though, I enjoyed your every day happenings. You make everything so interesting and enjoyable; I love it.

    Also, are you still into Tama’s? I was wondering what happened with your interest in them.

    Aaaallsooo, I look up to you greatly! I know im just some silly little kid, but you are so amazing. Thank you for coming back.

    • Mason,

      Awwww that is so sweet, thank you! This is a very touching post. I am glad you found your way here again.

      I am not really into Tamagotchi anymore these days. I still have them though, but it is not really a hobby for me anymore. It’s been a lot of years since the site went online in 1997 and much has changed for me in that time. I appreciate my history with Tamagotchi and them in general. However I mostly keep the site up and going because of all the people like you who still appreciate it.

      And hey you aren’t just a “silly little kid”, I am sure you are an amazing and wonderful person and you most certainly are very kind and thoughtful for writing this note to me. :)

      I hope you have a great holiday and thanks again for writing!
      Best wishes,

  4. Zachary Camargo says:

    I would love to talk to you. I have loved your site for years and it is sad how many of my favorite sites were lost into the past. If only I could time travel, eh? It is sad how there are very few updates in your site for years. I have loved tamagotchi since I was young, and I would love to see more on your website, if possible. There was another website I would like you to help me find. Please e-mail me, unless you are dead I guess.

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