One of Many

In 2009 or abouts that year, I met a friend named GDC in an massive multi-player online role playing game – World of Warcraft specifically.  While separated in several years of age difference, we connected on humor and good conversation. He always sounded so sincere with everyone in my gaming group, he was polite and considerate, he was helpful and also a good listener. So in time, I considered him my friend. Overall, I felt like he was really great guy, smart, and a good person at heart.

As years passed, my life changed and in that the friendships in the game we all played changed. Many people left my life without so much of a goodbye, all due to the lies told by another person who decided to paint me in whatever brush strokes suited his life at the time to turn people against me.

Regardless of the stories the liar told, GDC stuck by my side. He was one of my friends that did not believe the lies, he was there for me, we had a lot of great memories during a very difficult time in my life. We played the game and did many things there. We chatted outside the game, texted and voice chat, I considered him a great friend. I even made a video about the experiences we had in Warcraft because we just had that much fun.

You see, a person really finds out who their real friends are during bad times. The bad time for me I speak about is my divorce. I felt like GDC, along with a handful of others, were actually real friends who understood me and realized that the person who caused me so much pain and suffering was really an awful person.

Without going into detail, I must say that surely by now all of those people realize the truth of those lies because certain events did happen to prove that later on.

Anyway, one morning I woke up to find that my so-called friend had completely ditched me to be hang out with the person that lied so much about me. Just like that, over night, GDC was gone. I had sent him food during a time he was depressed, I had spent holidays online with him to keep him company, we had laughs and what I felt was a good friendship. Yet he betrayed me.

One of my real friends, who I might add is still one of my dearest friends in this life, told me that some day GDC would regret that. Someday GDC would realize the truth and return.

Humorously, GDC eventually did return. He made a half-assed effort at an apology in 2013.

Seriously, too little too late. You walk out on me during a time in my life when I needed someone most, you betray me, back stab me, and suddenly you want me to trust you again? I am no fool. I am not a carpet who will be walked all over. I have grown so much stronger than you can imagine. My life has changed, and I might add, for the better. I cannot nor will I ever forgive you, GDC. I am most definitely far more choosey about who I spend my time on in this life and who I consider to be a real friend. A real friend does not walk away from someone during a time like that. While some other situations it might have totally been forgivable, this one absolutely was not.

I miss you, but I miss the you that you were when I met you, not the you you became when you showed your true colors to me. Life is too short to waste on people who are rainy day friends who only show up when it benefits them and disappear the moment it’s more fun to be in another place.

I have real friends now, not people from a game world who will log out and forget I’m a real person¹. I have friends who know me as I really am who don’t judge me, who understand me in ways that absolutely no one in this life has before. People who have not turned their back on me just because I’m not all fun and games 24/7. I’m a real person, with real feelings, I’ve been through a lot, and I refuse to let people who have caused me suffering back into my life. Thanks for the memories, GDC.. have a nice life.

“The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.”
~Julliete Lewis

¹This is not to say that all gaming friends aren’t real friends, I still have some very good friends who are gamers.


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