Dear Mr. Spider #2

Dear Mr. Spider,

Oh yes, Mr Spider, I see you up there in a tiny little corner in a location I cannot reach right next to the ceiling. Your cloaking device ain’t working today. You may think you blend into that little area there… but I see you. I am watching you. Indeed I am.

Don’t even think I have forgotten The Desk Event from a few days ago. (Seeing a Mr. Spider on the desk is okay. Reaching for something to kill him with and looking back to find him missing is when things are not okay! This resulted in a serious Emergency Desk Cleanup Event which was soon followed by a major Vacuuming Event)

Do you hear me typing a letter to you?

I see you getting all scrunched up further into that little corner, almost looking like a shadow. Almost. Not quite. Nice try, Mr Spider.

I’ll get you as soon as you are in arms reach. I really need to train up the Increased Target Range skill so I can surprise you with my abilities to get you even in those little ceiling corners you to gravitate to.

I am just sitting here and I might look distracted but no.. no no no.. I am still watching, don’t think I am not.

I see you Mr Spider… and you still still haven’t moved. You know… I know you know that I know you know I’m watching you… you know.

Surely you must also know that if you weren’t so far away.. if only you weren’t.. then you, Mr. Spider, would be Mr. Squishied.

So I sit and wait.

And you sit and wait.

Surely you understand I am just as patient as you are. We’ve played this game many times before. Sooner or later.. you know how this is gonna go.

Innocently waiting,

And I just realized something… Mr Spider was in that corner… until now!! I saw him about a half hour ago, in that same spot up there by the ceiling. Now he’s disappeared!.. it feels like it might be time to vacate the house for a little while.. or you know.. for a few weeks.

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