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"The Tamagotchi Ocean is approximately 3,720,00 kilometers deep. It is on the world of Tamagotchi. It seems that the Tamagotchi Ocean does not contain salt water but juice and Tamagotchi soda water. The Tamagotchi Ocean floor is like the planet and has beautiful scenery. They have great surfing in the Tamagotchi Ocean. The main staple is Pickles. I have no idea why! In the Tamagotchi Ocean, there are Bugs Island, Summer Winter Island, and Lazy Island." - Bandai

Tamagotchi Ocean was released in the US in the week of August 5th, 1998. This version of Tamagotchi, originally named Umi No Tamagotch, was released in Japan around February 20, 1998. While I own both versions of Ocean, this section mostly reflects the US version, with some Japanese Umi No Tamagotch information within. The animations on these pages reflect the US version; the Japanese animations may differ.

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