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Here you'll find my personal collection of Tamagotchi, Tamagotchi Connection and Japanese Tamagotchi related images. All of these images are of my own personal Tamagotchi and they are all original to Tamagotchi Planet at Mimitchi.com.

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TamaSukuDecember 11th 2006: Here is the latest Tamagotchi to join my collection; the Tamagotchi School (or TamaSuku).
Coin BanksDecember 11th 2006: I found and bought these two Tamagotchi Coin Banks on eBay several years ago. I was so happy to find Mimitchi! They stand about 6 inches tall and I keep them on the entertainment center.
HandkerchiefDecember 11th 2006: I bought this Tamagotchi Handkerchief on eBay several years ago. The fabric is very thin and the image is seen on both sides. On the front is a little Tamagotchi sticker.
Angelgotch ToysDecember 11th 2006: You'll have to excuse the quality here, these little Angelgotch toys are very small! They were a gift given to me from an eBay seller many years ago when I was buying many Tamagotch from him at a time.
Tamagotchi TissuesDecember 11th 2006: This is a picture of the Tamagotchi Tissues I got many years ago. I never opened them up but I wanted to share them because the imagery on them is so adorable! I am thrilled that Mimitchi made an appearance on this item too.
DunknDecember 11th 2006: Here is a camera picture of MohiTamatchi on my Tamagotchi Connection V3. His name is Dunkn (my husband named his Donut) and he is Generation two, the son of Jarre and Ninja.
Mimitchi & GinjiDecember 11th 2006: I managed to raise my first Mimitchi and Ginjirotchi in several years on this date. You can see them here in a nice close up shot. For once I used the camera instead of the scanner.
Tamagotchi Collection VDecember 11th 2006: And here we have another group shot of my Collection. This image is much bigger then the previous image and done from another angle. The Tamagotchi are all laid on my bed in random order. Mimitchi Tamagotchi, Ginjirotchi and MohiTamatchi are seen in the bottom right corner. The TamaSuku (Tamagotchi School) is seen here for the first time in a collection photo.
Tamagotchi Collection IVDecember 11th 2006: In another attempt to take more images of my collection as a whole, I am adding just a couple more images from another location - the bed! These shots were hard to take; I had to do quite a balancing act to get them. I took around 50 images and ended up with just a couple of useable ones. Thankfully they turned out good.
Tamagotchi Collection IDecember 6th 2006: Here you have it, a picture of almost my entire collection of Tamagotchi and Virtual pets. I have 106 Total Bandai pets, but in the picture you'll find a few missing. This is because since I moved a couple got moved into another box and I can't find them right now in my mass of moving boxes. Also I forgot to include a couple of Virtual Pets (like the Pokemon Pikachu 2). If you look close at these Collection pictures you can see that not all of the Tamagotchi in this group shot have pictures on this page, such as the MIB Tama.
Tamagotchi Collection IIDecember 6th 2006: This is another angle of my almost complete group shot of the entire collection. These Collection images are the biggest group pictures I've ever taken of my Virtual Pets. Forgive the poor quality but I had a hard time finding a place to take the picture where they could fit and where I had enough lighting. It was also hard to find the perfect angle to take the shot.
Tamagotchi Collection IIIDecember 6th 2006: And here yet another angle of the same large group that consists of the majority of my Tamagotchi & Virtual Pet collection.
P1 & P2 GroupDecember 6th 2006: Here is a large group shot of my P1 & P2 Tamagotchi that no longer have their packages.
Tamagotchi ConnectionDecember 6th 2006: My collection of Connections are not too great or interesting as some of my older Tamagotchi. The most notable item is on the top right corner, it is the Tamagotchi that Bandai gave to me. I kept the little box they sent the Tama in with the stickers on it - so very cute!
Morino TamagotchDecember 6th 2006: While Morino is one of my favorite Tamagotchi, I only have two of them. The one on the right has never been opened.
Umino TamagotchDecember 6th 2006: Here are all of the Tamagotchi Ocean's I own. Some are Japanese and some are US versions. As cute as Ocean characters are, I find the Umino to be a bit too demanding to handle during a regular day. They need almost constant care, making it a great challenge to even get an adult.
Mesutch & OsutchDecember 6th 2006: All of these have been removed from their packages but like most of my Japanese items I kept the package. Other pictures of them can be seen here in my older pictures and in other places on mimitchi.com.
ArukotchDecember 6th 2006: These fellows were picked up a couple of years ago when I found a good deal on them. I've only opened one of the blue ones but I have not played with it yet.
Devilgotch & TamaOtchDecember 6th 2006: I'm proud I own these two Tamagotchi, they are somewhat hard to find and a bit expensive when they do appear on eBay. I have played with TamaOtch but the Devil is still sealed in his package for now.
Angelgotchi GroupDecember 6th 2006: Here you see my collection of Tamagotchi Angels. As you can see only one still has the packaging. In the beginning when I was collecting most of the time I didn't save the boxes. I am not much of a collector in the traditional way... I believe in playing with the things you love, not leaving them in a box to collect dust - there's no fun in that.
Genjintchi & MothraDecember 5th 2006: New in package, never played with, I don't know much about these two guys except they aren't too common and I had to pay a bit extra to get them back in the day.
MezamatchDecember 5th 2006: This big guy has never been used, but some day I think I'll do so, as everything I hear about it always sounds adorable.
Rare Japanese P2sDecember 5th 2006: These two Japanese P2 designs are rather rare and I paid a bit extra to get my hands on them. They are both still sealed in their packages and two of my favorites in my collection. The image is not so clear but the Tama on the left has the dragon around the screen. The Tama on the right is a special 1997 version.
Japanese & German P1December 5th 2006: The left one is Japanese and the one on the right is, I believe, a German Tama. I just thought they'd look cute together for a picture.
Japanese P2December 5th 2006: Four Japanese Tamagotchi P2 in the packages. Most of these colors are pretty common. I really like the dark blue Tamagotchi on the left, it has Mimitchi at the top of the Tama.
Japanese P1December 5th 2006: This is a picture of three of my Japanese P1's in their packages. On the left is the rare clear milky white.
Digi & MiniDecember 5th 2006: Here we have a photo of all my Digimon (V1) and my Mini Tamagotchi. The Mini Tama has little flames on it and it was a gift from my husband Brendan.
Handful of Tama's INovember 21st 2006: I had decided to take on a project to take pictures of all my Tamagotchi Collection. While I was moving the out of boxed Tamagotchi from the table to the floor my husband said this would make a funny picture. So here you have the result - it's quite a handful! There are 52 Tamagotchi here.
Handful of Tama's IINovember 21st 2006: Another picture of the handful of 52. An underside view. They are a big bunch!
Handful of Tama's IIINovember 21st 2006: Another angle showing the 52 Tamagotchi. You can see my Memetchi named Jarre on my Tamagotchi Connection V3 in the center of my hand.
Tama GroupNovember 18th 2006: This photo is actually from 1998. I only recently got around to scanning this in. Here you can see some of the Tamagotchi I have out of box surrounding my 1997 collectorís edition and my dark blue P2 Japanese Tamagotchi still in package. I was just taking pictures for fun and thought I'd include this here since I had it.
Group of PlushiesNovember 18th 2006: This photo is actually from 1998. I only recently got around to scanning it. Here you see a huge pile of Tamagotchi plushies and Tamagotchi Keepers. At the bottom I included the Tamagotchi I had going at the time of the photo (Japanese P1, Mimitchi Tama, Japanese Angelgotch, Digimon).
Lucky Unchi Kun September 21st 1999: I finally managed to get Lucky Unchi Kun, the Lucky Poop on Angelgotchi. This little guy showed up after a week of neglect! This is my Japanese Angelgotch.
Secret Character November 4th 1998: On the top left is my Mesutchi and she is in the teen form of generation 3, she is Batabatchi (orange/white). On the right top is Kuribotchi, Osutchi gen4 teen (green/white). At the bottom is my Japanese P2 Tamagotch. The character on the screen is Charitchi, the secret character that came from Zukitchi.
Sleeping Tamagotchi October 7th 1998: This image is of four Tama's I had going on this date. This image is unique in the manor that I took it early in the morning at work, while they were all sleeping. I turned on the lights on everyone so you can see them all. From top to bottom, left to right; White/Green Osutchi (Bunbutchi w/ Tsubutchi; age 9), White/Orange Mesutchi (Bunkotchi w/ Tsubutchi; age 9), Yellow/Black P2 (Mimitchi; age 10), Clear Blue P1 (Ginjirotchi; age 11).
Four Tamagotchi October 7th 1998: This was taken in a hurry, I was on a short break at work and right when they woke up I managed to take an image of them. From top to bottom, left to right; White/Orange Mesutchi (Bunkotchi w/ Tsubutchi), White/Green Osutchi (Bunbutchi w/ Tsubutchi), Yellow/Black P2 (Mimitchi), Clear Blue P1 (Ginjirotchi).
Group of Four September 25th 1998: This image is different from all others in two ways. I took this image as fast as I could, thus it has a big ol' clump of Tama chains in the middle of the image, it also features my dead 54 year old DigiMon (MeraMon) and my best friends Nano Baby (a non-BanDai rip-off virtual pet in which she kinda gave to me to care for, for a couple of days during it's life). I was in a hurry, so I just took everything I had and put it on the scanner, I'm surprised nothing else ended up in the scan too! Either way this is the image(l-r, t-b): Brown/Black DigiMon (Death of Meramon, 54yrs), Clear Blue Gen2 US Tama (HashiTamatchi at age 5), Yellow/Black US Tama (Mimitchi Tama), White/Waves US Ocean Tama (Otototchi, swimming off the screen), & Clear Purple Nano Baby (My best friends, not mine, age 1yr 21lbs male named "B").
Group of Four September 1st 1998: From top to bottom, left to right; Mimitchi (yellow/black), MeraMon age 30 (brown/black Digi), Maruten (Japanese Angelgotch), Pukuten (US Tama Angel).
Group of Eight July 27th 1998: This is a rather large image taken of the 8 Tama's I had hatched at this date. From top to bottom, left to right; Masukutchi (white/blue US P1), Tongaritchi (milky white Japanese P2), Masukutchi (white Japanese P1), Mimitchi Tama (yellow/black US P2), Cocoon/overhead view (yellow/leaves Japanese Morino/Forest), Kakutchi (pink/white/purple Japanese Nakamura TamaOtch), ChoHimetchi & Petit-Teretchi (clear/black Japanese Mesutchi), ChoMametchi & Petit-Teretchi (black/clear Japanese Osutchi).
Japanese Tama's July 27th 1998: This was more of a close up image I took of three of my Japanese Tama's. From Left to right; Kakutchi (pink/white/purple Japanese Nakamura TamaOtch), ChoHimetchi & Petit-Teretchi (clear/black Japanese Mesutchi), ChoMametchi & Petit-Teretchi (black/clear Japanese Osutchi). Now the unique thing about this image is that my Nakamura TamaOtch is flashing the 'greeting/good morning' thing on the screen.
Group of Three July 27th 1998: This image is almost the same as the last with a couple of exceptions. Nakamura showing Kakutchi, not the greetings thing. Yes that little guy is really half off the screen, its not a trick and yes I found this guy hilarious :)
Mimitchi & Mesu & Osu July 21st 1998: On the left is a familiar face my dear Mimitchi Tamagotchi, in the middle is my Generation 4 Osutchi, which is in the second part of the Babitchi stage. On the right is Mesutchi, also in the same stage as Osutchi.
Debutchi July 21st 1998: Less then 2 minutes after my last scan, my Osutchi changed into the Kodomotchi (child, teenage) character in Gen4. So I raised the weight on my Mesutchi, whom had not changed yet, and she became Debutchi. Then I scanned them and got this image. On the left is Debutchi, the character you get when your tama gets overweight, and on the right is my just newly changed Osutchi.
Debutchi 2 July 21st 1998: This image is the same as the above image, except it is smaller and the Osutchi has his back to me and the Debutchi is facing the other way. Actually the Osutchi looks like it's halfway between the front and back animation... caught in motion.
Mating Dance July 10th 1998: This is my favorite two characters from generation 3 on Mesutchi/Osutchi. Pipotchi is on the left Mesutchi and Kabutchi is on the right Osutchi. The thing is here the mating icon has been selected. They are doing their dance back and forth across the screen in anticipation that they might mate.
Mesu & Osu Adults July 10th 1998: I love these characters. Pipotchi is on the left, Kabutchi is on the right.
Group of Four June 18th 1998: This is the afternoon and unfortunately this was done shortly after Zukitchi got reset on my milky white Japanese Tama. The top left is Osutchi with Pyonchitchi and Tsubutchi, the Babitchi. Next to him is Pyonkotchi on the Mesutchi with the other Babitchi Tsubutchi. On the bottom is Zatchi on my 'cow spots' P2 US Tamagotchi. And the right bottom is P2 US Yellow/Black Tama with Tongaritchi on it, soon to be Mimitchi.
Mesu & Osu Children June 18th 1998: This is just my Osutchi and Mesutchi. They are in their adult form and have two little Babitchi called Tsubutchi. On the left is Pyonchitchi and on the right is Pyonkotchi.
Mesu & Osu June 16th 1998: This is one of my best images of Mesutchi and Osutchi. It caught them perfectly and very cute I might add. Oh the left is Osutchi with Pyonchitchi on it. On the right is Mesutchi with Pyonkotchi on it.
Mesu & Osu June 16th 1998: This image isn't as good as the other, but you can still tell they are making that 'kissy' face at each other!
Group of Seven June 12th 1998: This is a group picture of the 7 Tamagotchi I have going right now. From top to bottom, left to right: Mesutchi as MohiTamatchi, Osutchi as MohiTamatchi, US P2 'cow spots' Tamagotchi with secret character Zatchi, Japanese P1 white with black buttons Tama with secret character Oyajitchi, Japanese Morino Tamagotch with the 'overhead view' of Funkorogatchi, Japanese milky white P2 Tama with Tongaritchi, and US P2 Tama yellow/black with Mimitchi Tamagotchi. This is my first image of Mesutchi & Osutchi!
Mesu & Osu June 12th 1998: This is a pic of just Mesutchi and Osutchi as MohiTamatchi. They are just so cute. :)
Mesu & Osu Connected June 12th 1998: I decided to do this image just because. I connected my Mesutchi and Osutchi at the top then scanned them. Since they are in MohiTamatchi stage they can not mate of course, but I thought it would make a nice picture anyways.
Six Tamagotchi June 2nd 1998: This is an image of all my Tamagotchi I had going on this date, excluding CD-ROM of course. From top to bottom, left to right: Mimitchi (yellow/black), Funkorogatchi (Morino Tama, overhead view), GreyMon (grey/brown DigiMon), Oyajitchi (white Japanese Tama), Tonmarutchi (milky white Japanese Tama), Tonmarutchi (black, white, grey 'cow spots').
Weird Scan June 2nd 1998: This image is kinda messed up. Let me tell you what it is first: on the left is my white Japanese Tama with Oyajitchi. Then on the right is my Morino Tamagotch, showing Funkorogatchi. Now to get this image of Funkorogatchi without the 'overhead view' popping up, it took two people to scan. One person to push save, the other to sit at the scanner and keep hitting a button until the moment it scanned, because we had all of 5 seconds until he disappeared off the screen, and my scanner takes about 8 seconds to scan. Well I was holding the tama and pushing 'C' and when the light came on I put the tama carefully down next to the white one and closed the lid. When the lid came down on it, it moved my white Tama a little bit, right in the middle of the scan, so it made my white Tama look deformed heheh. I could fix it, but I thought it was kinda funny, so I decided to use it. No my white Tama isn't really deformed like that.
Angel & Morino May 1st 1998: On the left is my Tama Angel, Kuriten. On the right is none other then my Morino Tamagotch as a Imotchi, hatched from the polka dot egg.
Morino May 1st 1998: Much coordination between myself and a friend was needed to get this image of Morino Tamagotch because in 5 seconds the 'over head view' screen savor like thing pops up.
Morino Overhead May 1st 1998: This image is what it looks like after 5 seconds of no activity. I call this the 'overhead view/screen savor' on Morino Tama. That is my Imotchi represented by a dot, he's crawling between two trees.
Newborn & Old Digimon April 8th 1998: The day after my DigiMon, at age 66, died the night before. I hatched my Japanese gen2 this morning and I just put my newborn up there on the scanner while he was sleeping. Well, he awoke and took a dump and got sick before I took the scan, so I figured why not save it. This is also my 'proof' that I really got a DigiMon that old, he was Metal GreyMon.
Group of Three April 8th 1998: The far left Tama, blue and black Japanese gen2, a newborn. The middle, all white with black buttons Japanese gen1, is a 3 year old Tamatchi. The far right is my Mimitchi artificially 25 years old, very needy, but oh so cute as always!
Group of Four March 26th 1998: This is a familiar group I had with me for almost a month, 3 of them for over a month. The top left is my green/yellow Tamagotchi Angel, with my Futagotenshi; they died at the artificial age of 47 years. Across from them is the only scan I have of my Metal GreyMon when he was alive, he died at the true age of 66, my longest living virtual pet. In the middle is my white Japanese gen1 Tamagotch, with Masukutchi on it. My several attempts to get the Japanese secret character have failed because of lack of time, this one did not change. Near the bottom is probably the most reoccurring Tama in all my images, my Mimitchi Tamagotchi.
Futagotenshi February 10th 1998: Scanned on a 5 min break at work. It is my silver Angel Tamagotchi. She was 9 years old and had just changed into Futagotenshi, the twins. This is the finale adult form, the secret character and healthiest character for Tama Angel.
'Dr Tama' Experiment I January 21st 1998: I got this while I was experimenting with 'Dr. Tamagotchi' tab thing. Where you take the tab out and stick it back in rapidly and you get funky images. Well, I had a hard time catching the images, but this was one of the better ones. This is one of my Gen2's. It shows the bottom half of the egg, two different ones at the top of the screen. Icons lit up are Food, Light, Medication, and Discipline. Then there is a 3/4 of a box around the screen, open at the top. That is hard to see.
'Dr Tama' Experiment II January 21st 1998: This one is a pic I got by pulling the tab in and out rapidly (Dr. Tamagotchi experimentation). In this one only half of the egg is present in the middle of the screen, only the top half. I believe this one too has a 3/4 square, with an open top around the egg. I don't recall which icons where lit, none on the top, I think only the Attention icon was on the bottom. But due to this being taken a while back and the pic not so clear, I can't remember.
'Dr Tama' Experiment II January 21st 1998: This one is another pic I got by pulling the tab in and out rapidly (Dr. Tamagotchi experimentation). This one was one of the most difficult images for me to get, I am lucky I got it. My scanner isn't so fast at all. So I had all of 30 seconds to get that Tama on there and get my scanner to scan, which takes a good 7 to 10 seconds. A long time to an egg playing the game. Took 3 tries, but I got it. The egg is playing the game. Sometimes the game ends with a score but keeps going. Sometimes the game keeps going and doesnít ever show a score. I can play the game with it, or it will time out. If it times out I have to re-hack the thing to get that game playing again. No less getting that egg with the number '4' next to it was rather difficult.
'Dr Tama' Experiment IV January 21st 1998: This one is another pic I got by pulling the tab in and out rapidly (Dr. Tamagotchi experimentation). This one is one of the more frequent ones I get. First the egg is angry, with the little 'x' in the right corner, than it changes into this... sick. I am assuming this is like it reacting to medication with anger, but needed another shot? Either way I could only get it being sick, as anger was only on the screen for a few seconds. I can't do anything with the egg at all here. Almost feels like I'm abusing the poor thing, so I really don't like doing this much anymore.
Secret Characters I
Secret Characters II
January 1998: I got both the secret characters at once and scanned them. My clear blue Tama didn't scan well, but that's Bill on there. Next to him is little Zatchi.
Mimitchi & Takotchi I
Mimitchi & Takotchi II
January 1998: Unfortunately these didn't turn out as good. But you can tell whom they are. On the left is my sweet Mimitchi. On the right in the clear green egg is Tarakotchi, a character I love as well. He's too cute, too bad he doesn't live too long.
Neglect December 1997: This is what you get when you don't care for your Tama for hours... not a good thing. I have gotten this exact image pulling the tab on my Tama's for 'Dr Tamagotchi' experiments too (I've gotten screens of 8 poops and once poop playing the game too). This particular image is real and has half a Marutchi on the left and a screen of 6 poops.
Ten Tamagotchi December 1997: I was working on that dare to have 12 Tama's going at once. I was afraid I'd lose some before they all changed, so I took this image of just the 10 adults. It came out okay, but the animationís got blurred a little on a couple. But mostly it came out okay.
Eleven Tamagotchi November 1997: I was dared to care for 12 Tamagotchi at once. I gladly took up the dare. While I had lost my gold Tama, due to some odd malfunction, I managed to scan 11 of the 12 Tamagotchi.

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