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Tamagotchi Bandai Virtual Pet, manuals, logs and fun stuffTamagotchi Planet this section covers many of the different incarnations of the Bandai Virtual Pets. Tons of information for Virtual Pet fans. One of the biggest sections of my site: Tamagotchi Connection, Japanese Tama's Morino, Umino, Mesutchi and Osutchi, Angelgotchi, & Ocean Tama. This section has many images, animations, games, puzzles, character information and lots more.

Furby, Furbie, Furbish, Tiger Electronics manual and moreElectronic Furby has everything for the Furby lover; Entire instruction manuals, dictionary, story of Furby, an FAQ to help you with your Furby questions, Furby sounds, stories, tips, discussion board, a place to buy and sell Furby, Furby news, and this websites exclusive newsletter! Also has a section on Furby Babies and Gizmo with sounds and manual and much more.
Life with Aibo, the Sony Robot DogLife with Aibo is a section of the site dedicated to my Sony Aibo robot dogs Spaz (silver ERS-111) and Ziggy (black ERS-210). This section includes Aibo pictures, information, logs and more. Accessing Data, with Brent Spiner, Data from Star Trek The Next GenerationAccessing Data is a fan page dedicated to Brent "Mr. Data" Spiner from the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. This section has lots of funny quotes, a convention report, links, and images.

Random Quotes: humor, funny, serious, life, love, and a variety of random quotes.Random Quotes is a page that generates various of quotes, using JavaScript, that I have collected over time. Some may have a little language, but most of it's clean, some humorous, others dry. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the original Movie ScriptMighty Morphin Power Rangers
Original Movie Script
is what MMPR:TM was originally written like, but they changed it before it went to the theatres. Here's the original version.

Mystic Fortress Updates on FacebookUpdates on Facebook Document of changes made to every section. Old updates page. Final Fantasy XI Cooking GuideFinal Fantasy XI: Cooking Guide for the online game FFXI.

WhoAmI? Information on the web mistress of Mystic FortressWhoAmI? Small page about the owner of Mystic Fortress. Email the webmaster your random thoughts, jokes, aibo, furby or tamagotchi information.Email me with your questions, jokes, job offers, free money and comments.

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