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On occasion someone email's me asking how I get a certain character. Well I have decided to make a list of the characters and the techniques I used to get them. They may not necessarily work for everyone, but it might help some people out, I hope. Note that I am using the names of the American version Tamagotchi. I am sure the same techniques would work to get the different characters that are on the Japanese version. There are many ways to get the different characters, these are just my methods. Just because you miss a step or something small in it doesn't mean you won't get that character.

BTW, My view on snacks is this: It is okay to feed snacks as a Babitchi/Shirobabitchi, but after it changes into Marutchi/Tonmarutchi I prefer to play games over snacks. Snacks are okay, but it's good to keep the weight down and keep it healthy. Remember one snack is 2 oz/lbs, each meal is 1 oz/lbs, and the game only works off 1 oz/lbs per game. I believe that snacks overall don't have a huge effect on which character you end up with, if it has effect at all. I only feed snacks maybe one or twice a day. This usually occurs because I am too busy at work to stop and play the game. With that in mind...

~How To Get The Tama Characters You Want~

If you need some images to help you out, here are two I stole off the net. They are growth charts for both generations. The Generation one/P1 Tamagotchi Chart is one I found somewhere out there. I believe its BanDaiís chart, in fact. The Generation two/P2 Tamagotchi Chart is one I took off the net. But I had to modify it, it was wrong to began with. It doesn't show the actual animationís, but what they look like character wise. For more information on the characters and such go to my Rated Tama Links page. There are many many web sites with all of that information. I figure why repeat it here? :)

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