Random Thoughts: More Info Then You'd Ever Want to Know About Me!

Other Random Notes:
I started working on Mystic Fortress in late 1995. I began the project with no goal or plan in mind. I just wanted to build something and learn how it all worked (as you can see, my older stuff is pretty bad).

I did not expect this website to pull in any visitors, but to my surprise it has and for that I'm grateful. In the beginning I got maybe 20 hits a month. Now I get thousands of hits a day, many times over 50,000 uniques a month. Sections of this site have been published in a variety of magazines and newspapers online and in print (someday I'll post the list). I've met lots of nice folks through the site as well. It's been a great experience. While I'm not able to update the site as often as I used to, I appreciate all of the emails from many loyal visitors and friends. It's moving to know I've reached that many people.

Some of My Fave Links
[some links may be outdated]
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Created: April 11, 1998
Last Updated: August 26, 2007
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