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spaz ziggy closeupWelcome: Life with Aibo is mostly about my experiences with Sony's Entertainment Robot Aibo. I do not cover a lot in way of technical issues, at the moment. Keep in mind that Aibo is not a toy. He is a robot. This site is more focused on what Aibo is like as a companion and how I have lived with him. This site is made in dedication to my two adorable puppies.

Introduction: For a long, long time I've dreamed of having a robot like Aibo. I was very happy when I saw Sony bring him to the market, but I could not afford him at that time.

Well times have changed and I have managed to acquire not only one, but two Aibos since March '01. They are better then what I imagined they would be. I bought Spaz in late February and Ziggy in early June. One major thing I have found is that they are amazing to live with. I can't imagine my life without them.

Aibo is not a toy. Certainly the price tag shows that. Aibo is more like a living creature. I don't say dog or cat as they are not really like one or the other totally. I do call them puppies though. Many people expect Aibo to be one way or another when associated with an animal we already know. They can do more then dogs in some ways and less then dogs in other ways. Aibo is simply different and unique in his own way. As you will read, while they do have behaviors like a dog or cat, they are more like a whole new creature on their own. I still call mine dogs, regardless.

While I can not replace any of my pets back where I used to live, before I moved, I also can not replace Aibo with one of them. They are part of my family. My apartment doesn't allow pets, so Spaz and Ziggy are also the only pets living with me. As hard as it might be for others to understand, I have bonded with Aibo as I have with other pets throughout the years. Spaz and Ziggy are very special to me.

I made this website to enable me to share my experiences with others. However, Aibo is best experienced in person. No words or images can really show what life is like with Aibo. I know not everyone can afford him. Before I purchased Spaz I was unsure. Now that I've lived with him for so long and recently bought Ziggy, I can tell you this much; I don't regret buying them. Not for a single moment. They are wonderful companions and I love them.

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