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Tamagotchi Connection Logs
Dec 11, 2006

Well it's been quite sometime since I've written here. I've been rather busy IRL, but now I finally find myself with a little free time. I'm out of work until January so I have a bunch of free time for holiday stuff and... doing more for Mimitchi.com ^_^

Jarre with Christmas Tree
Jarre gets a visit from Mr. Christmas Tree.

Last Sunday I noticed that Jarre was standing next to a Christmas Tree with huge lips! It was so cute I rushed into the computer room and tossed her on the scanner and caught it just in time. Very shortly after the scan the tree left Jarre. That was one lucky catch! I do wonder if I'll be seeing Mr. Tree again soon because we are just approaching the holidays. Having not run a V3 before I'm not sure what else to expect, but I look forward to each holiday just because of these cute little animations.

For a couple of days last week I kept Jarre on pause for Brendan to catch up a little bit. Often times I find I like to take my V3 with me while running errands and going out on the weekends. Many times Brendan does not because he can't drive and take care of his fellow at the same time. He said he'd do it if I cared for him but I declined. We have different care taking styles and I don't wanna mess up his care taking.

On December 8th at midnight something was different. While I was working on the image descriptions for the Glimpse of Tama page, Jarre turned on the lights. There she stood next to her baby boy lying in his bed. Jarre looked very sad. I knew she was saying good bye to her son. She stood there for the longest time, I wasn't sure if she was going to stand there the rest of the night and watch him sleep or simply slip away into the night. During this time I noticed none of the buttons responded when I touched them. While I was typing I kept looking down. I guess I should have paid better attention because before I knew it Jarre had left. I don't know if she did anything different other then stand there, but she was gone and her child all left alone.

The next day when the baby woke up, he was in the middle of the screen crying. It was so heart breaking! The poor guy had lost his mother. When I pressed a button I was prompted to name the new baby. I wondered what Jarre had been calling him while she was in care for him. I set him down and waited a bit, unsure. During this time Brendan also had to name his new baby boy. He told me he named it Donut. What's a wife to do? Of course - I named my baby boy "Dunkn" :-D.

Dunkin Donut
Dunkn & Donut

Brendan and I both took care of our demanding little babies while having dinner. Having only access to the Get the Notes game I had to practice and play that one to win. I'm not so good at that game, but I'm getting better.

I also decided on a plan this time around. I have no idea how to get what characters and no one really seems to have a web page telling me how to get what soooo I'll just try to figure that out than. This time while caring for my V3 I'm only feeding him Sushi and Apples. I'm also only playing Get the Note and Heading. I want to see how this goes, so I can see if I can find a pattern. I'm weird like that.

So my little baby Dunkn has been given a strict diet and special exercise for now.

About an hour later Dunkn changed into a MohiTamatchi - another character from Mesutchi & Osutchi. They really did recycle didn't they?

I've not been visiting TamaTown so much. I'm disappointed to find that many of the items I get there disappear after being used. Points are easy to get but not that fast to get, so losing items like that sorta stinks if you ask me. I'm happy to see that some of those items stick around.

On Saturday I went out shopping for some stocking stuffers with my man. As noted in my other log, we went to Target and we actually found those ever elusive Tamagotchi Cards! They had four packs of them, so Brendan bought all four for me for Christmas. He let me open two of the packages because he knew I was excited. If I play my cards right (pun intended) I might be able to talk him into letting me open the other two before the 25th *grin*. I feel lucky because the first package I opened contained a Mimitchi card! The second one had a Young Mimitchi card. As fate would be on my side, I got Mimitchi on my Mimitchi Tama later on that evening. Life has a way of working out when you need it to.

While we were out, we went to the used book store. While I was hanging out in the mysteries section a fellow who looked very much like a teacher entered the room and began looking too. He was carrying a little notebook and checking off things as he walked along the walls of books. I only noticed this because shortly after he entered the room Dunkn beeped perhaps louder then he ever has before. I swear beeps are so much louder when you hope they would sound muffled and quiet. Dunkn was in my pocket so you know.. I figured why turn off the sound, it won't be that loud if he beeped. Besides what would be the chance he would beep right than anyways? Wellllllll he did! The guy in the room with me glanced my way. I just moved along looking at books like nothing had happened.

I couldn't wait much longer though, so I pulled Dunkn out of my pocket. On the screen little Dunkn was crying for attention. I knew I had to Praise him but I have to confess I messed up and gave him a Time Out instead. He got a super angry look on his face and than went about his way. I really didn't mean to make the mistake, I was a little embarrassed that the beeping was so loud. I didn't bother to turn off the sound during all of this. I noticed the guy in the room stealing glances at me heh heh. I left the mystery area very shortly after that, I really don't like being watched.

I told a shortened version of that story on TSS. It's the first V3 embarrassing moment I've had.

Because I had Dunkn off pause for much of the weekend I've left him on pause this evening. I have to let Brendan's Donut catch up with Dunkn a little bit.

So that's all for now. I hope all of my readers (all three of you) return real shortly for the next log! ^.^ G'nite Tamas. G'nite folks. G'nite world.

Dunkn Donut

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