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Tamagotchi Connection Logs
Nov 28, 2006

Good evening y'all! I hope everyone had a good holiday that celebrates it.

Jarre being chased by a Turkey, Ninja in a costume.
Jarre, while in costume, is being chased by the Thanksgiving Turkey. While Ninja is hanging out in his costume.

So I'm finally getting around to writing another log. I bet you thought I disappeared again! Well have no fear, I'm back here. In fact I wrote another log yesterday, but not for my Connections. I wrote a log about the Tamagotchi I hatched on 11/25 in the group hatching. You can find my other logs located here. I also do most of my complaining about life in those logs, they are more like my diary I guess, when I actually write in them. ;)

Jarre up close!
Jarre in costume up close.

Because my connection is only unpaused for about three or four hours a day, the growth is slow. So expect these logs to be somewhat infrequent. But Jarre is coming along and is still being taken care of, don't worry.

I don't have a whole lot to report here, but I can tell you that Brendan and I were working on getting Jarre and Ninja to become friends, so we connected them tons of times. Many times when they visited each other it would show the two of them sitting together looking out over at the stars. It was a adorable :)

After connecting them for a while, we got to four smilie faces. We eventually decided to use the love potion to make sure they were interested in each other. So we continued to take care of them until they were age five, which occurred on Friday. They went to bed before we could have them mate so we let them sleep.

Jarre with afro!
Jarre with afro!

During all this time I was making Thanksgiving dinner and we were having a great time just relaxing have our four days off. Weekends that long are nice nice nice. I always love when I actually get to spend long periods of time with my husband. It leaves us time to catch up on movies and play games like Scrabble and not have to think about jobs and work and responsibilities for a few days.

The next morning... we knew it was time. That special moment had to happen.

No it wasn't time to eat more Thanksgiving food.

No it wasn't time to visit ebay.com yet again and drool over the Tamagotchi that I can't yet afford.

No... no... we didn't figure out how to balance the White House budget.

Ninja Studying
Ninja studying.

It was finally time for Jarre and Ninja to become even better friends. I fed Jarre the Love Potion and, with Ninja patiently waiting, Jarre came to visit him. They kissed and soon the fireworks started. Moments later Jarre and Ninja were standing next to two baby boys! Everyone seemed very happy, what a cute little couple they make :) Jarre bid Ninja goodbye and went back to her Egg and with her came her chosen baby boy.

Shortly after I participated in the Group Hatching (as talked about in my other log) and later Brendan and I had to run to Best Buy to get a new stereo receiver. Later that evening I finally went to Tamatown.com and decided to spend my 9000+ points that I had piling up. Well at one point I thought that was a lot but I tell you - that was gone in a flash! It goes by quick. I wanted to buy everything available and I think I only managed to grab one third of what was available! I also spent a lot of time messing around with the different items available from the shop and items Jarre can use, as you can tell from the pictures on this page! I have almost more scanned pictures here than I have text. :)

And that ends this somewhat short log for the week. Until than, I'll see y'all on Tamagotchi Social Sphere!

Jarre and Ninja in costume
Jarre and Ninja both on costumes.

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