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Tamagotchi Connection Logs
Nov 18, 2006

Well here we are again. Got me some Goldfish crackers, a cold Diet Root Beer and my MP3 player. Let's see I have... VNV Nation playing the song Epicentre. When I hear this song I think of my bitter anger towards SquareEnix for ruining my favorite job in the game FFXI; BeastMaster. I'll probably be playing this song the day I quit Final Fantasy XI.

There was a small gap this time between logs. That is for several reasons. Of course the major one reason is I only have my Tamagotchi going when Brendan has his going. Since he works full days that restricts it to only evenings during the week and of course we have weekends. The second reason for the delay was I had to put my Tamagotchi on pause for a couple days, as you know, while Brendan's character was awaiting change into adulthood.

Jarre brushing her teeth Tamagotchi Connection V3
Jarre Brushing Her Teeth

Brendan's Tamagotchi did finally change into an adult, so I have been unpausing with him this week like normal. But first I'd like to mention briefly that my life has changed again. For so long I was out of work, for various reasons, and that has finally changed. Brendan's boss needed an extra hand to help pick up some of the extra slack. So I went in and his boss liked my resume, so I've been going into work half days, which I love. Part time half days are nice nice nice. I'm an Administration Assistant at a local web development and computer repair company. They are extremely nice and things are going well I think. They are expanding very fast and there might be a chance that down the line I'll be picked up for many more projects and possibly end up full time. Which would be really cool, everyone there is nice to be around, it doesn't feel high stress. I can live without stress. So that's what's been going on with me.

Now onto Brendan's Tamagotchi... it did finally change last Monday. What happened was on Sunday Brendan forgot to pause the little guy before bed, so the next day Brendan leaves to work and poor little Ninja is left all alone. I wasn't working yet. So that afternoon at about 2pm, while I was doing some housework, I thought I heard what sounded like my phone ringing.

So I pick up my phone and on the screen it didn't say anything about any missed calls. So I'm like 'hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'.

Ninja Up Close Tamagotchi Connection V3
Ninja Comes Up Close To Say Hello

So off I go searching for Brendan's little Tama just to make sure I wasn't hearing things... and I find Ninja on the desk all alone and sad. He was literally frowning on the screen, as all his hungry hearts were empty and all but one of his happy hearts were empty. He had been alone for at least five hours! Poor sweet guy.

I guess Ninja was going to be a rebel for all this lack of attention, for when I found him I not only found him upset on the screen but I found him in adult form. He turned into a familiar face, in fact a face I had seen before on my Mesutchi and cared for myself... Ninja turned into a Pyonkotchi! I must say... Bandai should have only made this character for females because Ninja is well... very feminine now... lol =) Poor kid. That's what happens when you leave them all alone, they rebel! So I fed and cared for little Ninja and then promptly put him on pause. I later gave Brendan a guilt trip for leaving his little Tama unpaused heh heh heh =)

So finally! Yes finally I can start unpausing little Jarre in the evenings! :)

I haven't been writing down time for time as things happen to Jarre. Brendan and I have mostly been working on getting Jarre and Ninja to become friends so they can have Babitchi's. They've been playing games a lot and whenever they exchange gifts Ninja never gives Jarre any presents! It's sad. I guess he's not the giving type. So oh well, they have fun together. When they visit they often sing to and with each other, it's very cute!

Jarre and Ninja Together Tamagotchi Connection V3
Jarre and Ninja Together

I've been lax on going to TamaTown. I really need to go and buy stuff. I bought some food from the shop the other night but I still have 8144 points to spend. So I'll try and get there this weekend now that I actually have points to spend. Going to a website to gather items was never part of the caretaking process before so I'm not used to that exta feature yet =)

There's another little project I currently am working on. The List of Tamagotchi I have on my website, I need to update it as things have changed. Also I've decided that pictures would be GREAT! So right now I have 100 Tamagotchi on the floor in my TV room. Six of them are missing right now, as I have 106, the other six got packed separately when I moved. I know I have those six, but I don't think I'll find them in time for the picture. So images with my 100 Tamagotchi are on the way. I'll post on the site and on the forum for those that are interested.

Lastly we have the Live Chat online now, linked from the Tamagotchi Planet index and directly linked on the forums. Please pop in now and again, the more the merrier as my man says.

Well I think that's about it for this log. Take care fellow Tamagotchi Enthusiasts and Praise your Tamagotchi if you read this log while they sat next to you!

Ninja takes a poo Tamagotchi Connection V3
Ninja Had to Go While I Was Scanning

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