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Tamagotchi Connection Logs
Nov 11, 2006

Hullo! It's been a few days and it's finally time for another log. It's been a few days, yet I haven't had much too talk about so I figured I'd wait a bit. Unless you really wanted to hear about how I've been doing the laundry or how about the ever exciting... doing the dishes! =)

Okay, down to business. I got my iced tea, socks on my cold feet, some random movie on the TV and I'm finally writing this log. I am a bit late, but better late then never. Last time I was here Jarre turned into Obotchi the teen from Osutchi. Since then three un-paused days have gone by and a couple of paused days.

On Monday Jarre had one Time Out and one Praise. The Praise in the evening took her to 7 bars on her training. That evening I saw something I haven't seen her do. During dinner I looked down and saw her taking a bath! It was so cute. I pushed a button and she popped outta the tub and started dancing around like normal. That was the first and only time I saw Jarre do that as an Obotchi. Before bed Jarre got another Time Out.

Tuesday rolled around and well.. so did I. I was extra tired. I paused Jarre a bit this day to take some long nap time. The temperature here has been changing a lot. I got used to the warm, almost unchanging, hot weather in California year round. Now that I'm living in an area with seasons again, my body is still not adjusted to these constant changes. So my sleep has been erratic and somewhat problematic ever since I got here.

Jarre got another Time Out and another Praise early on and her Training bar reached full finally. The odd part is, like the V1, Jarre kept asking for additional Praise and Time Outs even though the Training was full. I never really have understood this. Perhaps it is to give owners an extra chance or two to fill the Training in case they miss some? It's a mystery to me otherwise. It is also on this day I have confirmed several times that a Time Out dropped Jarre one happy heart. Which makes total sense, but it was nice to confirm it.

Memetchi on my Tamagotchi Connection V3
Memetchi on my Tamagotchi Connection V3

Finally we get to Wednesday morning. I woke up at the same time Jarre did. I was quite happy to get Obotchi for the schedule is more like mine. Getting up at 9am is better then 8am, when given a choice. I got up and got some breakfast and sat down to read the chat board like always. At 9:35am I heard the ever familiar changing sound. I picked her up and found... a Memetchi! Now I honestly don't know the scale of healthy to unhealthy but I'm not unhappy with my result regardless.

To get her I fed most of the foods evenly in the beginning but I fed the cereal and apple most often during the teen days. I played bump most often too out of all the games, with the Get Note coming in second easily. And I do believe I managed to get all possible Training opportunities, even the ones that went past the 10 bars.

I have had her on pause for a couple days now. You may ask why and I will not tell you. Just kidding! Well Brendan and I want to have ours have children so I'm waiting for his teen to turn into an adult. He's very close. He has a young Mametchi right now and the Training is completely full. So any time now. Since my man works for 9 hours a day, he only has his Tama un-paused in the evenings. When he catches up to Jarre, then I'll start pausing/un-pausing at the same time as his, that way they can keep growing together at the same rate. ^_^

And so for now... that is all. Good night pals, good night friends.

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