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Tamagotchi Connection Logs
Nov 5, 2006

I'm super super tired today. So very tired. I never sleep enough these days. Always staying up too late and getting up too early, than napping during the day, I just can't find an equal balance.

So if you were here yesterday you will notice I changed the date on yesterdays log to the 4th. That's because I was writing about the 4th on the 5th and messed up the date =). This log is for the 5th.

This morning I slept in later then my Tamagotchi, she had been up for a good 30 minutes earlier than me. I lay in bed a bit playing games with her trying to wake up before I convinced myself to get up and bid my husband a goodbye before he left for work.

At about 8:50am Jarre called for attention, but refused any food and was entirely full and happy so I gave her a Time Out, which didn't make her happy. In fact, I don't know if this is coincidence, but she lost a happy heart and gained a training bar. I wonder if the happy heart is coincidence or it always happens this way on Connection. I didn't notice this yesterday.

Shortly later I had to pause her for a while; I had a few things to do. I reset the clock and unpaused her around 1pm or so. At 1:27pm she beeped at me and was crying on the screen, she looked so sad. I Praised her to cheer her up and that did the job. I did not take note if that filled a happy heart, I will try and take note of that next time, that would be interesting :)

The Praise must have really cheered her up because, only 20 minutes later and for the first time since she changed into a Mizutamatchi, I caught her rolling back and forth on the screen, rolling over her pointy head over and over, back and forth :) Brendan's did this too at a younger age, so boys and girls both enjoy this activity. Boredom brings on strange hobbies - such as trying to do handstands without arms =)

At 4:27pm Jarre beeped at me again while I was writing the other log. She was still full so I gave her a Time Out. That made her unhappy but she soon went back to her little rolling self.

Obotchi on my Tamagotchi Connection V3
Obotchi on my Tamagotchi Connection V3

I spent much of the evening on the boards and cooking dinner. Not a whole lot happened with Jarre until 7:33pm, where she beeped at me for Praise. I went over to write down that she had needed Praise in my notebook when I heard another sound. I rushed back to her and she was doing the changing animation and sound. After the screen cleared she proudly appeared back as an Obotchi!

Now I would like to say here... that Obotchi is one of the teen characters only available on Osutchi - yes the Male Japanese Osutchi. So my female Jarre is now an Obotchi. When I look at her all I can think is... I've raised a tomboy just like me! ^_^

When she changed the food Cherry became available. I had bought this food using a code from TamaTown the day before. I need to head back to TamaTown soon so I can get more things with codes, now that I finally have a good amount of points.

Also upon changing two new games became available to play: Flag and Heading. Heading is basically bouncing a ball on Jarre's head. I gotta move her under the ball and tell her to jump to bounce it. This game is alright; I need to play it more to practice.

Obotchi playing Bump with Mimitchi
Obotchi playing Bump with Mimitchi

I found the flag game to be confusing a bit at first, but a friend from email tipped me off on how to play that one. Brendan and mine connected the other day and played that game and neither of us really "got it" - I think we'll be able to play it easier next time we connect - maybe ^^

Well I forgot to mention the day before we did connect our Tamagotchi and play for a bit. Jarre kept giving gifts, but Brendan's fellow didn't give her even one gift. Eventually Jarre gave him a poo, so I guess she was expressing her gratitude for lack of gifts after all her investments ^^. I noticed at the end of the session he had 3 smilies towards Jarre and Jarre only have 2 smilies toward Ninja. I wonder why it was so uneven. Perhaps because of the gift giving? I'm thinking so! Brendan and I need to do this more, we only did a handful of connections the other night.

I fed and played games with her throughout the evening, I still enjoy bump a lot. The falling notes game is also still one of my favorites.

And that wraps up day two. Take care reader and remember... "Eat your cereal with a fork and do your homework in the dark."

PS: While I was scanning my Tamagotchi I decided to activate Bump and try to get a fun scan. What luck would have it is that the first and only game it was Mimitchi who showed up! What a wonderfully perfect scan :)

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