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Tamagotchi Connection Logs
Sept 9, 2004

This log is for the 9th, however you'll notice I am writing it on the 12th. That's cuz my lazy butt just got around to it. ^_^ I'm also watching and downloading FFXI videos right now too.

I worked from home on the 9th because I was waiting for a shipment to come to be signed for. A gift for Brendan (his birthday was the 3rd). So once I found myself with some downtime with work and FFXI, I unpaused those Tama's at 1:24pm.

Mametchi closeup on my US Tamagotchi Connection
Mametchi closeup on my US
Tamagotchi Connection

Now, having read the forums I know that each character does its own thing. So I kept my eye on Mametchi, not reading having seen what he can do. At 1:59pm I looked down and noticed that she wasn't doing his normal thing. Instead she would walk towards the screen and it'd get real close to her face, then she'd turn back and forth showing the front and back of her head, then she'd walk away. She kept doing this over and over. I heard that some Tama's will kiss the screen, which didn't appear to be what she was doing though. She was just coming up really close to the screen and moving back. Once I realized she was going to do this, I stuck Angie on the scanner and got a scan of her up real close to the screen. It turned out pretty well, I got lucky with the scan. Usually she moves so fast that I get the pixels misaligned.

Being the ever-neglective parent that I am being with Phi, he beeped at me at 2:41pm. He was entirely empty on happiness and had only one heart on hunger. So being the neglective parent I am... I fed him one meal, then played the hurdles game. I got it up to 29 jumps, so he gained 3 hearts for happiness and that is where I left Phi.

Phi let me know how much he loves me by leaving a pile for me at 3:47 - poop duty time! I do actually clean up after Phi - I don't wanna be neglectful in that way - that's just cruel! As if taking a cue from Phi, Angie left me something to clean up just ten minutes later as well.

At 3:57 Phi needed to be cheered up. He looked so sad crouching on the screen with his back to me. How could I resist? I gave him a praise and this cheered him back up. Hinotamatchi's Training is now at 6 lines in the training bar.

After that, they were both pretty quiet for quite sometime. I played the game with them now and again, gave a meal here and there. I never filled Phi totally on anything; I wanna see what I can get with moderate care taking on him. At 5:22 I did catch Phi running and sliding on his face. I guess since he doesn't have a body, that's the only thing he really has to slide on. So he did that for a while, but was otherwise quiet.

At 6:46 Phi was sick and required 3 shots to get better. Now if this is any indication like previous generations of Tamagotchi - this means that Phi is going to change soon. Probably within a 24 hour period. I don't know if this is true for Connection, so I'll see soon enough. However I have no idea who I can get with this character and I'm purposely not looking. I try to keep my distance form growth charts and such until I experience it first hand - it's more exciting that way.

Mametchi brushing her teeth on my US Tamagotchi Connection
Mametchi brushing her teeth
on my US Tamagotchi Connection

At 6:52 I caught Mametchi bathing in a bowl of hot steamy who knows what - lets hope its water. Maybe chicken noodle soup. At 6:57 Angie pooped and of course I didn't catch her, so I had to clean it up, instead of getting her on the toilet. Phi, seeing that I was paying attention to Angie, got jealous and decided to call for attention two minutes later. He was being bad and it was time to give him a discipline (time out). Instead, I simply ignored him. Let him grow up to be a bad little Tama hehehe. At 7:36 Phi was bathing now, I guess no matter how healthy a character you get, they all learn to give themselves baths - this is a good thing I don't want them stinking up my apartment. Also at the same time I looked over at Angie and found her getting ready for bed - she was brushing her teeth! What a good little Tama she is.

Nearing 9pm I saw both of them take a deep yawn and plop into bed. I prefer this later bedtime, it's more on my schedule. Phi went to bed with three hearts empty on Hunger, entirely full on happiness, training bars at 6, 1 year and 56 pounds.

Angie went to bed full on both Hunger and Happiness, full on training, 3 years and 38 pounds.

This log is a tad shorter then the others. If I actually start doing these by the day then I won't have to talk your ear off all the time with several days of Tama events. It's probably easier to do one day at a time anyways, I know I used to at one point in my Tama log career.

Due to work and pure laziness (thanks to FFXI) my Tama's are currently on Pause, but they will be out and about when the time comes. I have to be the world's laziness caretaker and my Tama's will likely set records on how long it takes each of them to grow. ^^;;

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