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Tamagotchi Connection Logs
Sept 6, 2004

Ahh do you feel that? It's the call of the world, looking to it's adventurers to restore peace in Vana'diel. Oh I guess I'm supposed to talk about Tamagotchi here huh?

When I was writing the date on this one I realized a couple of things. 1) It's been nearly an entire month since I've written a log. Not a good start to a new section, no? And 2) Hrm well I've only got about 10 days worth of notes to write about. Oh and 3) time goes really really really really fast for me. Somehow 'a couple' turned into 4) I'm just way too addicted to Final Fantasy XI!

So yes you read me right, 10 days worth of notes. It's been a busy month... where to start?

Well I am so happy I got Napster on this machine now, so I don't have to listen to the annoying TV. Give me music over brainless TV these days! I also had to install FTP again on this machine. Did you want to know all of this? I sure don't, but I'm a great procrastinator. It took me all of 45 mins to start this log because I kept finding other things to do such as: reading the board, replying on the board, removing posts from the Troll (y'all don't need a bunny kick to know who I'm talking about), reading my email, replying to my email (especially emails from folks wondering what Angie turned into hehe) and well... checking my mule on FFXI (for the billionth time tonight, but hey my au laits are selling!).

So to summarize what I'm talking about: I don't know, but I know I'm a procrastinator and probably would procrastinate the order my fingers grew in if I had a choice when I was born.

First of all... thanks to the good readers who keep me on my toes, especially those folks in the forums. I had no idea that so many people would flock to this site to use my cruddy makeshift forums. We've had a couple bad incidents on the forums, but I guess that's to be expected with that number of users. Though that number is still shocking! Glad my site is liked, I sure wish I had more time for it. That's the only sad part, I just don't have the time I used to and my job has sorta made me stop enjoying making web sites. Quite a turn around from the Kat that started this sucker in '96. With all the nice supportive emails it's easier to come back to it when I do have a moment though.

Now onto Angie. On 8/9 I felt the laziness starting to grab me, so I'd spend hours in front of FFXI and forget to document what happened. 8/9 was a half day for Angie though; I needed to go to work. At 4:35pm she asked me for attention... so she got a Time Out (Discipline... argh I hate the new term). This put her training up to five lines - more then half way! She was relatively quite most of the evening while I played FFXI. She did require some poop duty and she got depressed around 7:36pm so I praised her and played some games and that seemed to relieve the sadness. That night I was sure to watch the clock, I sure didn't want any more nights where she slept next to her poopies anymore. So at 8pm she yawned (I saw her and it was CUTE) and she popped into bed with her status at: Full on all needs, 2 years, 21 pounds and... no poopies!

8/10, being another work day, was yet another half day for Angie. Guess I gotta get used to these. I got out early this day though and instead of jumping to FFXI I unpaused Angie as soon as I got home at 2:46pm. Today was the day I realized that I suck royally at the memory game. Me, have a good memory? Come on! No way. So I pretty much only play the jumping game now. Reflexes? Yeah I can handle that^^ So I played several games with Angie that afternoon, honing my Hurdle Jumping Finger Reflexes Skill. I actually made 30 jumps now and again - complete with fireworks! Yay! At 5:22pm Angie got all grumpy at me, refusing to do much of anything. I gave her a little discipline and plopped her in the corner with a dunce cap on and she seemed to straighten up right fast. This earned her seven training bars as well - leaving two more to go. At 5:38 I caught her using the toilet. I can see that discipline is paying off - she's getting potty trained^_^ She was very cute I must admit. When she realized I was watching she quickly finished up and starting pacing around her screen again. Guess she's a little modest. I don't blame her either, I wouldn't want to be watched doing my stuff! That night she was rather quiet for most of the evening, going to bed promptly at 8pm with full hearts, seven training, 24 pounds and still two years old.

Hold on a sec, ok?

Ok I'm back, I just had to post a reply on the board about my nerdiness self of that which has been compiled into the form of FFXI.

8/11 Was not a good day for me, I had to work late. When I came home I unpaused Angie at 6:45pm. I guess she was feeling sad again because I had to praise her at 7:07pm. I played a game or two with her, but since she had so little time, not much else happened. Did I mention that thanks to the good folks on the boards and people emailing me that I do know how to Praise and Discipline (erm Time Out) now? I have since learned the correct procedure. I wrote it up in my Q&A (I think, I don't recall I kinda wrote that erm... at a busy place^^). Angie went to bed at 8 with full happiness, 8 bars of training, 2 years still and 26 pounds. She had a few candies, the little porker.

8/12 again things got busy so Angie found herself back up at 6:45pm. At 7:50pm Brendan and I decided to let them play some games. They played 11 games with the following results: 3 balloon contests - angie only won once, 1 eating contest - angie lost, Monky gave her flowers two times and angie gave monky a flower. Monky gave Angie a poop so in return she gave him a evil flower which scared him! A second time Monky gave her a poop and she gave him an illness in return! They weren't playing very nice at the end there. Because of the poopy gifts Angie was completely empty on happiness once we stopped connecting them. Poor kid, we played some games for a while and that helped her. Again at 8pm I was trying to keep my eye on her, so I put watched her yawn and pop into bed with no poops next to it. She was still at 8 training, 2 years and this time 20 pounds.

August 13 was a friday. You know what Friday is? FFXI alllllllllllllll night baby! Angie didn't even see the light of day that night. ^^;;;

8/14, a saturday after FFXI all night had me awake late and I was waking up by the sound of a Tama beeping. Angie wanted attention - so she got a discipline at 9:34am - and this gave her fully training! August 14 also marked the day in which my friend LeAnne was coming to town. We did alot of catching up and during which time Angie found herself on pause a bit. Since 8/15 was the "Official" release date for Tamagotchi in the US we restrained from Tama shopping until the next day.

8/15 This day was a fun day. It wasn't the challenge I thought it would be - and perhaps that was a good thing, yes? We decided to go out Tama hunting. Keep in mind I was keeping my FFXI playing to a minimum while my friend was here because last time she was here said she "all you do is play ffxi" so I tried to make sure I didn't spend the entire week of vacation like that this time^^;;;. So hence this doesn't explain for a moment why we were so late waking up. Angie did not get woken up on time. I guess we were just all sleepy from real life keeping us busy. We went out in the afternoon to Tama hunt - no early morning this time. Early is so… early! Well we had our list of places and we expected a difficult time in finding them, them being new and all. Well we went to Toys 'R Us first (naturally). While looking up and down through the store for them, and as we were going to give up we all sorta went our separate ways looking. Brendan came up to me holding a stack of 6. Every color. We rushed over and found only 3 others left after the initial 6. See I was going to try and restrain myself by not buying them all but here my man stood with all 6 colors. He assumed I wanted all 6 and didn't hesitate to pick them all out for me - so much for talking myself out of buying all 6 hehehe^^. LeAnne wasn't so happy with the left over color selections, but she grabbed one anyways. We went to Wal*mart (blech) after that and found just a few there as well. We didn't get any, even though LeAnne kept debating on getting a second one. She just couldn't find the right color. I was lucky my man pulled out all 6 for me, as between the two stores I didn't see all of the colors again.

August 15, being the official day, also meant a group hatching. So the 3 of us pulled our tabs at the same time and three Tamagotchi were born into the world at 3:43pm on that warm Sunday afternoon. I hatched my light purple Tama with circles around the screen. I named him Phi. He was named this because I had been listening to the book The Davinci Code, so the name was chosen because of my fascination of a small piece of the story I had heard that day. Phi got his first praise at 4:30pm that day. At 7:52pm he got his first Discipline. At 8pm he went to bed. Phi was at full happiness, two training bars, 0 years and 16 pounds.

Ooh I love this song "Rising" by Tarras.

Anyways… during the time which Phi was born, Angie had a surprising day. She called for 2 disciplines and a praise! Why did this happen, I have no idea. She was full on Training. Perhaps it's because of all the missed training when she was young because I didn't know how to discipline/praise correctly then? Seems sort of odd to me, having raised so many regular Tamagotchi. Usually when you miss an opportunity to discipline, that's it there are no other opportunities. Yet here I had more opportunities. Either it was more opportunities in case I missed some, or it was for some internal training that is in the depths of the programming that we aren't shown. I do not know, no I don't. Does anyone?

Angie went to bed that night as well at 8, at age 3, 23 pounds, full training and best of health.

8/16 being that I had company, I was rather busy this week, but happy to be outta work. Angie got one praise this day on her already full training bars at 12:14pm. That is the only note I took that day. I think it was because around this time we went out and bought a second copy of FFXI so my friend could log into the game on my laptop and play with us. She didn't bring down her computer so we had to find some way for her to play^^. At 1:18pm Phi received a praise when he was looking all sad. At this point Phi had 3 training bars. I decided at this point to ignore all requests for discipline and praises for the rest of Phi's life so that I could get a different character.

8/17 was a day for change. Indeed it was for my Tama decided to take the next step in her life - for the time had come. So I can finally answer the question in which people keep asking me in email - what does Angie become?!

But first (lol) let me reflect. Angie started her life off well, but some bad mornings and misguided bedtimes turned her bedroom a little messy with poop now and again. This threatened my very experience of raising a Tama - after all I wanted to take perfect care. I felt really bad about this, but I wasn't going to reset. I decided to let fate take its course and make the best of the situation. With Phi my poor parenting was on purpose - how am I ever going to get something new! My theory is - like with the P1/2 - the Training (formally Discipline) bars has at least 60% influence over the growth process. Thus my ability to neglect his needs became very important. All I had to do with Phi is log into ffxi and leave him in front of me unattended to as I space out into the world of Vana'diel.

So with the problems I had in the beginning, surely I should get a Ginji rank type character, yes?

Instead at 3:43pm on that Tuesday the 17th I heard that ever familiar yet somewhat varied version of the changing tune. I looked down and saw the flickering. A recognizable face was flickering between the strawberry form and adult form. After the checkered pixels flickered one last time I found myself looking at an adult. The familiar face looked back at me. I stared back at her.

Mametchi on my US Tamagotchi Connection
Mametchi on my US
Tamagotchi Connection

And so Angie the Mametchi became my first adult character on Tamagotchi Connection.

Angie was now eating Hamburgers and Cherry Pies. At this point, I stopped taking notes for no known reason. Probably laziness. The next page in my notes is the recipe and cost analysis for the AH in Sandy and Windy for Eyeball Soup in FFXI.

I do know at this point I decided to pause Mametchi. When Phi was 1 year old he also went through a change. After all my bad caretaking he became... Hinotamatchi! Yes he was blazing with love hehe! So finally I managed to get something but the Strawberry guy. Which is good, cuz Strawberries are going outta season here in California.

At this point I played with them both a little bit during the week and connected them with LeAnne's Connection as well as my man's. However, more or less I slacked off and ended up pausing them quite a bit. Mametchi more so, as I wanted him to wait to mate with Phi. So Phi needed to catch up.

On a personal note... part of why the site got stale and notes stopped being taken was this time was becoming a very difficult time for me. August was not a good month for me, I had alot of difficult things happening. Without getting specific, I'll just say that stress has been reeking havoc with me. Stress is a bad thing, folks.

Hinotamatchi on my US Tamagotchi Connection
Hinotamatchi on my US
Tamagotchi Connection

And so life goes on. And my Tama's need their lives to go on as well. Right now I'm sitting here listening to Napster (Tori Amos - Crucify.. ironically so) with my Tama's next to me. They are on pause. They have been on pause for a long time now. In fact they both have had to have their batteries changed several times now while on pause! Two times on my Pink one, once on my Purple. I heard they made the batteries week, but geesh. I'd think on Pause that things would be pretty slow working and would incur less useages of the batteries. But that doesn't appear to be the case.

Lets see here. *unpauses* Phi is paused on 8/21, so that was the last day he was played with. His stats are: 3 hearts empty on hungry and happy, five training bars, and 33 pounds. Chubby kid he is! Neglect is the power here. He still eats a loaf of bread and candy. *pause* Now let's see on this one. *unpause* Mametchi was paused on 8/18. Stats are: Full on everything, 3 years and 31 pounds *pause*.

So there you have it, a log from a neglective caretaker ^^;;. I hope to resume taking care of them sooooon. This week at work will be bad (/sigh) but on the weekend I think I'll get back into it. I need to do other things for the site too. I feel like I'm one step behind, I really do, as I said in that Random Question on the board. I'll get this monster of a site updated though, it's just such a monster of a site. Oh also coming to the site soon will be a new game. Brendan has been working very hard on a cool new flash game. He's been working on it for a good month and it's awesome. I know that people will LOVE it.

And so I leave you with... Britney Spears. Toxic. It's on my Napster. Ok I LOVE music in general - all types - music is one of my passions as you probably have figured out if you've read all of my old logs. And I have to shamefully admit that I like some of Spears' music. I don't necessarily like or dislike her, but I'm a sucker for pop music. That cat came outta the bag when LeAnne was here. We played Karaoke Revolution on PS2 and I whooped butt at the Spears songs lol ^^;;;. Ok so that's one of my secrets, don't tell anyone ok?

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