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Tamagotchi Connection Logs
Aug 8, 2004

Here I sit in California weather. It is hot. No not just hot, but Hot with a capital "H". Our apartment is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I know I know, it could be worse, but I'm a Washington-state-cold-winters-below-0-type person. I love it cold. Right now I have two fans and an air conditioner all pointed at me. Let me just say that the air conditioner cools the air in front of it about two feet total. So this is why so much electricity must go to keeping me feeling a cool 89 degrees instead of a boiling 90 degrees.^^ Since I have not written in the logs since the site launch, I will need to do some catching up in this log.

The world of Tamagotchi has been quite exciting lately, yes indeed. Tamagotchi is having a pre-release in the US on August 10th, the 15th is the launch date officially, but people have been finding Tama Connection at their local TRU's on the 5th and 6th. Some say it is a test market. I haven't a clue. Sounds logical to me. Either way, if you haven't yet, you really should make a trek out to your local TRU and ask about Tamagotchi Connection.

Also in the news of Tamagotchi, Bandai sold over 1 million Tamagotchi in Japan. This is excellent news as more sales could very well mean more Tamagotchi types in our future! I try my best to keep the Tamagotchi Connection News page updated, so keep an eye there for further announcements from Bandai. The kind folks over at Bandai's PR firm have been emailing me press releases to post on the site, so I am keeping up to date the best I can there.

Additionally, my hubby-to-be Brendan, has been doing a ton of work for this site. He is incredibly talented and the Tamagotchi Connection has sparked his talent for creativity and he has spent lots of time creating new ideas and adding new features to this site. At the suggestion of "Honeyblade" from the Tamagotchi Forums, Brendan has made me two desktop images for download and he has a few more in the works that'll appear on the site soon. Also today a recent item has appeared on the site - the games section. You can now play Tamagotchi Slots, thanks to my sweet man who spent several days working on this cool game with very cute animations. We both really hope you enjoy these and let us know by sending feedback when you can. ^_^

Last time in the logs when I left off you found out I got my Tama's, but that I had not started any of them up. Well I am perhaps the first person to make a website about a Tamagotchi that I had not run yet. Without Bandai it would not have happened too early. However I finally have started a Connection. Brendan and I agreed to start one at the same time. I took my US Tama and he took the Japanese version.

On August 6 at 4:14pm I pulled the tab on my new Tama Connection. I pressed reset, set the clock, date and my birth date and it took just one minute for the bobbing egg to hatch me a female babytchi. Brendan started his as well and came in and told me he had to start over because he set the date wrong and that I might want to reset too because the numbers are different. Not thinking I did reset heheh. I did it right the first time though - of course I had a english Tama and his was Japanese so it makes sense. Regardless, my new Tama turned into a boy. So I had to reset again and the next time I got a girl. Finally, things are on the right road now. At 4:25pm Angie the babytchi was born. It started off with all hearts empty, 0yr, 5 pounds, and Gen G1. The meal was a baby bottle and the snack was a darker baby bottle.

I took care of my very needy new Tama through its Baby stage. At 4:37pm it had its first poop and shortly after got ill. A single shot took care of that skull. All during this I was reading and posting to the Forum, so when I looked down at 4:53 the babytchi had pooped 2 times. I cleaned her up and just a few minutes later she went to sleep. I turned out the lights and she was quiet for almost 10 minutes. At 5:07 she cried out to me and having nothing wrong, I praised her. This added a single bar to the training meter (similar to the Discipline meter of previous Tama versions).

I continued to take care of Angie and post to the Forum and at 5:27 I heard a little tune. I looked down and caught my babytchi growing up to be a Marutchi. When her change was complete she was full in happy and hunger, aged 0yrs and was 12 pounds. It bobbed around the screen in a similar, but not identical, pattern as Marutchi on the P1/P2.

A little over 10 minutes later Brendan and I decided to Connect our Tama's and see what they'd do. Part of why I took care to avoid information online is I wanted to be surprised by this! We had them play three times. The first time they had a balloon inflation contest. They jumped on these big pumps racing to fill their balloon first. Brendan's won. We tried touching the buttons during this, but it didn't appear to make a difference. I believe that the Tama's play alone during these games. The second game was an eating contest. Each Tama had a piece of pie to eat. I believe mine was the biggest pig here! The third game was the same as the first, the balloon contest.

About five minutes later I caught my little square Marutchi doing something she didn't normally do - she was on the bottom of the screen rolling back and forth on her head, it was quite funny. ^_^ Angie did that rolly polly thing now and again for the rest of the evening - very very cute.

At 8pm prompt Marutchi was done playing for the day, so she headed to bed for the night. When I turned out the lights I checked her once more and found that she was full and happy, 0yr, 11 pounds and still had the single training bar. And so the first day came to an end really fast.

On August 7th my Marutchi woke up at 8am. However I did not wake up until 9pm. There was one poop present on the screen when I woke. I cleaned and played with her for a while and eventually all was well. Not a good start though, I'm guessing. Normally I would pause if I thought I was going to sleep in, but I had forgotten. It's been a good year since I've played with a Tama at least.

At 9:55am Brendan and I connected again. Our Tama's didn't play any games, but instead Angie was feeling generous and wanted to give Monkey (Brendan's Tama) 3 gifts. First she gave him a piece of cake, then she gave him a single flower. Lastly she gave him a Ghost! The ghost scared Monkey! However, this last gift didn't seem to effect the friendship level. Angie still ranked Monkey at a single friendship level. However Monkey ranked Angie at the second level of friendship. We aren't sure why, since we started them at the same time.

At 10:40am Angie pooped again and shortly later at 11:22 she called out to me. I praised her and a second line appeared in the training meter - taking her up to 2 bars total. She needed to play games and be fed on and off throughout the day. Eventually at 2:30 she called out to me. She had one happy heart missing and hunger was filled. She wouldn't play the game with me, so I praised her. This apparently was the wrong action because I got an error sound and she no longer wanted anything. Upon looking at the training meter I found that she didn't gain anything, so I needed to Punish - put in "Time Out" - instead of Praise. I think I haven't quite got a hold of the when to praise and when to punish system.

I played a lot of Final Fantasy XI online that afternoon, but the whole time I took care of Angie, keeping her full and happy throughout the afternoon. At 5:25pm she decided she was to be a teenager so she changed into... Ichigotchi. No Young Mimitchi like I had hoped. Oh well. Ichigotchi looks to me like a strawberry. She also reminds me of those little square dudes in Super Mario 2.

Ichigotchi on my US Tamagotchi Connection
Ichigotchi on my US
Tamagotchi Connection

Shortly after her change, she pooped and then at 5:55pm I looked down and caught he doing something different. She was singing and dancing back and forth on the screen. No sounds were made, but music notes were appearing next to her as she moved in motion to a song that I couldn't hear. What would her voice sound like, I did wonder.

I am a FFXI addict, I confess. Unfortunately at 8pm, having just looked at Angie, she pooped and promptly went to sleep! No... my second night and already I have a Tama sleeping in her poop! This is really not a good sign. ; ;

Of course the next day I feel like an even worse Tama parent. I was up late, till past 4am. I ended up watching Phonebooth (again) on TV. Well I woke up this morning at 10:45am! Poor poor Angie. She had a single poop on the screen and was empty two hearts in hungry and 3 empty in happiness. Stupid me, if I don't start to remember to pause I'm going to have one dead Tama on my hands. Not a good first experience, but alas I need to remember to pause. /sigh

At 12:22pm she called out to me. Her back was facing me and she appeared to be angry or sad. I praised her and this got her all happy again. I sure wish I could change my moods just like that!^^ From this Praise she got another bar in training for a total of 3. Having been used to the previous version of Tamagotchi, this feels rather low. hrm. I also noticed that praising fills a happy heart. Later on at 3:50pm she calls out again. This time she wasn't doing anything particular. I gave her a punish... or Time Out and this time it worked out. She got a 4th bar added to her Training meter.

Shortly later, at 3:55pm, Brendan's and my little Tama connect again. Five times this time. The first time the two Tama's had an eating contest, similar to yesterday. The second Angie received a gift of flowers from Monkey. The third we played the eating contest game again. On the fourth time Monkey again gave Angie a gift - only this time he wasn't so nice - he gave Angie a poop! Oh thanks so much! So in return on the 5th time we connected them, Angie gave that dirty old poop gift right back to Monkey! I'm sure that Angie wasn't too pleased with the poop!

After they were done playing I checked and found that Monkey has a friendship rating of 2 smiley faces now! I imagine if it gets to five or so then they can have a familiar together in later years when they are adults.

At 4:05pm today when I looked down I noticed that Angie was acting very oddly. She would start on the left side of the screen and run to about 3/4 of the way, then she'd jump and slide on her face to the right side of the screen. I'm not sure if that is supposed to be good or bad! A little later at 6:22pm she called out to me. She had a poop on the screen and sat with her back facing me. I cleaned her up and going on instinct from how she acted before I gave her a time out. No dice. She got mad, lost a happy heart and didn't gain any training. I really think the manual is too vague with the training part, as I can't seem to *get* it. Poor Angie. Well she will need to be on pause this week while I am at work, so the days will get shorter unfortunately.

The remainder of the day was pretty much lacking in events. At 8pm Angie stopped pacing, yawned two times and climbed into bed. Tonight she goes to bed with no poop, fully happiness and hungry hearts, four bars in training, 2 yrs and 22 pounds. She won't be taken outta her coma until tomorrow night when I get home from work.

So that is what is going on with my little Tamagotchi Connection up to this very moment. She's happy and doing well as far as I can tell at the moment. I suspect that the two late mornings I had will ensure that I won't get Mimitchi or Mametchi. Hopefully I can get the robot guy. He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. But I don't know, that's one of the sort of 'tweaner characters that might be hard to get between some of the extremes. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. ^_^

On a side note, as you can see I do not have animations. Why not? Well the program I normally use will not let me change the settings to allow a pixel template of 30x30. I do not know why it will not let me, but I simply can not get it to let me use that setting. This is stopping me from creating animations. If you happen to use that MCC Pocket Artist animator and you know how to get that setting to allow 30 pixels by 30 pixels for a template, please email me and let me know asap! Until then I can only provide scans and pictures of my Tamagotchi as it evolves.

So for now, that wraps up this log. I'll write them when I can, but I'm always documenting Angie's progress on paper so it'll eventually end up in the logs. Also keep an eye out on the site, as Brendan plans on writing some logs for his Tama Connection this time around so you can see the other side of the coin. Until then, I wish you all good luck in getting your Connections!

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