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Welcome to the section of my page dedicated to my Mesutchi ("female") & Osutchi ("Male") Tamagotchi. They are also known as Mateable Tamagotchi and Wedding Tamagotchi. On this page I hope to cover as much information as I can regarding the Tama's, while on my logs page I will write out my experiences and thoughts on these mateable Tama's.
Note: This information is being written as it is discovered while I run my Mesutchi & Osutchi, also the images are being made by myself, please don't take them and if you do steal them don't link directly to my server and at least give me some credit.

About: Osutchi & Mesutchi, (aka. Mateable Tamagotchi and Wedding Tamagotchi) was released in Japan about December 20th, 1997. They were released in 6 different styles, 3 Mesutchi and 3 Osutchi. Each with a color coded and matched styled pair. Here is an image of the three sets. It seems that Mesutchi & Osutchi are not going to be coming to the US, unfortunately. These Tamagotchi you can raise until they are adults, and if compatible, when linked up they will mate and have children.

The Story: Other then to seek out love and procreate I am uncertain. Information unknown at this time. Please email me if you know!

The Icons: From Top to Bottom, Left to Right. Total of 10 Icons:

  1. Status Meter: Looks like scales. This is basically the same. It has 4 screens, all written in Japanese. The first one is Hunger/Stomach. The main difference here is the hearts are smaller. Instead of 32 pixels, they are 16 pixels when filled. This is the same on the Happy screen. Next is discipline and it is different. The height of the meter box is a few pixels taller, while being a few pixels shorter. It only allows for 12 discipline marks, instead of the usual 14. The year and weight screen is the same, showing a Kuritchi over the scales.

  2. Feed: It looks like a happy face with a chef's hat on. This screen is the same as a P1 Tamagotchi food screen. Allowing for meal (gohan) and snack (ohkashi). The foods in the baby stages are simply a bowl of rice and candy, like a P1 Tamagotchi. I heard the gohan changes from generation to generation.

  3. Play: The icon is smiley face holding a white flag pointing northeast and a black flag pointing south west. The game is pretty simple and easy to win. A guessing game of which flag the Tama is holding up when he stops. Basically like the P1 game, with flags involved. On the left he will hold a white flag, on the right he will hold a black flag. Just be fast to choose which flag. Middle button is the flag on the right, far left button is the flag on the left. Pretty simple.

  4. Toilet: The icon is a regular toilet, with the cover raised and the seat down. It functions the same as all other Tamagotchi.

  5. Discipline: It is the same icon as all Tamagotchi, the pacman-like face. It also functions the same as before.

  6. Medication: Looks like a first aid kit, with a red cross on it. Functions the same as before.

  7. Lights: The icon is a lamp, with a string and lampshade. It also functions the same as all other Tamagotchi.

  8. TMP Meter: The icon is a crowned smiley face. It has two screens. The first screen has 'TMP' and a crown below it. It can contain up to 4 crowns. It is my understanding that the crowns represent Tamagotchi Mate (mating or mateable?) Power. The better care and the character you mate your Tamagotchi with effects how many crowns there is. The second screen is some words in Japanese at the top and a number at the bottom with another Japanese figure to the numbers right. It is my belief that this represents what generation the character is. I am unsure of this, though.

  9. Mate: Two jagged interlocking halves of a heart. This works only when the character is of age, an adult. Up until then they will simply shake their heads. I have been told that some characters are unable to mate and will shake their heads, never mating for their entire lifetime. If they don't shake their head, but get excited, then that character is ready to mate. When this occurs remove the tops of each Mesutchi and Osutchi and connect them at the top, making sure they are fully connected, a little pressure might be needed, but not a whole lot. Then press the middle button (B) or the far left button (A) on Osutchi. If the word "OK" appears then they are connected properly. Once again A or B is selected on Osutchi and it goes from there. I've been told there is a warning on the package to never separate them during the mating process.

  10. Attention: Exactly the same as before on both icon look and it's function.

A few noted differences between Mesutchi & Osutchi and regular Tamagotchi

Icons: Most of the icons are different and instead of the normal 8 icons with 7 selectable icons, you have 10 icons with 9 selectable icons.

Status Meter: The look of the hearts have changed and so has the discipline screen. See the images below I made:

Mesu/Osu Status
MesuOsu Status

Discipline: While the meter will fill up completely at only 4 disciplines, a young Tama might ask for more then 100%. Even if your Tama is at 200% discipline, it will only still show a 100% full discipline meter. And sadly when they are disciplined, some of the characters cry, it is really sad.

Characters: Of course they are different. There are over 20 different characters for Mesutchi and over 20 different characters for Osutchi. This includes babies and all stages. Go here to look at BanDai's Japanese Mesutchi growth chart. Go here to look at BanDai's Japanese Osutchi growth chart. Some day I will have a English translation of both charts.

Another thing to note about the characters is they will sulk in the corner of their 'room' if they are treated badly. I like this, very realistic. Also when they are over fed and become overweight at 99lbs their faces get huge with big eyes and cubby cheeks. I've been told it's name is Debutchi. Debu means fat or plump, which makes sense. When they become this they can only be played with and have their status checked. Untill you play with your tama and take the weight down to the mid 80's it will remain in this form and the hungery hearts will continue to empty as well.

Mating: I've been told that eventually after the young Babitchi is a certain age, the parents will die and you, the caretaker, will be taking care of the Babitchi alone, to raise another adult, so they can mate, and the process starts all over again. When you have both parent and child still there you only have to care for the adult, while the adult takes care of it's babitchi. Unlike a Tamagotchi that dies and you start with a new egg, you may not see a egg for a very long time as long as you always get mateable characters and they don't die before procreating and they don't reset.

Another thing is when you mate the Tama's, the the babitchi boy will always go with the Osutchi while the female child will always go to the Mesutchi's side to be cared for. I guess this is where a sort of sexism exists in the Tamagotchi world? I dunno.

Food: While the food remains the same for long periods of time I really like knowing that the food will change from generation to generation, making it more realistic and a nice change.

Game: While the game is simple and easy, I think it's too much like the P1 game. I am not saying I could do better because I am happy with the new game as it is. But it's just so obvious how close it is to the P1 game. Why not have the character holding the flags, instead of them floating in mid air beside him? Oh well, its still pretty good because when your busy, this game is easy to win and fast. It is simply the win of 3 v 2 and up to fill one heart, just like Tamagotchi gen1.

TMP: I think it's a neat idea. I'd say the mating and TMP and the many characters make up for the game being less exciting and so similar to P1's game. Too bad these Tama's will probably never come to the US though.

TMP Generation?

Time: Wake up time is very much similar to Tamagotchi P1 and P2, they usually wake up after 9am in the morning. A nice refreshing change from the early morning hours of DigiMon, Angelgotch and Morino Tamagotch.

Pausing and Sound: The night before I hatched my Mesutchi and Osutchi I pulled the tab out of one of them to check to see if I could pause it. At first it didn't seem like it. I've always held down the C button then pressing the A button. This didnít' seem to work. So I tried pressing both buttons at the same time. That didn't work. I reversed my method, holding the A button then pressing the C button. This worked, this is the only way it worked. I have no clue why it is picky, on the other Tama's they arenít that picky. I checked sound and found that it too required this method. Why the change BanDai?

Overall Look: I bought 2 sets of Mesutchi & Osutchi. The pair I have going are the 3rd and 6th Tama's in this image. I also own the 2nd and 5th Tama's.

Both Tama's are slightly bigger then a regular Tamagotchi. The screen is wider as well, though they are smaller in pixels. Mesutchi and Osutchi screens are 18 by 28 pixels for a grand total of 504 pixels on the screen. In comparison, Tamagotchi P1 has 16 pixels by 32 pixels for a grand total of 512 pixels on that screen. The chain connects to both the Tama and the cover over the contacts at the top, hanging on the right side of the Tama in the 1 'o clock position. There is a similar 'cut' around the screen to P1 Tamagotchi, but bigger and varies just a little. The buttons are still the same size as Tamagotchi buttons. The back cover is on the opposite though, with the screws at the bottom of the casing. The reset button is still on the left side, but closer to the screw at the bottom of the casing. If you turn it upside down its just like a regular Tama. The batteries are at the top of the Tama casing instead of the speaker, which is now towards the bottom of the casing.

The background image, the one behind the LCD screen, has also changed. On Mesutchi the background is pink. On the left side is a small door and in the middle of the right side is a slightly darker pink heart. The background is designed to look like a room. The icons are over 'brick' like rectangles.

Osutchi is slightly different from this. The background color is blue and the only other difference is on the right side of the screen is a spade (like the ones on playing cards), instead of a heart.

My Mesutchi is clear clear on the main casing. The buttons are black and the cover over the contacts at the top is clear smoke colored. My Osutchi's main casing is clear smoke colored with white buttons and the cover over the contacts at the top is clear clear. See how they were made to be a 'match'? :) I think it's cool, they look really great, I like the looks of these Tama's. I also like how the chain is connected to both the cover at the top and the Tama itself, very nicely designed. I like Mesutchi & Osutchi. But I don't think they are for everyone, even on the box it says for ages 12 and up and I agree with that.

Creation Date: 6/11/98
Updated: 10/27/98
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