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"A flash of light, a brilliant starburst and instantly, an adorable little winged spirit appears. It's time to welcome your bouncing bundle into the world! Congratulations! You've just become the proud guardian of a Tamagotchi Angel. As a guardian, you have a very important task: to raise your Tamagotchi Angel well. Will your Tamagotchi Angel be sent back to its celestial home with a good spirit? Itís up to you to raise your Tamagotchi Angel with just the right measure of love and attention. If you're successful, your Tamagotchi Angel will fly home to be rewarded with its wings, if not, well... you can always try again!" - Bandai

This is my Japanese Angelgotchi and US Angel, sorry about the poor quality scan.
On Angelgotchi is Maruten. On Tamagotchi Angel is Pukuten.

Tamagotchi Angel was released February 1st in the US, while it was around Japan for a couple months before than.

Note: I own both Angelgotch (the original Japanese version) and the Tamagotchi Angel (US Version). Since the Japanese version is the one that most do not have the images will reflect that version. Differences between the two Tama's will be noted as well.

Angelgotchi: The Icons; From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

icon 1 Health Meter: The first screen is Age and Angel Power (Or Tamagotchi Angel Power). The age is in days. The Angel Power primarily determines what character you will get. The higher the AP or TP, the better and more healthy the character you get.

By pressing the "B" button you will get to the next screen. This is the Good Deeds Meter. You can only get this to go up by praising your angel when it needs it.

Upon pressing "B" again you will find the Hunger Meter. The more dark hearts there are the less hungry your Angel is.

The next screen is the Happy Meter. It can only be filled by playing games with Angelgotch. Note: Even though on the Tama it says "Effort" it is referred to as "Happiness" in BanDai's own instruction booklet, thus I refer to it as Happiness. Below is an example of these screens:

Age & TP
Angelgotch HM1
Good Deeds Meter
Angelgotch HM2
Angelgotch HM3
Angelgotch HM4

icon2 Food: The second icon is the feed area. The top food choice is Pie. Feeding one pie to Angelgotch will fill up one hungry heart. When Angelgotch is full, it will refuse to eat any more pies. The second choice is Candy. This increases the AP/TP. For each candy fed, the angel will gain 2 AP/TP points. The higher the AP/TP the more healthy your angel will be.

When you feed your Angel a snack make sure to watch the screen. A bat may show its self on the left side of the screen. You have but a few moments to tap the screen or the side of the egg to scare the bat away. If you successfully scare the bat away your Angel will get it's candy. If the bat gets it's candy, then the angel will loose some points on the Good Deeds Meter. So be sure to scare the bat away. Depending on how old your Angel is and what character you have will determine how many times out of how many candies fed that the bat will visit. Below is an example of the Food Selection screen:

Food Selection
Angelgotch Food

icon3 Shooting Stars Game: This is the game icon. The game is simple but may take a few times to really get the timing down. The object of the game is to jump over as many shooting stars as you can. The stars will come toward your angel, from the right. Use the "A" or "B" buttons to jump over the stars. The point is to jump over them, not to stay in the air for the complete game. The game is played out of 5 stars. Jumping over 3 out of 5 will fill one happiness heart. Getting less will not fill any hearts, so you must play again. The bonus here is if you get 5 out of 5, then you will fill two happy hearts! This is a very nice feature. When you are done playing, press "C" to cancel.

My best method for getting all the jumps is to simply watch the far right side of the screen. As soon as you see the star appear on the screen, press jump. Sometimes the timing will vary depending on the character, but most of the time that works.

A trick you must know is that both "A" and "B" buttons are to jump. If you accidentally jump right after you just jumped over a star, if you land before the next star, you can use the other button you did not use to jump, to jump over the next star. So basically you get two chances, if there is enough space between the stars and if you land before the next star.

Note: At the end of the game you will see 4 little angel faces, instead of the 4 vs. 1 that most are used to with the P1 and P2 Tamagotchi Game. This is normal.

icon 4 Bathroom: You will either see this icon, a butt with wings, or the US Tama will have a roll of toilet paper. They both work the same no matter what version you have. This operates the same as most the other Tamagotchi by BanDai. This is used whenever your Tamagotchi goes to the bathroom.

icon5 Praise: There will be times when Angelgotchi's attention light will be on and it will beep at you (most of the time, see below..). When it does this it will be looking at you most likely surrounded by stars doing a special movement of sorts, depending on character. When this happens, check the Health Meter. If it is not all empty on all hearts and refuses to eat pies and play the game, you will need to praise it. When you praise your Tamagotchi you are telling it you recognize it's good deeds and telling it you appreciate it. This action will increase the Good Deeds Meter level.

It will not always beep at you when it is doing a good deed for you. It will only do so when it is an adult angel. Before then, it will only have the attention icon lit and it will be doing its special animation (depends on character what). You have to just be lucky to look at the screen at the right time to catch it praying or performing a good deed.

Note: If you praise the angel when it does not need to be praised it will smile at you. But when you check the Happy meter, you will notice your action has caused the Angel to empty one heart. So it's best not to praise until it asks for praise.

There is one other thing you will use the Praise icon for. That is for when your Angel takes a stroll. You may look at your Angel and notice your Angel is no longer there. Depending on the version you will have depend on what you see. If you have the US version, you may look at the screen and notice it is blank, with only the attention light lit up. If you have the Japanese version, you will notice that there is a door on the screen and the attention light is lit. It will not beep when it goes for a stroll, so you must get lucky and catch it. How many times it takes a stroll per day will depend on the character and age of the character. The older Angel is, the more walks per day it will take.

When your Angel goes for a walk you will only have to do a couple of things. Press the "A" button until the Praise icon is lit. When it is, press the "B" button. Then gently tap the screen or the side of the egg. You will call your Angel back this way and the Angel will return back on the screen. Keep watching, each character will come back through the door doing something different (i.e.: one might be lifting weights... etc.). What character you have will determine what it's 'special entrance' will be. Below is an image of the door that is seen on the Japanese Angelgotchi when it takes a stroll:

Angel on Stroll
Angelgotch Stroll

icon6 Medicine: When you see a skull on the upper right hand corner of the screen, then you will need to give it medication. If the first dose does not cure it, you may need to administer 2 or 3 more doses. Angelgotch may not like the medicine, but it is the only way to cure it of it's illness.

icon7 Lights: When Angelgotch goes to bed at night or takes a nap, you will need to turn off the lights for it. Doing this will ensure the angel a good nights sleep.

Note: Turning off the light when the Angel is awake is not good. When you turn the light back on you will notice that Tamagotchi Angel may be sick. Immediately administer medication until it is well. I believe it is afraid of the dark, and the dark during the day may represent dark evil (but that is my thoughts..). If you turn off the lights on your adult Angel character, this may be enough to send the angel back to it's celestial home. It is best not to do this, as you are risking loosing your Angel before it's time. Some younger ones are able to deal with it. But adults don't seem to have much tolerance for it, instantly making them leave for their home planet.

icon8 Attention: When this icon is lit it means that Angelgotch needs attention of some sort. Check the heath meter to determine if it is empty of hearts and if not, it may need to be praised. It will not beep or have the attention light on because it is empty on AP/TP. That you must watch on your own.

Other notes on Angelgotch/Tamagotchi Angel

"Tamagotchi Angels come to Earth so they can do good deeds for their caretakers. But their energy dropped significantly on their long trip to Earth. Even though they want to help humans, they can't so anything without energy! So now, Tamagotchi Angels need humans to take care of them. Since they cannot show their gratitude by words, they do good deeds to make the humans happy. After they have received good care and increased their "angel power" they do good deeds for the humans that take care of them, even though the caretaker does not know that Tamagotchi Angel has done good deeds for them.."

Age & Growth: Most Tamagotchi released by BanDai become adults around the age of 6 and change into secret characters around the age of 10. These guidelines do not apply to Angelgotch/Tamagotchi Angel.

When you hatch Angel it will be in the Babitchi stage for only about 24 hours including sleep time. If you don't pause it at all, it will change at age 2 into the child form, either Takoten or Kodoten. It will be in this stage for 24 hours as well, give or take a few hours, including sleep time. Then on day 3 it will change into an adult form. This is completely normal.

If you have a character that will change into a secret character if it is going to change it will change into the secret character by the age of 7. It usually takes no longer then 2 days after it changes into an adult form for it to get to the secret character stage.

Angelgotch was made to take up about half the life a normal Tamagotchi takes up. It changes in half the time it takes a normal Tamagotchi to change, and it dies in half the time a normal Tamagotchi dies in. Most well treated adults will reach age 15 and die around that age. This is completely normal.

There have been a few incidents where Angelgotchi will stay an extreme long amount of time, this seems to be random. This is the same that occurs with DigiMon, often they will die before age 20, but the ones that live past age 20 live for a long time. This seems completely random.

Lights: If you turn out the lights on Angelgotchi when it is not sleeping, it will make your Angel sick and on some occasions kill it. Some adults die instantly. Don't turn out the lights unless it is sleeping.

Good Deeds: You cannot make Angel do good deeds, Angel does it on it's own. During the Babitchi and child stages Angel will not beep for your attention when it is doing a good deed and needs praise. During these younger stages keep an eye on Angel. If you look at the screen and notice that the angel is looking at you doing a different animation then it normal does and the attention light is on and it is not all empty on hearts, it is most likely it is doing a good deed and needs praise.

Keep watching after you praise it, because it will go to the bathroom right after being praised and it will need to be cleaned up. If you notice poop on the screen at one point, you will know that you missed its praise. A small note to say don't praise it unless it needs it, because you will make it drop a happy heart.

AP/TP: It is TP on Angelgotchi, it is AP on Tamagotchi Angel. This number is very important in determination of what character you get. The higher the AP/TP, the more Angel Power it has and the healthier character you will get. Go to my Character page for more info on how to get each character.

Stroll/Walk: There may come a time when you look at the screen on Angel and find your character is missing and only the attention light is on or that there is a door and no sign of your Angel (depending on the version you own, the door being on the Japanese Tama). Don't panic, this is very normal. Your Angel only went out to get some fresh air. You can bring Angel back simply by selecting the Praise Icon (Japanese door will open a crack), then tapping gently on the screen, and your Angel will come back. When she comes back she will most likely be doing an activity you don't normal see her doing, depending on character.

Death: Eventualy, as happens with all Tamagotchi, Angelgotchi will go home to is celestrial home. After giving the spirit of Tamagotchi a life after it's death, it earned it's wings and after doing good deeds for it's care taker, it must depart to it's new home.

When Angelgotchi/Tamagotchi Angel leaves, there are two ways in which it can depart. The first death is the 'good' death. In this death Angelgotchi will beep at you in low tones and when you look at the screen you will notice that your Angel is standing there, either crying, or sad, or mad or whatever, depending on the character. It is upset and yet happy because it's time to go to its' new home in the heavens (or so I beleive..).

If you press the "B" button you will see the screen part into 3 sections, the right and left dark, the middle section will contian a star. That star will rise up from the bottom of the screen to the top. What happens when it reaches the top of the screen depends on the version of Angel you have. If you have the US version the single star will explode into many twinkling stars all over the screen. If you have the Japanese version the screen will scroll to the left, like what happens when you go to the clock screen, and the word "Thanks!" will appear on the screen. Below is an animation I made of the 'good' death scene using Futagotenshi. It isn't perfect, but you get the point:

'Good' Japanese Death
Angelgotch death

The other death I refer to as the 'bad' death, as it's one that I've only seen occur when the Angel isn't an adult. If you neglect an angel enough after the babitchi stage, it can and will die. I'll use Maruten for the example, but I beleive this death can happen with almost all of the angels, including adults.

You will see Maruten on the screen unhappy and sick. The skull will be in the corner and you will give it medication, but the medication won't cure it. As you keep giving it shot after shot, soon the changing screen will come across the screen, the arrows (<<>>) and when it separates your angel will go back and forth between an black egg and the angel looking sad. After several back and forth between the two images, finally the words "Bye Bye!" will appear on the screen. The 'bad' death is for both US and Japanese Tama's. The only change between the two is the good death. Below is an animation I made of the last part of the 'bad' death, using Maruten. It's not perfect, but really close:

'Bad' Death
Angelgotch death

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