Updated: January 16th, 2007
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Here you will find various Tamagotchi links to many sites around the web. Each site has been linked, rated, and a description given. The ratings are just my opinion and may assist you in finding exactly what you are seeking.
Ratings are as listed:

: Excellent! Highly recommended site!
: Great site! Wonderfully done.
: Good site, pretty cool.
: Average site. It's alright.
: Could use some improvement.
: AahhhhHHHH! Off to his home planet he goes!
: Not Rated Yet, To Be Rated in The Future!

If you would like your site to appear on this page Email me and it shall be added at the next update. What am I looking for when I rate a Tamagotchi/Virtual Pet web site?

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Mystic Fortress
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Links may be out of date, I cannot guarantee that they will link to the locations I rated, but I will try to keep them updated.

The ratings on this page are merely my own opinion and may not necessarily be the opinion of others or the web page authors.
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