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Please look through these Questions and Answers before you email me! The answer you need might be right in front of your nose.

You might ask me what exactly is Tamagotchi? What is DigiMon? What are all these things I see in stores and on web pages? Well if your that very small part of the population that needs to be clued in with a little knowledge on the greatest Virtual Pets around... than this is your section! :) Click on a link below to read a little bit about the best Virtual Pets out there and maybe some of your questions will be answered... This is my sort of FAQ.

  1. Where do I buy my Tama's? What are some good places to buy Tamagotchi and other Virtual Pets?
  2. What exactly is a Tamagotchi? Tell me about Tamagotchi.
  3. What exactly is the difference between a P1/P2 or Gen1/Gen2 Tamagotchi?
  4. What exactly is a DigiMon? Tell me about DigiMon.
  5. What exactly is a Angelgotchi/Angel Tamagotchi? Tell me about Angelgotchi.
  6. What exactly is a Mesutchi/Osutchi?
  7. What exactly is a Oceangotchi/Ocean Tamagotchi?
  8. What exactly is a Forestgotchi/Garden Tamagotchi/Mori No Tamagotchi?
  9. What are these other Virtual Pets I see on the market?
  10. Who came up with Tamagotchi before BanDai sold the idea?
  11. What did the prototypes of Tamagotchi look like?
  12. Who is Professor Banzo and Mikachu?
  13. What is the difference between a Japanese P1/Gen1 and a American P1/Gen1?
  14. What is the difference between a Japanese P2/Gen2 and a American P2/Gen2?
  15. What is Ketotchi?
  16. What about all these rumors I keep hearing? And other various questions.
  17. Do you have any links to News articles and other such publications that are Tamagotchi related? Yes!
  18. Where is the growth chart for...? Growth charts here.

Do NOT push me more than once..........or else!

If you have other questions you would like to ask me that are not listed here please do drop me a email and I'll try to help you out.

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