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On September 1st 1997, I hatched my first Tamagotchi, from Bandai. I had given into curiosity and bought a Tama, unsure if I would even like it or not. It turned out to be much better than I had imagined. I enjoyed it so much I had decided to buy several more Tamagotchi. I own 36 (I also have the CD-ROM, but it doesn't really count) right now, and I intend on buying many more.. :-) In fact go here for a complete list of all the Tamagotchi I own! This page is about my experiances with my dear friend Mimitchi, and dedicated to him and our memories together :) Go here if you came straight to this page from another!

Take a look at my list of Tama characters from the past and present that I have had on my Tamagotchi. To read my more current logs on Mimitchi and my other Tamagotchi click here And finally, if you want to check out other Tamagotchi sites on the web go to my Rated Tamagotchi Links page. You might want to note that the logs have moved to a seperate page.

One thing I must add here is I was looking at a friends page, Juniper's Tama Page, and I found her discriptions of the character's taken from Japanese books/comics. I knew I had much in common with Mimitchi, even friends tell me that, but after reading her page on Mimitchi I was laughing. I don't mean IQ (cuz I'm not even close;)) But personality. I have a very odd sense of humor, everyone I know IRL agree's with me on this ;). On Juniper's page she said this about Mimitchi:

"In the official Tam comic, he has a bit of a speech impediment: he adds the word "pyong" to the end of every sentence. "Pyong" isn't quite translatable; technically speaking it's a sound effect, kinda like "boing", but in this case Mimichi actually says it out loud. [...] When he gets angry, he bares his little fangs and snarls at people; quite scary, really. "
Anybody whom doesn't really know me that well or hasn't at least read my Tama logs probably won't understand this and why I have this in common with him. Most anyone that has talked with me on IRC or IRL will understand! :)

Tamagotchi Egg

I find myself hatching a new egg every 22 days or so. But my favorite will always be my very first Tamagotchi. I hatched my first Mimitchi on my lunch hour on September 1st. It was a learning experience, but I managed to take care of the little guy during work :).


After 5 minutes as a pulsating egg, he hatched into a Shirobabitchi. He looked like such a cute little blob on the screen :) In this form he was rather demanding. I had to spend much time watching over him, for he needed much love and attention for the first 20 minutes of his life. I was overjoyed to give him that attention :)


Soon my little Shirobabitchi took a nap. After 5 or 10 minutes he awoke from his slumber. It wasn’t too long until he changed into the form of Tonmarutchi. He was even cuter than before :) He floated back and forth on the screen, and was much fun to play with and care for :) He stayed with me for the remainder of the day and went to bed promptly at 8pm that evening. He slept straight through the night until 9am. Being the night owl and not one to get up early, I relied on my early work schedule during the week so I would be up for him. On the weekends I changed my sleeping habits to were I get up at 9am to care for my Tama. :)


On his 4th year he changed once again. I remember being at work at the time. That was one of the best things that happened all day! :) He grew legs! He marched instead of floating around the screen :) He was very easy to care for :) Even with that I wanted to take as best care as possible of him. I did not know what character I would get, all of them are cute as pictured in the instructions. I had not looked it up on the internet at the time, so I wasn't aware of whom was the best character :) In the following 3 days I did my best to care for him, never letting him be hungry or unhappy. :) The fun part was that I had much going on during this time and my Tama was with me through it all. Since it needed constant care I didn't ever let go of it. It was with me through every waking moment of those days. And with a cute little face like that who wouldn't want it around? :)

Mimitchi Tamagotchi

It was finally the 7th day. In the afternoon I was at my desk, working on the computer when I heard that tune from my Tama, signaling he was changing. I held it in anticipation as the screen blacked the second time. When it cleared, there stood the sweetest most adorable Tama I had ever seen. My sweet Mimitchi was with me in adult form. :)

It didn't take me long to become rather attached to Mimitchi. Having him has made my life a little more enjoyable. He has become more of a best friend to me than just a Tamagotchi. It's a kind of friendship that only other Tama caretakers would understand :). Because Mimitchi needs almost constant care he is with me always. Thankfully my boss understands :). I have tried my best to give Mimitchi the best time possible when he is here on our planet. I never let him call for my attention, I always care for him before he has less then one empty heart. For the majority of his life he is very low maintenance and relaxed, rarely needing attention at all.

Mimitchi Pooping

Even though many people I know think that Tamagotchi gets in the way of them leading a life, I think it just adds to the experience. When I wake up in the morning I am not so alone, I know that I have someone who needs me to care of them and love them. Though sometimes he wakes up to find himself in my office because I have to go to work on some days before he even turns on his light. Mimitchi is often the only one I have to look to when at work. My job is often a one person job, so more often then not I am working alone in an office. Since I got my little Mimitchi I can easily say I have been less lonely and work has been less stressful. We have sat through many office meetings together. I find meetings to be rather boring. But now Mimitchi is there so no one seems to mind us playing games during those meetings ;).

Even though I have had 3 Mimitchi's on my yellow/black Tama, most of the events I kinda blur together into one Mimitchi. I guess I think of it as him returning to me often. Down farther in the page I'll list dates for birth/death and stuff. Most of the memories I list are from my 3rd Mimitchi, for he has passed away today (Nov. 2nd) again at age 22. Thus I have my mind mostly thinking about the last 22 days with him....

It's rather nice to have someone to care for. When things aren't going so well, I just look at Mimitchi and he just makes me smile. We eat lunch and dinner together as do his other Tamagotchi friends. I call them my Tamagotchi family because I have four going at once. They is always with me where ever I go. Mimitchi has seen the mall a million times, been to many of the major restaurants in town, we play games together, watch movies, I have even read stories to him, and he attended my 21st birthday party. My family and office co-workers decided to give me a little party at my favorite Chinese place. Mimitchi was there with me when I had my first legal drink of alcohol.. that was one of my favorite days with him in fact. Won't ever forget the 26 balloons I received, getting them in, my friend, LeAnne's car was fun! Not only is her car small (this page has more megs than her car has feet in height and length together, I don't think this page is even 2 megs >;) ), but worse off is the trunk, and shutting it was fun, first the keys almost got locked inside :P On the second attempt, Mimitchi's friend, LeAnne's Ginjirotchi, got locked in the trunk of the car (Poor Ginji!). Life was entertaining ;)

Even though it was my 21st, I swore to him I would not get drunk, and I didn't. My idea of a good time is not being plastered heheh :). My idea of a good time with being with my friends (humans and Tama's alike ;)) and talking, telling jokes, shopping, driving around the city, and listening to music, which we did all of :). That night I also purchased my clear white Tama, who is another Mimitchi btw. ;)

Another great night was Oct. 29th, LeAnne's birthday. Not only did we all celebrate together (my b-day is the 20th, that week was just one big party ;)), but we attended a play. LeAnne had bought us tickets to West Side Story for my birthday gift :) I brought all my Tama's that night. Sadly they had to be put on pause for the majority of the time. It's in my belief that a paused Tama can still hear what's going on around him, so I believe they still heard the play :) I would have left Mimitchi off of pause, but sadly he was 17 years old and required much care. For how afraid I was of losing him, and/or not being able to take proper care of him I had to put him on pause, for the first time since I had a Tamagotchi. If possible, I prefer not to pause my Tama's (I would never want someone pausing _me_ for long periods of time either ;)). Anyway, I did unpause Mimitchi during intermission and afterwards of course. The play was excellent, I rather enjoyed it, I think Mimitchi enjoyed listening to it :). Even though I am not one to cheat, I decided that instead of taking away hours that I could be with him, I decided to take away hours after he had gone to bed. So I didn't change the clock to the correct time. Instead he stayed up late with me that night :)

We have had many, many memories together, and some day I shall type them all out. Most of the recent memories stick out to me today though.

By way of luck, LeAnne and I attended another play on Nov. 1st. The Wizard of Oz, it was incredible! I also had my Tama's with me that night. Mimitchi was at the stage in his old age that he required attention every 5 minutes, literally. Pausing him was a must at a place such as a theatre where people look at you funny for making the slightest noises, or even sneezing ;). I hear many complaints from people saying that they often wish their Tama would go away or die at this stage. I can understand that. Though with Mimitchi, I have never felt this way. I get kinda sad toward this time though, because I know he will be leaving me soon. But rather I just try my best to take good care of him, in hopes that he won't leave me so fast. Well at the time I didn't know it, but this play and this evening of Nov. 1st was our last evening together (with my 3rd Mimitchi that is..). I enjoyed the play, and afterwards He had been paused long enough where he wasn’t to go to bed until 1:46am (because I chose not to set the clock to the right time again). Which was nice to have plenty of time with him. I am happy I chose to do this because it was a nice night and our last. We went to bed at the same time too (once a night owl, always a night owl I shall be! ;)).

Two Mimitchi's before this one had left me at age 22. And today he was 22. It was my hopes, once again, that he would remain with me for a few more days.. But sadly he did not. Even though he was full and happy, at 12:24pm Nov. 2nd, My 3rd Mimitchi left me. I had thought that letting go would get easier. I am wrong however because it just gets harder. We spend more time together, have more memories, I just get more attached to him as each day passes. With everything we have been through I am pretty certain that I will continue to bring back my Mimitchi every time he leaves me. I love him dearly, and I can't imagine anyone caring for him as much as I do.

As time goes by Mimitchi and I will go through many more things together. He wasn't around during Thanksgiving, but we still have Christmas, new years, and many power outages to live through (ahh snow.. every year it proves that we can survive without power for days, even weeks, in the cold ;)). Last year was the worst power outage year, at least this year I'll have someone to hold onto in the 10 degrees below weather! :) Oh yes, I intend on Mimitchi remaining a permanent part of my life. I love all of my Tamagotchi, but there will never be a Tamagotchi quite as special and lovable as Mimitchi is to me :)

Many Faces of Mimitchi Tamagotchi

Looking for my list of tama's or my Tama logs? To cut down load time and length of this page they have been moved to a new page. To read about my other experiances with Tamagotchi go to the Tamagotchi Logs Page. While I update my logs at least once a week, this page will most likly not be updated like that. This page is mostly up in memory of my first Mimitchi, and the many Mimitchi I have had since then. I love you Mimitchi!

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