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Welcome to the section of my page dedicated to Morino Tamagotch, also known as Forestgotchi and Tamagotchi Garden (the US name, though it was never released to the US). This page is constantly being updated and new images and information is being added all the time!
Note: This information is being written as it is discovered while I run my Morino Tama, also the images are being made by myself, please don't take them and if you do steal them don't link directly to my server and at least give me some credit

About: Morino Tamagotch, (aka. Tamagotchi Garden and Forestgotchi) was released in Japan about February 18th, 1998 in four different colors. The scheduled release for the US version is to be in mid summer of 1998. Keep an eye on Bandai's homepage for more information regarding the US release. My Tama is the Japanese Morino Tamagotch. So this page will reflect what is on the Japanese Tama. The US version is likely to be slightly different, but not entirely different. Please note that the US version was never released to the US.

Want to see a growth chart with all the translated names? Well I made one just for the occasion, go here to take a look and please don't take it! :)

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Rumor that is Untrue: A rumor regarding this particular Tama was circling among the fans. While we would definitely love it to be true, this rumor is definitely false. Morino Tamagotch, Tamagotchi Garden or whatever you wish to call it, while it does have a motion and sound censor, it does not talk anymore then a Tamagotchi Angel does. It has new beeps and sounds different, but it doesn't talk, sadly.

The Story: Information unknown at this time. Please email me if you know!

The Icons: From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

  1. Health Meter: It looks like a scales. Upon pressing "B" when it is highlighted the first screen is hunger or stomach, the second, if you press "A" is happy or mood. Instead of the traditional empty or full hearts, it is now empty or full leaves. Press "A" again and you can view the age and weight of your Tama. No discipline is required, so none exists.

  2. Feed: It looks like a partly eaten apple. Press "B" when this icon is highlighted and a food menu will be shown. Depending on your creatures age and character either one or several different choices of food will be displayed. Press "A" until the arrow is under the desired choice, then press "B" and if he is hungry, your Tama will eat or refuse to eat your selection.

  3. Play: The Icon is a little hat. When activated the game will began. The object of the game is very simple. To guess which cup (?) the leaf is hidden under. You are given four choices and just like the food you select the one using the arrow and press "B" when you have made your choice. Then you will see if you chose the right one or not. It is a guessing game and usually easy to win. Two hearts can be filled if you win every time in the game. Instead of the traditional 3 out of 5 score, you must simply choose 2 out of 4 correctly to win.

  4. Bathroom: The icon is a toilet. Occasionally, and no not the traditional every 3 hours, your little creature will go to the bathroom. Simply press "B" when this icon is highlighted to clean up his/her mess. Same as all Tamagotchi.

  5. Preditor: The icon is a box with a question mark ("?") on it. Every once in a while someone or something will try and hurt your Tama. When it is being attacked the icon will be lit as well as the attention icon will be lit too. When this occurs the motion/sound sensor will be needed. You must tap on the screen or the side of the egg or even talk/scream to scare the attacker away. Note: This icon cannot be selected, it is similar to the attention icon.

  6. Medicine: The icon is a dark leaf with a white medical cross in the middle. When your Tama is sick select this icon. Give him medication until the skull no longer appears on the screen, this will be once to four doses.

  7. Light: The icon is a small sun on the top left, with a small crescent moon on the bottom right. When the day is over and your Tama is tired, they will go to bed. When you see the "Z" next to him on the right and the attention sound and icon will be lit, select this icon to put the lights out so he/she can sleep a good nights sleep. Same as all Tamagotchi.

  8. Attention: This icon is the same little 'pac-man' like icon, but with antennae on it's head. It serves the same function as all Tamagotchi. To alert you when your Tama needs something, either food, to be played with, go to sleep, or to alert if a predator is near (predator icon will be lit also).

A few noted differences between Morino Tamagotchi and regular Tamagotchi:

Overhead View: Or what I like to call a "screen saver". This is literally a overhead view of your creature crawling around or sleeping. On the far right and far left of the screen is a little tree. The middle of the screen will be a few pixel dot, representing your Tama. When sleeping the 'dot' is motionless. When awake the 'dot' is constantly moving around in different directions between the two trees. Unfortunately this is the screen you will see the most. It takes only 5 seconds you not touching, pushing buttons or interacting with your Tama for this screen to be displayed. I personally do not like this, because I enjoy watching my Tamaís moving around and doing their thing, the animationís are cute.. I don't see why this was added. It's not horrible, but there should at least be a way to turn this feature off.

Overhead View
Mori overhead view aka screen savor

Icons: All the icons are different. Even the attention icon was changed just a little bit to reflect the different kind of Tamagotchi characters. Instead of having 7 workable icons, you only have 6 that you can actually highlight. But the predator idea makes up for the discipline no longer being a function. Which is a nice change.

Another new thing is when your Morino get sick, the day after he will change, but he will be in a cocoon. For an entire day you will have to only keep the temperature at a good level while in this cocoon. If you don't your Tama won't survive to see a change into adult-hood. I like this, it's fun and realistic as well.

In a Cocoon
Mori in a cocoon
Status: Hot or Cold
Cocoon hot cold status meter

Food: The food has improved. What you feed your Tama depends on the character you get. It changes from stage to stage and varies from berries to mushrooms to poop, with a total of 14 different food selections among all the characters! The choices of food can change several times in a single day, in fact, which is very cool. It is unknown if some foods are better then others, my guess is the leaf is the healthiest.

A Food Menu
A food menu

Game: The game has changed again and it is a nice change of pace, similar to one of the games on the Tamagotchi CD-ROM. I like this game. It's not too hard, and it's not too easy either. Like Tamagotchi Angel, and unlike Tamagotchi, you have to play and win the game to fill the empty leaves and make your critter happy. There is no 'snack' of sorts to make him happy instead of playing the game, like is available on original Tamagotchi. Another nice thing about the game is if you get 3 out of 4 correct, you fill two leaves, not just one.

Something else I have noticed about the game. If I play a game and I get 1 vs 4, I lose that game. If I play the game again and get 1 vs 4, even though I loose, it seems that it fills the empty leaf anyway. Programming flaw? My imagination? It seems to have worked twice now. Stay tuned...

Characters: There are at least 15 characters, this includes secret characters, which there are 4 secret characters. The total amount of 15 is unverified. Though one of the secret characters is, so I'm told, twin ants. Otherwise I have no more information in secret characters. The characters are all new, no one looks like any character from any past incarnations of Tamagotchi (or so it seems).

There is also two different eggs you can hatch. A white egg or a polka dot egg. The white egg changes into an adult depending on how you care for it. The polka dot egg changes into a beetle and grows in size depending on how you care for it. During care it will go into a cocoon for an entire day and you must keep the temperature correct or your critter may die. What temp you keep it will determine what character you get. A chart with names or at least names and descriptions will be available on this page in the near future.

Time: Wake up time is much like Tamagotchi Angel and DigiMon, most characters awake at 8am, unfortunately. The speed changing between character and clock screen are fast like Tamagotchi Angel. Pause is still available on this Tama, an important feature. Pause is worked and function the same way it does on regular Tamagotchi.

Sound/Motion Censor: The music/beeping/sound on this Tama is nice on the ears and a pleasant change from other Tamagotchi beeps. I rather like the sounds, even the attention sound is rather nice. The sound on/off feature is still available on this Tamagotchi, an important feature. It is worked and function the same way it does on regular Tamagotchi.

Like Tamagotchi Angel, a sound/motion censor is a part of Morino Tamagotch. Instead of scaring away a bat when eating, it is used to scare away predators that come to attack, hurt and possibly cause much harm to your little creature. Unlike Tamagotchi Angel, you do not have to select an icon before using the sound censor. When it the predator approaches simply tap firmly, but gently on the screen or side of the egg, enough to were your Tama is safe and the attacker is gone.

Overall Look: The four Morino Tamagotch styles available in Japan are very nice looking, with lots of decoration and were made to go with the theme of the Tamagotchi. By looking at Ban Dai's web page, from the images there, it seems that the US Tama look won't be that different either. I own the yellow one with bright colored leaves around the screen and the words "Morino Tamagotch" written at the top. Around the screen is red. The 'cut' around the screen is the same as Tamagotchi Angel, I might add. The picture behind the LCD image of the character is very *nice*. It is a picture of green vines and leaves, not too strong, not too light, perfect. It was made perfectly and doesn't make it hard to see the character, unlike what other 'knock-off' versions have. The size of the case is exactly the same as regular Tamagotchi. This Tama came with the beaded chain, I suppose when it's released in the US it will have the heavier type key chain.

Bathroom: Original Tamagotchi and DigiMon both go to the bathroom every 3 hours. If you keep a close eye you will figure out the time. For those that like to watch the cute looks on their face and clean up right away this is pretty easy to remember and keep track of. Morino Tamagotch I have found to be different. Far as I know, they do not have a real 'schedule'. So far the times seem almost random. While I keep trying to figure it out I do know that the first two of the day are always within 2 hours of each other, while others can go as long as almost 4 hours apart. I still am trying to figure out this interesting schedule. I believe this kind of 'schedule' is more realistic anyway, and presents a challenge to someone who doesn't want their critter to sit in it for a long periods of time. Because the 'screen savor' comes on after only 5 seconds, it is important to check often. Unless you see them do it, there is no way to tell unless you push a button to get rid of the screen savor, this is one reason I really don't like the 'screen savor overhead' feature of this Tama.

Creation Date: 4/20/98
Updated: 9/30/98
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