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Written separately from my Tama Logs, this log covers my experience from day to day I experience with my Mesutchi & Osutchi. The Tama's them selves came from Japan and I read no Japanese so I took advice from what I have read on web pages and on the Tama List and hatched them on June 11th, 1998. This is part 1 of 3 logs of my first hatched pair of Mesu/Osu. Note: It might be good to read Mesutchi & Osutchi Information before you read this page, unless you have a pair and know what I'm talking about! :) I made most of the images on this page, please don't take them. If you choose to steal them anyway, don't link directly to my server, please upload to your own server.

June 11th, 1998. 7:50am: Yesterday I received my Smoke and Clear pair of Osutchi & Mesutchi in the mail. Excited as I was I choose to wait to start them. I was patient enough for all of 16 hours after I got them, most of that time was spent sleeping. I gave in even though I have six other Tamagotchi already going. This morning as I was running to leave for work I grabbed them. At 7:50am I pulled both the tabs out. I didn't hit reset on them, like it says I should in the instructions (I've had bad things happen because of not doing this, but only 2 outta 60) but I had nothing with me to hit the reset buttons.

Mesutchi Egg
Mesutchi Egg
Osutchi Egg
Osutchi Egg

I looked over the instructions that are written in Japanese to try and understand some of it using the pictures. It wasn't that hard to figure out after they hatched 5 minutes later, though.

When they hatched they acted just like a regular Tamagotchi does, very in need of attention. They were oh so cute. They kinda looked like little poops though. But they also reminded me of baby Cone Heads too.

MesuOsu Babitchi

The above Image of the Babitchi, Kuritchi, is not totally accurate. While it is close, but mostly done from memory. By the time I was near my Tama animation program they had already had moved onto the next stage of their lives. BTW there is only one image because both the babies looked the same.

"One minute he's laughing, and the next, he's throwing a temper tantrum! Kurichi ("Chestnut") sure is a moody guy! His little yellow body may turn red with rage, but his sunny side and angry side just show his wide range of emotion." - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

Like regular Tamagotchi, Kuritchi needed that one hour and 5 mins of constant care. I admit I fed a few snacks because I was at work. The schedule was exactly the same as Babitchi (P1) and ShiroBabitchi (P2). He took a nap, pooped twice, got sick, and finally changed.

Mesu/Osu Status
MesuOsu Status

There was one difference. When they took a nap, neither of them aged 1 year when they awoke. Both remained 0 years for the entire day, in fact. See the above image.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. When they were in this Kuritchi stage they were tiny, so someone at BanDai decided to make their poops tiny and their angry cross and happy sun tiny. Even the skulls were tiny! It is rather cute, a nice touch I might add.

I also found out one interesting thing that I'm unsure of why it was added. On regular Tamagotchi on the food screen if you feed your Tama a snack, the next time you feed it the arrow will still be on snack, as the same with meal. If you leave the arrow on snack, but you last fed him a meal, then the next time you go feed it will still be on meal, because that is what you fed last.

Now, with Osutchi and Mesutchi, that isn't really true. If you feed your Tama a meal, but have the arrow pointing at snack when you push cancel, the arrow will still be at snack when you return to that screen, even though you didn't last feed a snack. See what I mean? I accidentally fed one of them a snack today because I accidentally pushed the button so the arrow pointed at snack, even though I had just got done feeding a meal. Weird why they'd add this, but interesting no less.

Well, as I mentioned, soon after they changed into the next stage. This stage is still considered part of the Babitchi stage, but not like a newborn Tama, like Kuritchi. The next stage is called MohiTamatchi. The image below I created. It took me much time to do it, besides one single extra long pause in there that is nearly unnoticeable, it is entirely accurate to the real thing.


"This laid-back guy doesn't worry about the little things in life. His purple mohawk-style hair-do may look cool, but when he gets mad, all his hair stands on end!" - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

I had a long work day today so I wasn't able to tally my information. I can tell you that both of them pooped 4 times and both asked for discipline four times. Yes four times. I filled up the entire meter just today. It is sad when I discipline them, they cry, it looks so sad, I feel guilty doing it.

I will also add that after they became MohiTamatchi their poops, happy sun, and angry cross changed into normal size.

They went straight to bed at 8pm. Aren't they just cute? This is what they looked like in bed:

Mohi Sleeping
MohiTamatchi Sleeping

June 12th: While I was up and ready for them to get up at 8am, to my happiness they didn't get up until 9am this morning. I'm glad that BanDai put these Tama's on the original Tamagotchi schedule.

When they got up they were full and happy and oh so cute. I think BanDai made some really cute Babitchi for Osu/Mesu. One of the changes is the status. The hunger and happiness hearts are smaller and the discipline meter has only 12 lines, not 14 like most Tamagotchi, and height is a couple pixels taller.


One other thing that I should mention is the TMP meter. It has remained at 1 crown since they were born. Tamagotchi Mating (Mate or Mateable?) Power has a separate icon and has two screens. The first of which just shows a crown. The second I have yet to entirely figure out, but I believe the '1' is to show it is first generation. This I will figure out with time. I noted that, while I could check the Status Meter while they were sleeping, I could not check the TMP meter while they were sleeping.

TMP Generation?

Today was a busy day at work, but I did take a tally of my two Tama's schedule. First thing is first: Discipline. While the meter was full yesterday and still was full today, they had 4 more selfish calls today. Each of the disciplines didn't make a dent in the discipline meter though, so I am just keeping track.

Mesutchi discipline times: 11:27am (125%), 1:42pm (150%), 3:56pm (175%), and 6:20pm making it 200%.

Osutchi discipline times: 11:26am (125%), 1:42pm (150%), 3:55pm (175%), and 6:20pm (200%). They both asked for that last discipline while I was in the shower.. :P

You might notice that two of the times where one minute apart. While these Tamaís were started at the exact same time, never paused, for some reason two of those discipline calls came 1 minutes apart. I don't know why, either. In fact, once I thought they both had asked for it since they had all previous times, I disciplined them both, to find out I disciplined Mesutchi one minute too early, thus making her very unhappy and in return one of her happy hearts dropped. Though I didn't mean to, I was in a hurry and wasn't fully paying attention, sadly. No less one minute later she asked for it..

While I am trying to treat them the same, I could have finished the day with only playing a total of 12 games, but since Mesutchi dropped that extra heart from the accidental discipline, I ended up playing 13 total games today. They emptied one heart in both hunger and happiness every 55 minutes. Thus I fed them 12 bowls of rice today.

Today I also recorded the times I found poop on the screen. While I only got to watch Mesutchi poop once so the times may not be exactly to the minute, but really darn close.

They both first pooped at 9:32am, then 12:22pm, next 3:02pm it was found. And finally the last time they pooped one minute apart from each other, oddly enough. This is where I saw Mesutchi. Osutchi pooped at 5:39pm while Mesutchi did her thing one minute later at 5:40pm. I have no clue why they are not exact, because I started them exactly the same time and they hatched at the same time, neither have been paused, it's a mystery to me.

I scanned a few pictures of them today at work, check out my Tama Images page!

I am not so sure I'll be able to keep such an accurate tally tomorrow for I am going shopping tomorrow. But they will be with me to enjoy the day. They both went to bed tonight at 8pm again, full and happy.

June 13th: When they woke up today I was not awake. I slept for an hour after they woke up, but when I did awake they seemed fine with just one heart empty on each.

Interesting enough, while I was converting my scans of them I heard one of them beep. They had only remained in the Babytchi stage for a little over 25 hours, including sleep time. When I picked them up Mesutchi was still a MohiTamatchi, but she was sick. But Osutchi had changed at 10:25am. Osutchi changed into Obotchi. I believe Obo means young man or boy or son.

"A fashionable little gentleman who spends all his time worrying about the little curl in the middle of his forehead. He's really quite a mischevious little guy, but in front of the "grown-ups" he acts like a well-behaved little "Student Council President"-type. " - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ


I made the above image of Obotchi, isn't he just cute? This animation is completely accurate, it took some time but I finally got it right. :)

It took 2 whole minutes, after Osutchi changed, for my Mesutchi to change. The screen went striped, then jagged striped and did a few other funky things, it went so fast I can't remember it all because mostly it was various pixel designs until it all blackened. When it cleared MohiTamatchi stood there and phased in and out between being MohiTamatchi and Ojotchi, where she eventually remained as Ojotchi. Ojotchi means daughter or young lady or girl. She entered the Kodomotchi (child, children) stage at 10:27am. Both now weigh 20lbs.

"She may seem well-mannered and charming, but she's still at that mischevious stage, so go easy on her! She thinks of herself as a proper little lady, however, so if you don't treat her as such, she might get upset and sulk! " - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ


Above is Obotchi on my Mesutchi, her animation is also quite accurate as I made it looking at my Mesutchi :)

I wasn't able to tally their behavior today, but I will say that after they changed they had 50% discipline. They called 2 times today, making it 100% by the end of the day. While I almost missed one call. Their attention call isn't as loud as it should be, or maybe I'm just not used to the sound? Since I was all around town today shopping I did keep an eye on them, but it's a slight possibility I may have missed other discipline calls.

Ojotchi and Obotchi went straight to bed at 9pm tonight. Below is the image I made of them sleeping:


June 14th, Sunday: They got up at the same time today, 9am and I was up 30 mins after they were. Though they remain very easy to care for I noticed that they are 21lbs instead of 20 because once they required only food and not a game too, which means their hunger has increased just a tad bit while happiness has remained the same.

Oddly enough since their discipline is 100% they have not called for anymore since. Today has been a rather quiet day. They went to bed with full hearts, 100% discipline 3 years and 21lbs (or is it grams?). I wonder what is to come next...

June 15th, Monday: Today they got up at the very same time as always. I was already at work. They still have 100% discipline and to my surprised did not ask for any more then 100% so far, unlike Mohitamatchi did. Makes me wonder if those extra disciplines did anything or not?

Good thing is I did take a tally of what they did today. However, I left it at work on my desk. But estimating how many times I played with them during the day I believe they are still under the 12 meals, 12 games rule here. I'm pretty sure of it, though I am pretty sure that will change very soon. They are both 4 years today and soon I expect them to change. I am going to scan them tomorrow, I _hope_, cuz they are really cute.

I really believe that these Tama's have really close programming structure to P1 and P2 Tamagotchi. Only this is more fine streamed, very fine tuned, things are more even and much faster, even the sound is fun to listen to and the ideas implemented are realistic. I have not seen my Tama sulk in the corner because I have not treated it badly, but I think it's a good idea and I know it's real. Plus getting really poofy when they are over 99lbs and having to take the weight down for them to continue living normally.. that is just simply brilliant. I haven't done the weight thing yet either.. yet. Some very good ideas were implemented with these Tamagotchi. I guess this is what led to a very realistic Morino Tamagotch, which was released after these Tama's.

Either way, they are in bed and I'm about to join them. They are really cute, I wonder what day 5 will bring me? Will they wait until day 6 to change like P1 Tamagotchi? Or will they change tomorrow on day 5? We shall see...

June 16, Tuesday: Today started out like the typical Tama day. They got up while I was at work, at the usual 9am. Today was really busy, unfortunately. Well when 11:40am along I heard them beeping. Well it turned out to be only Mesutchi beeping. There was a skull beside her head and she had become Pyonkotchi! The top character on the BanDai chart is the one. She's kinda cute.. Below is the image I made of her. It is _very_ close to being perfect. I found this animation more tricky to do and having a bad animation program I could only do my best with it. At least if anyone steals my images I will know by noticing the mistakes that only I would notice, or anyone with the Tama character.. ;)


"Whenever she sees a boy and a girl in a loving couple, she gets jealous and just has to interfere! But she only acts mean because she's lonely. She'll surely become a kinder, gentler soul once she falls in love herself! " - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

I cured her sickness and focused on Osutchi whom was sick, so I gave him a shot and it cured him right away. It took two shots to cure Pyonkotchi, maybe because she remained sick through the changing process? I dunno. Well exactly one minute later he changed as well. is screen shimmered as I have seen it do before and the phasing occurred between him and Pyonchitchi.. and eventually he was Pyonchitchi, the top character on BanDai's Chart. Below is the animation of him I made, not perfect, but very very close.


"Everyone around him keeps chattering about boyfriends and girlfriends, but is this "love" thing really worth it? That's what this Adult-chi wants to know. Looks like he's still more interested in having fun than falling in love! " - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

So they are both finally into this adultchi stage and well.. going to eventually hook up if they are compatible.. maybe go out for a movie, have some popcorn, go out to dinner, go back home.. and create a best seller love novel! I guess I'll host the movie ;)

No, seriously I checked and they are not ready to mate, yet. They refuse still, so I guess they still have yet to get to know each other better, maybe a few days (to them a few years..) and then they will get married and have cute little Babitchi together :).

Because they both have entered adultchi-hood they are now 5 years and minimum weight 50 lbs or grams each, now. Discipline is still at 100%. They still poop the 4 times a day and they are still only wanting something from me every 55 minutes in the day. I will be putting up some scans I did of them in the next few days.

Well tonight I was prepared for them to go to bed at 9pm, but like I expected, they went to bed promptly at 10pm like most Tamagotchi adults do. I took the time to make an animation of them sleeping..


June 17th, Wednesday: The big day has arrived! When they woke up I was at work as usual. Well, it was a long day and by the time I reached noon I realized that I had not checked to see if they could mate or not. I checked and this time it was different. They each put on the negative look that they always get, only they jumped around the screen in beat to a tune of beeps. I was excited! But my lunch hour wasn't the time, nor the place ;)

I finished out the day and you guessed it... right at 5pm I shut my office door (hey they needed a little privacy) and put them on the desk, removing the tops on each. I selected the interlocking heart and they did their little dance around the screen, I suppose this is anticipation?

Anyway, I pushed the tops together, this took much force and I had to hold them rather firmly. With my thumb I pushed the "B" button on the Osutchi. Then the beeping song stopped. It went silent. I looked at the screen and the two just stood there for what seemed to be 5 or 6 whole seconds. I thought I had done something wrong. But then very slowly they both slid over to the door in their 'room' and went out and off the screen. Then they came back on the screen through the door again, this time with the word "OK" next to them. I can't recall if they slid back off the screen right here or not, but I know that a tune played and the screen slowly blacked out by forming squares on the screen getting more and more blacked out until the whole screen went black. This time they screen remained black for only a few seconds then the lights went on. When the lights came on Pyonchitchi and Pyonkotchi were hoping around the screen happily.

Soon they seem to calm down a little. Osutchi kinda stood in the middle of the screen with his mouth in a 'O' while Mesutchi got really excited. She began jumping around the screen to some funky music that got faster and faster and her movements got faster as well. The Osutchi stood there beeping kinda like a heart beat, really excited. Then she stops and the music is slower and she stands there in the middle of the screen looking kinda confused? I'm not sure.

Pyonkotchi gets this look on her face, bends over and out comes a little baby! She smiles momentarily. The baby looks like a ShiroBabitchi, except with a Cone Head look. Then she turns around again and the second baby is born. She starts jumping in place and the babies are jumping around and all over each other. Pyonchitchi gets all excited when this happens, the 'happy sun' appears over both their shoulders and they jump around happy like this for a long 10 or so seconds.

Then they both calm down again and I notice that Osutchi has a look of anticipation on his face again. Mesutchi seems to almost be _angry_ with her children, like she is yelling at them? That is when one of them is goes off the screen and appears on the Osutchiís side. Pyonchitchi gives his son a big hug. Then they all start jumping around all happy, playing a happy tune. Then after a few seconds things go silent. The mating process is over. I separate the eggs and put the covers back on the tops. The whole process took, I believe, over a whole minute.

Man it was exciting too! They are soo cute! It was especially cute when they got all happy and hugged! :} I love these Tamaís!

"No matter what happens, this laid-back guy never worries or panics. He may look like a tiny little speck, but he's strong enough to lift the heaviest of objects without even breaking into a sweat!" - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

The babies names are Tsubutchi and they are really tiny cute little things. They seem to poop every hour and the poop is really tiny and appears over their heads. While the adult poops every 2 or 3 hours and the big poop sits right in front of the baby -- ick!

When they eat the adult is alone on the screen and eats like normal. Then the adult turns around and gives the baby a few bites to eat.. so very cute! Then when they play the game the adult is playing alone, but when I win or loose the adult will show happiness a couple of times, then the baby will smile and show happiness. Same thing when I loose. It is very cute, the baby is just like it was when it was first born outta the egg, with the tiny poops, tiny 'happy sun' and tiny 'angry cross'.

I was awaiting them to go to bed tonight and they did at 10pm. I was surprised the babies didn't go to bed earlier then the adult, but then I guess that wouldn't work very well with the lights.. Anyway, as you can see in the images I made below, they are incredibly cute!! When I turned off the lights they have two little "Z"'s instead of one! So adorable! :)

Pyonko & Tsubu
Pyonko & Tsubu
Pyonchi & Tsubu
Pyonchi & Tsubu

June 18th, Thursday: Today has been a mostly quiet day. The babies poop every hour though and the adults poop every 2 and Ĺ hours or so. What is gross is they poop right on the babies, it's just icky! They poop at 4 minutes and 6 minutes after the hour. This morning when I looked at them a few minutes after 9am they were both sick! I cleaned up the poop that was over the skull then had to inject them a couple of times. I have no clue why they had gotten sick, but I was in fear they were about to change and I had not even scanned them yet. Fortunately they did not change. They also got sick around 2:05pm this afternoon. I have no clue why this time either, they did not change. I did manage to scan them today and those images are on my Glimpse' of Tamagotchi page.

Also today when I got home I decided to take the challenge of creating 2 more animated gif's of them, this time with the Tsubutchi's. While I believe I got the Osutchi's perfect I think the Mesutchi's is slightly off, but not by much.. here they are:

Pyonko & Tsubu
Pyonko & Tsubu
Pyonchi & Tsubu
Pyonchi & Tsubu

My Tsubutchi Babitchi got sick again a little after they pooped at 5:08pm. They sat I their poop for a couple of minutes. My theory is if they sit in it for a few minutes, that is what is making them sick. While I take good care of them, sometimes I look track of time, especially when I am working on HTML. So that is my theory. It's realistic if it's true..

They went to bed tonight at 10pm as normal. I was in the middle of the game when they did. They stopped the game in the middle and went to bed. I was sad because they got empty by 2 hearts on happy :(.

June 19/20th: Well I just happened to look at my Mesu/Osu around 12:01am and noticed only one "Z" on the screen, instead of the 2 sets of "Z"'s. I turned on the light and Pyonkotchi and Pyonchitchi were out of bed, doing their little kissy face thing, standing next to the babies whom are in bed. They just stood there doing their thing...

I have read about this sort of thing so I knew to keep an eye out. Well.. at 12:05am the parents left. They just disappeared off the screen. No death screen or departure scene. They just disappeared and the Tsubutchi were left all alone sleeping. It's so sad.. the parents just leave them in the night, leaving them in my care.

I checked status and found that they are completely empty in all hearts, weight only 5 units and it says 1 year. I believe that if you count another day being past midnight, then the adults were age 9. If this still counted as Saturday the 19th, then they were age 8. Either way they are gone and the children are alone..

I was up and ready for them when they got up. They were still all empty so I took care of them right away. While they don't act like normal Babitchi, constantly needy, they drop hearts one every 20 or 30 mins. They now are on a normal poop schedule, between every 2 and 3 hours.

The TMP meter is also different now. They have two crowns and there is a "2" on the second screen, so I guess that means generation, thatís still my guess.

Another thing that has changed is what they eat! Now meal looks like a box and when they eat it opens up and they eat what's inside. This could be a lunchbox? Something like that? Then for a snack instead of the candy they now eat a cupcake complete with frosting and a cherry on top.

They asked for discipline about noon today so they are up to 25% discipline. I wonder if they will ask for more then 100% this time or not?

I don't think I'll be doing animationís for them in this stage right now. They look exactly like they always have, except the parent is gone. The other reason is this is my last log for a week. Today is my last day home, I am going to California for a week. I've decided to take Mesu and Osu with me. I will try my best to keep track of what is going on with them. I believe that by the time I get back they will have possibly grown into adults and already had children, but I'm not sure. I just might pause them for the week too, I'm not sure yet. Either way a full update will be posted the following week when I get home.

Last update, they went to bed with full hearts and 75% discipline tonight. Sadly this is my last update, but I shall fill everyone in on everything between this log and my Tama Logs next week when I get home!

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