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Written separately from my Tama Logs, this log covers my experience from day to day I experienced from hatch to death of my Morino (Forest, Garden) Tamagotch. The Tama it self came from Japan and I read no Japanese so I took advice from what I have read on web pages and on the Tama List and hatched him on April 19th. Note: It might be good to read Morino Tamagotchi Information before you read this page, unless you have a Morino Tama and know what I'm talking about! :) Oh, and please, don't steal my images and if you do, don't link directly to my server and at least give me credit. I made all of the images you will find on this page...

April 19, Sunday 10:14PM: I pulled out the tab and hit reset. Then upon hitting the middle button I set the clock to the correct time and pressed "C" button.

Then it brought me to a screen with an arrow on each side of it and a still egg in the middle of the screen. I was to choose which egg to hatch. By pushing the "A" or "C" button I could scroll between the two choices of a little white egg, or a little white egg with polka dots on it. The white egg is the one I can hatch and get different characters depending on how well I care for it. The egg with black spots was the egg to hatch a beetle and I believe how big it gets depends on the care.

I chose the white egg by pressing the "B" button. It returned to the clock screen and I pressed "B" once more to return to the main screen. The little white egg did not bounce the traditional 'up and down' movement that most Tama eggs have done. This egg remained the same height, but pulsated 'in and out' getting bigger then smaller, widening and getting smaller again, kinda like 'back and forth' The egg getting thicker and smaller, but not any taller between the actions.

White Egg
White Morino Egg

Apon the 5 minute wait, the little egg beeped a cute little tune and the egg shook and broke open, reveling a little black 'worm-like' creature, kinda like a Babitchi, but for Morino Tama he is in the Yo-chu-chi (stage 1: baby stage) stage and is a Baby-mo-chi, with a little round body attached.

Baby-mo-chi is a very small Forest Tam, he lives anywhere in the ground so long as it's not under a willow tree. He eats mainly leaves, and other things with similar nutrients. It's rumored that the swaying and rustling of the Willow leaves and branches makes him think of ghosts, and scares him, but no one knows if this is true.

He is really tiny guy with a little face. When he hatched he looked straight at me for a couple of seconds, then started to pace to the left.

This, not being a traditional Tama at all, skipped the usual hour of constant care taking and love. Instead of being instantly demanding it skips that all together. What you see is what you get for the next few days.

Being that the time is after 10pm and it skipped that first needy stage of life and went straight to the normal life after baby stage, it immediacy recognized the time. Before it crawled across the ground for even 2 seconds he beeped and went to sleep. No face is seen, just a little black thing on the screen and the traditional "Z" for sleeping. I pressed the "A" button until I reached the sleep icon and put him to bed. This being the end of the big hatch day, which took all of 6 minutes.

April 20th, Monday: I was up and getting ready for work when my little buggy woke up at 8am. This being the time that the last couple of Tama incarnations have woken up (..unfortunately....). Since he went straight to bed before I could even feed the young one, he began beeping for me immediately. I took care of him, feeding him first, he ate 4 little leaves, then I played the game. The game is rather simple, a guessing game, just like the P1 Tamagotchi game is. I filled all four leaves (yes, leaves, not hearts.. very cute!) in just a few games.


Today was very easy to care for him. Just like a Marutchi, he was very silent most of the day. Very easy to care for, only emptying a leaf here and there.

After I got to work around 11:45am he beeped for attention. At first I wasn't sure why. This Tama doesn't require discipline. Upon examining the screen I saw my little buggy with his mouth open, almost like yelling for help. The box with the question mark on it was lit up and so was the attention light. Then it changed to the 'screen savor' screen and a big shoe print was scene. I suppose this is what is called a predator attack. I rapped my fingers on the side of the egg for a good 5 seconds and finally the foot print disappeared and my little creature showed his little smile to me, he was saved from being crushed.

The predator attacked him twice today, once around 11:45am and again about 5:58pm this evening. Other then that, he was really quiet and required very little care.

If you read my information page you know about the 'over head view or screen savor' and I decided to make a animated gif of it to show kinda what it looks like. The real thing is a tad slower and this is about what it does, though I can't say it's the exact pattern..

Overhead View
Overhead view/screen savor

I put my little bug creature to bed at 8pm. He went to sleep with a empty leaf in both hunger and happiness, because I was typing this, I lost track of time. As of the time he went to bed, he is 1 years old and 7 mg.. this is weight? This is length? I'm not so sure, I can't read the Japanese manual

April 21st, Tuesday: Today, being late for work and still sleeping at 8am, I was awoken by a very different 'changing tune'. I grabbed my Morino and looked on the screen. Unfortunately I missed the changing sequence. As soon as it had woken up it had changed. He is no longer a little young Baby-mo-chi, but he has become a Imochi!

Imochi ("Potato bug/Potato grub") is about the size of an Earth caterpillar or grub. Lives in cabbage fields. He loves to eat cabbage rinds (or whatever you call that hard part in the middle). His dream is to someday eat a piece of cabbage with a lot of mayonnaise on it.


Today was interesting though. After he changed he needed food and I found that next to the leaf for food.. he had two little cherries on a vine. I fed him that and he seemed happy with it. It filled up his empty hungry heart. This morning he had 4 opportunities to eat, I think. I fed him two cherries and two leaves.. and possibly a third leaf. I didn't think I needed to keep track.

At exactly 12N today, a predator attacked him, I tapped the screen and the boot went away before he was stepped on, so I saved him. After that he needed some food, so when I went to feed him, instead of cherries being next to the leaf, it was replaced by a ice cream cone! I fed him that and I think every 4 or 5 times he eats, he changes food. It was mid afternoon and only a few hours later when I went to feed him again and found 3 little seeds in place of the ice cream cone. That is what he had on the screen for the rest of the day. He almost got stepped on, on my way home from stopping at the store. I scared the predator away and he remained happy as always.

Very cute critter he is. He is kinda like a little white worm with distinct eyes and a little mouth. He is very cute when he eats, though now as cute as Baby-mo-chi. He crawls back and forth, arching his middle body as he crawls, very cute.

I express my worries now though. I have read on the Tamagotchi email list that people are having a hard time getting their Morino Tamagotch to the adult stage, it often dies at age 3 or 4 years old. Now really, my Tama is _not_ demanding at all, very very easy to care for... so I wonder what tomorrow will bring? I've heard that he will go into a cocoon and I will have to keep the temperature the perfect temp or he could die, I wonder if that is were the problem lies. I really don't know how to do that, so I hope he gets through that day okay.. I'll be sad if he dies before he can reach his full potential :(

My Imochi went to sleep tonight with only one empty leaf in happy, full, and he is 2 years and 11mg. I await tomorrowís events, in hopes he is still with me at the end of the day!

April 22nd, Wednesday: Today I was ready and watching at 8am when my Imotchi woke up. Instead of changing I got to see the little guy poop ;) Which was pretty cute. I decided when I got to work that I would keep a tally of things he did and when.

He pooped 6 times today. I only know the first two times exactly, which are 8am and 9:07am. The rest happened around 11:45am, 3:25pm, 5:57pm and around 7pm. So far I can't find any patterns at all.

I played a total of 14 games on and off throughout the day, this was equal with the amount of feeding times and they leafs would empty within a few minutes of each other between happy and hungry.

I fed him this in this order: Leaf, Cherry, Leaf, Cherry, Leaf. The next time I fed the Cherry was replaced by Ice Cream Cone, Leaf, Leaf, Leaf. This time Ice Cream Cone was replaced by Seeds, Leaf, Leaf, Seeds, Leaf.

A Food Menu
A food menu

He was attacked 3 times today by a predator at the following times: 10am, 4pm, and 8pm.

He was really easy to care for during the day, just the same since he was born. The weird thing is he still goes to bed at 8am and gets up at 8am he did this even when he was a Baby-mo-chi. Well last night I went to a America and Loviní' Spoonful concert and it began at 7:30pm.. well I didn't want to pause the little guy so I was really careful to keep an eye on him. Well at exactly 8pm I held him to my ear to listen for the beeping telling me he is in bed. Well instead of going to bed I found that he was being attacked right at the last minute by a predator. I scared him away and then my little Imotchi went straight to bed, I found that really odd.

April 23, Thursday: Unfortunately today I did try and keep a log of things that I did yesterday, but.. I left it at work and I missed allot of the evening. My critter got up again at 8am and again I saw him defecate, which is indeed very cute.

I do recall that he again pooped at 8:55am, 11:30pm and 2:45pm, so that time between the first two got less time, but then he didnít poop again until after 12N. I dunno, but I can't really find a schedule, unlike Tamas that have a regular 3 hour poop schedule. I can't recall any other poop times though.

I noticed he tends to change food every 4 or 5 meals, and often every 3 and one of the other food. I haven't figured that out completely.. but I'll try again tomorrow.

I do recall him getting attacked at exactly 12N today and this evening at 7am. Of course I don't recall how many food or anything like that. I do know he is very very easy to care for and not any more bothersome then usual. I noticed he is a tad more needy.. but I mean as in I know he's emptying leaves a little faster now.. maybe 1 in hungry and one in happy in an hour. But not much more then that. He's really easy to care for and not a lot has happened. He is 4 years and 11mg right now, doing very well.

He remained quiet for the remainder of the evening and went to bed promptly at 8pm, no predator came a lurking and he is sleeping soundly.

April 24th, Friday: This morning I thought I was ready to see my Imotchi wake up, but I wasn't because I was chasing after my ride, whom forgot me heh. But when I looked he had two poops on the screen, he did two in 30 mins!

I did keep track of him today on paper. I played only 12 games with him today but he ate 16 meals. He ate in this order: Cherry, Leaf, Leaf, Leaf, leaf. Than the food changed to Ice Cream, Leaf, leaf, Ice Cream, Leaf. His food changed the usual 3rd time to Seeds, but I fed him a leaf first, then Seeds, Seeds, Leaf, Leaf, and his finale food was a Leaf.

I also got all his poop times: 8am, 8:30am, 10:45am, 2:15pm, 4:10pm and 7:30pm. I still am not seeing a pattern, but I know the times are getting shorter and shorter between poops. Definitely not very predictable, which makes this Tama more realistic.

He got attacked only once today at 10am, by a predator. That was easy to care for. But this afternoon around 4:10pm I looked at the screen and he was no longer crawling around! He looked like a mummy, I first thought he had gone into a cocoon. But I was wrong, it took a little to figure it out, but I soon figured it out, he was wearing bandages and leaning on a crutch. He was sick. No skull! Not a skull on the screen at all! Either way after being given medication he felt better and went back to his normal routine. So I guess the sickness day before changing is back for this Tama. My Tamagotchi Angel never got sick, but original Tama's always get sick a day before they change.

Nothing much happened today except the usual and him getting sick. He went to bed at 8pm with full leaves, 5 years old, and 10mg, happy as ever! Can't wait for tomorrow.. changing time!

status age

April 25, Saturday: Today was a day to sleep in, so my Morino went on pause the night before. After I got up I decided I wanted my Tama go have a normal day without any hours missing so I set the clock for 8am and he awoke at 12N my time, 8am his time.

As soon as he awoke the changing music started and the screen went into a checker pattern two times. When he finally changed all that was left on the screen was my little critter in a cocoon. He doesn't move at all. I can flush the screen and turn off the lights and check the status, that is. When I check status it only reads a meter with an "C" on the far left and an "H" on the far right. With an arrow I can chose, with the "A" button, which letter it points to. H=hot, C=cold. Then there is a meter below that has 8 lines on it 3 pixels apart, kinda like a ruler. Than in the middle is a 2 pixel thick line, that will determine if my cocoon is hot or cold. I am trying to keep the meter in the middle. So I can adjust rather the heat is on or the cold is on using the "A" to move the arrow and "B" to execute.

In a Cocoon
Mori Cocoon
Status: Hot or Cold
Status hot or cold

While the day has gone by he has not needed a single thing, except simple care of keeping that meter in the middle. It got up 2 meters from the hottest once and 2 marks from the lowest once, but otherwise I've kept it pretty much centered.

Well I'm going to bed and My Tama is still up, in the cocoon.. so I dunno what to do about it, I might pause it or just leave it up. You see I changed the clock to 1am, and he didn't go to bed. It's still sitting there in that cocoon.. So I have no clue what's gonna happen.

Well Because I got up late I waited until 1am for him to change or do anything or just go to bed. At 1am for me it was 9pm. His usual bedtime was 8pm. I didn't know what to do because he would suffer if I left him up all night, he would have froze to death with no one keeping the temp right.

April 26th, Sunday: I got up at 10am today and immediately unpaused him. I set the clock for 8am and left the minutes as is so I could keep track of his time in the cocoon. It's 11am right now and that means he has been in this cocoon for 13 hours. I do wonder how long this is gonna go? I mean I could not have stayed up all night to care for him so I had no choice last night. I wonder if this will effect his age? I wonder a lot of things! I can't read this Japanese manual so I don't know how long this stage lasts at all.

Tick, tick, tick... hehe, 15 hours, 39 mins still in this cocoon. I'm told from someone on the Tama list that keeping the meter right in the middle is correct, thank goodness I'm doing it right! I also just got it verified that my Mori will be in a cocoon for 24 hours total, so he won't do much until tonight.

Okay so now I'm told I was supposed to just go to sleep with it awake and hope nothing happens to it :P Well can't change it now. I dunno, I think I would've been up on and off all night checking on it to make sure everything is okay with it. So I'm not so sure I'd go in that direction on a work night.. oh well.

At 9:15pm tonight I heard some music play, the screen got checkered and then went black and moved to the right side and off the screen, kinda like flushing. Than what to my wondering eyes would appear? The worst character. I only know this by looking at Bandaiís charts.

This is the first time I've ever gotten the worst character on my best and first try on any Tama. I don't know what I did wrong. I always kept the meters full and he never beeped for me and I always scared away the predators. I was told that depending on the temperature is what he becomes. Well besides two occasions I kept the meter centered at all times. It went a little high yesterday and a little low. But nothing major. I guess I screwed up big time though :( I feel like a rotten caretaker right now... I mean really I took perfect care... I feel kinda like a failure in that area. I'm not disappointed with the character though, he is *really* cute, especially when he's mad when I lose at the game. I'm not fast enough and don't have enough time on my hands where I'll be able to make that animation, sadly.

He is cute though and I've been working on a animation for him, but in my two attempts neither have been perfect. But I will post one of them here.

About Fun-koro-gachi (lit. "roller of dung", Dung beetle). He has a round body and often lives in farms and fields. He lives on poop with special nutrients in it. His hobbies include playing with his own poop by rolling it around. Yes, he really has an option to eat poop..

I put him to bed, he goes to bed at 10pm and off I go to make images and other stuff.. after a good nights rest.

I made the following animated image of Fun-koro-gachi. Now it's not perfect, but I know where I messed up so if I see it on other pages, I'll know if someone stole from me :)

Bandai's Cartoon
of Funkoro:
Cartoon Funkorogatchi

April 27th, Monday: Well, I got the day off. My little Kunkorogatchi woke up at 9am today. A nice difference then the usual 8am. I don't like that 8am schedule. This guy is rather demanding, sadly. He empties leaves one every 20 minutes or so. That's the only prob with having the bad characters, is they get needy so fast.. It's sad too, this guy is cute! He also eats poop, heh

Today he is 7 years and 72mg. His minimum weight is 70mg. Technically he should be 8 years, because he didn't age while in the cocoon, but oh well.

food menu:
Funkorogatchi food
Funkorogatchi's Status

He got attacked once at 8pm, otherwise he's pretty quiet, except for that quickly losing hearts prob... poor thing, I think he's really sweet, yet he will leave me soon.. Here's more images I made:

Funkorogatchi Pooping
Funkorogatchi Sleeping

Well.. I'm really mad at myself right now. I lost track of time so my little guy pooped right before he went to bed and he's sleeping in it. You know if BanDai had not put that stupid overhead view thing on there I would have seen it.... I guess it just makes things a challenge.

April 29th, Wednesday: I've been working, and not a lot has happened with Morino. He's kinda needy, but not nearly as bad as he could be. Actually I think it only seems like he's needy, he's not that bad.

It does seem like the food does have a pattern now. He always has the choice of leaf or poop, but the next choice varies on time of day. In the morning he gets cherries, in the afternoon it's a ice cream cone and in the evening it's seeds. Kinda like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I try to feed him about the same amount of everything, more leaves then everything else, as to me, it seems more healthy.

He only got attached once in the late afternoon, yesterday.. I was surprised. While today, so far, he has gotten attacked twice. BUT.. the predator wasn't a human shoe or foot print! Today I was sitting at Godfather's Pizza when he beeped at 1pm. I found that a frog, yes a FROG, came onto the screen and was trying to eat him. I burst out laughing! Poor little thing, I scared the frog away, but the animation was just soo funny and sooo cute of the frog! I'd love to make an animated gif of it for everyone to see, but it was too fast and I really can't remember it well. It's just something ppl will have to experience on their own, and trust me.. its soo cute! He also called for me at 7pm :)

Other then that, he really has been quiet most of the day. I mean, I always get to him with only one empty leaf in each, he hasn't dropped to two empty leaves yet, I'd say he's doing pretty good :)

May 1, Friday: After a few days of not really needy care, but a few attacks from Frog's and people.. Funkorogathi departed today at 11:35am. It caught me completely off guard. He was well taken care of, I always got to him before he emptied 2 leaves. I was walking through the office when I heard some beeping, unlike beeping I've heard before. I looked down and saw him with the upset look on his face, just sitting there still. I ran into my office, but I didnít see anything between there, the next time I looked down in my office all I saw was the death scene with the ghost. It was fast, didn't even last a whole 30 seconds. I pushed all the buttons, but it didn't even scroll to show the age. He was 11 years old, 70 mg, and I'm sure he was full on everything. I was just shocked, all I could do was sit there and look at the grave. I guess for the most unhealthy character, that was a average age to die. I'm sorry to see him go.... It took me almost 30 mins to restart him. He was a cute little guy. I'll miss him...

Morino Death

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