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Hello to all of you :) Welcome to Mystic Fortress' Furbish Translator. With this little device you'll be able to input sentences in English you'd like translated back to you in Furbish :) and it also works the other way around too so you can put Furbish words and phrases into the text boxes below for a direct translation. Sound easy? Yup :) Just enter one word in one box below and leave the extra ones blank, then hit the Translate Now! button below and your sentence will be translated into either Furbish or English automatically :) If you don't think that the database will have a translation, don't worry, if there isn't one then it'll just spit the same word back out into the translation text area :). Also, if you have a phrase that you'd like translated, put each separate word in it's own box, in order, and don't include the "/" (like kah/may-may/u-nye), the translator won't read it correctly with them there. This won't cause any problems, but the display won't be entirely in one language if you do it that way. Hope you enjoy this :)

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