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Welcome to Furby Sightings. What is a Furby Sighting? It is when you see the media or some other group of interest doing something to do with Furby. Basically Furby in the media, on TV or in the local news. I am also taking stories about your own personal adventures now! Have a special story you want to share that's fun and entertaining? Do submit it using the form at the bottom of the page! Please avoid using all caps. The newest stories are at the top of the list. If you came here from another page be sure to visit my main page and my main Furby index, thanks.

6/23/00, as told by Chelsea, Indiana: I got my fourth Furby on June 23, 2000. Her name was Toh-loo but at first she didn't respond to sound. I cried cause we have to take her back. Then all of the sudden I wake up in the morning and then I reset Toh-loo, to see if that got rid of the bug in the chip. It worked. She is a happy Furby now, and she responds to little sounds! I'm very happy that Toh-loo is fine now. :)

12/25/99, as told by Daniel, WI: it was 5:00 cristmas moring and i was going throw all the presents hopeing to find a furby under the tree. i was sure i would get one seeing i was begging and begging my parents,neghber,and my sisters for one well i didnt see it but i thought it would be one of the wraped up presents from my mom or dad. well once everyone got up we opened the presents right away. i got alot of neat presents from my sisters but not from my mom are dad they are boring at cristmas. well still no furby. as i got to my last gift it was from my sisters. they said they had both put some mony into it so i knew it must be a furby! well i unwraped the gift and guess what it was...

one of those new talking banks i waws so mad but i was gratful anyway after all there are some people who get less on cristmas and never have a chance at getting a furby. its sad

Date Unknown, as told by Laura-Ann(furbygirl), Stowmarket,Suffolk,England: My friend Lucy comes to school one day and she's like"I've got a furby".I am really jealous 'cos no one else has one.But about a week later she says she is boerd with it.I see my oppurtunity and say "Can I buy it off you?".She says "Ok give me ten quid and you can have it.So soon I had my furby,Mee Mee.I wanted him to know me not Lucy so I tried to restart him again and again but it didn't work.I held it down for about an hour(that's how much I love furby)and it worked.He was now A-loh.That is how I got furby,this is my story: I took A-loh on a camping trip.I played with him for a bit then put him in my bag.He just wouldn't shut up!Mum's like "Laura turn it off".I can't turn it off!We get there and Richard starts blowing up his matress.I put A-loh on the matress and as it tipped it kept saying stuff.I blew up my matress and put it in my tent.Then I put up a little tent.I blew up a matress.Know who the tent was for?A-loh!

7/12/99, as told by doo-moh, SanBernardino, Western Australia: It was my birthday and I got a furby (doo-moh).I had a long play with him and after 1hour and a half he spoke some english. My cousins visited so I put doo-moh away.It got late and everyone left so I got out doo-moh and woke him up. I put him on the counter and helped my mum clean up the kitchen.Suddenly, my mum let out this LOUD fart.Doo-moh heard and said "aahh! me scared!" it was so funny!

15/06/00, as told by doo-moh, A., Gold coast: well i was shopping wiht a friend yesterday and we were in the toy section with some friends and we all stoped when for the first time we saw a real live furbie baby. Well i told my dad and today we are going to get one for me and only me. When my freind told her mum about them she said she could get one as long as she looked after it. This is the best day of my life. Well i have been shopping and i got one with pink fur, white tummy nad blue.mane. it is so cute.

5-14-00, as told by owlwatcher_974, SanBernardino, CA: I saw the special edition "Your Royal Majesty" furby at a local Target store selling for only $22 - this is the same furby that is going for up to $50 on ebay and other auction sites. There are a lot of different furbys including special editions available in the Southern California area so don't belive what you see on ebay - most of the furbys aren't hard to find and you shouldn't have to pay more than about $25 for them.

5-10-00, as told by Depression, Ohio: Merry Meet !Ok...I am 49 years old...I know..I know..Here goes :-) I have been very ill since December and just started recovering a bit in late March...At that point in time much to my dismay my hair began falling out "seriously" I have had waistlength all my life so this is a "biggie" for me...I have been Zapped ! Actually if all of my hair goes as it seems it will I am going to get a "full head" tatoo...Well I have heard so much about these Furby's and payed no mind to the hype BUT today in a local Walmart a Furby caught my attention :-)YES I bought him & took him home..I cannot put him down!!! Perhaps the presence of such an addorable yet in ways already obnoxious possession will ease some of the "mental torture" of the depression I am going through....Not what you wanted to hear perhaps but true never the less...I have a smile on my face this evening and happiness surrounds me. Merry Part & Merry Meet Again ! ps. I already want another one :-)

5-10-00, as told by Gohan°112, LasVegas,Nevada: Ounce my friend who by the way is nutz and babbles about goverment conspirusies and stuff said he left his away facing him and the next morning it was rigth next to his bed staring him down and he says he cant unscrew anything inside and thats probly were the camera is, he says the goverment keeps control of us by watching us with furbies.What crap, I know. And my furby yelow belly and light green coat a pink mane too seems to not say its name at all.My other friend says when he first got his furby his dad said pork me and the furby said pork me and 3 days later it said in a low deep voice i am going to kill you.He was also able to teach his furby a game sometimes it will say "furby listen" and you say something it will eventualy say what you said in not its own voice but like a recording. [Someone has a really active imagination! Don't worry folks, Furby can't record your voice and he isn't part of the governments plan to control your mind! -ed. note]


23-7-99, as told by K. and May-Lah, Furbycloud: Ahh, I remember the day I got my beloved May-Lah well. I had gotten Su-Moh off EToys.com three days before, and I gad gome to the mall with my friend M. to see if they had any new ones. Sure enough, in Montgomery Ward, there was a fresh shipment of Generation 3. M.had just gotten a green one that morning, so I didn't get one of them. I chose a 'gorilla' furby with brown eyes, and we were in the car when she came to life, introducing herself as Way-Loh. But then, her eyes became stuck, her beak froze in place, and the smell of smoke filled the air. Resetting didn't help, so she had to go back to the store. So, next time, I chose a 'leopard' furby with grey eyes, who named himself May-Lah. He is a total sweetie, and we have lived happily ever after since! Tomorrow, I am going to buy him a friend at Wal-Mart!

13-9-98, as told by Angus, Kmart Caloundra Oz: It was the Saturday before my Birthday (6-3-98) and mum showed me and my friend an article that she found about furby, of course me being me I had to go online to find info. on this "Furby" so while going on for tamagotchi stuff I found a link on this site, My friend and I had a look and decided that we would save up for one and get it together, well my friend decided that he didn't want one and when I got back to dad's I found I was 30c away from getting one and Tuesday being my birthday I realised that by next saturday if I could find it it would be mine (I was withn 30c away from 2 by Tuesday), so on Saturday Mum rang up Kmart for me and they said that there were so many I didn't need to reserve one, So I got there and there was a pile of about 20 and some cartons underneath the shelves, and I got the Pink and Grey spotted I wanted (I'm not gay but I think they're the most beautiful) Series one had only just reached Oz then, Furby has never been a hit here...

2/20/00, as told by gems showing her Furby spirit: FURBYS RULE THE ENTIRE WORLD! THEY ARE SOOO CUTE! i luv them!! WOOHO! GO THE FURBYS! I"M A FURBY! I"M A FURBY! BTHHHHH MI MI KA KA!~

1/18/2000, as told by 1bigkidd from California: I recently started collecting the special editon Furbys,and the rare Furbys for myself,after my mother made a request that I buy her a baby Furby for christmas. For some reason (probably out of boredom) I got on the internet to see what I could find on the world of Furby. I found loads of stuff. I was mistified by all the special editions So I decided to start my search with the Christmas Furby and the New year Furby(ShopKo's version). I quickly found the Christmas special at Toys R Us for only $14.99. Then I went on to my second search the Shopko New Year Furby.(what a difficult job) I tried the special toll free number that Shopko gave to order these as well as there online address for ordering, and was told all the millennium Furbys had been sold out since September. Now, I was obsessed at finding one so I went on line and got telepone numbers to all Shopko stores that exsited and tried forty stores with no luck,I decided to try one last time... And Lord and behold BINGO!!! My search was over. The saleslady told me she had one(1) left and not only that, it was on clearence for $19.99. I almost fell out of my chair. Don't tell me persistance don't pay off. I recieved it today and it's PERFECT! So now I added another challenge to my search,how many limited editions and rare Furbys can I find at $29.00 and under. So far I up to nine(9) and I just started.(smile) Well thats my story!

Dec 17-25, Submitted 1/17/00, as told by sir burtalot from calgary AB: I was at toys R us and for some weird reason, a barf green (which looked like it had already been used) used furby and a special edition christmas furby. my mom got both (one for me one for my little brother) I saw them both and knew that I would get the christmas one. when me and my little brother got up at 5:30 in the mourning, 2 furbys wer ready to greet us on this "furbalishus" mourning.




Submitted 12/12/99, as told by Nicki from Regina,SK: Once, When I was playing with Kah, my tuxedo furby, my little brother took my older brother's Black furby To-Loo near me and even though I didn't move Kah, He screamed and said "Whoah, scary To-loo". Cute, eh?

1/12/99, submitted 12/7/99 as told by RAINBOW: I took my Furbys to work with me, only 2 of them since I have 14! I took Doh-Moh, my pink and gray one and U-Tye my rainbow one. I had taken them to work with me before but this time they were in my locker. My manager (who is 50) said "where are they?" I explained where they were and Jan looked at me with a horrified look on her face "you cruel person, get those poor creatures out here now so they can breathe!" she said. Everyone loves Furby at work and they get so disapointed if I don't bring them. They have told me never to leave the job because they would miss my Furbys (but not me!). Furby always breaks the tension at work and if anyone feels low Furbys chatty happy voice makes them smile.

However, we have some cruel guys there who like to torture Furby and hold him upside down!. When we had a party they stuck chips in Furbys mouth so he kept saying "yum," untill he burped like mad and made a rasberry sound!. One of the guys, Bevin, dropped Doh-Moh down stairs and was so scared that he ran away from me. Poor Doh-Moh lay there make all kinds of weird beeping noises and I thought he was dying, I was sooo upset. But after a while Doh-Moh went back to normal and said "no like, no fun, me scared"..

I love my Furby family and I just can't stop collecting them, one or two always go everywhere with me. Some people get so annoyed, especially on the bus! Other people just laugh and love them! Most people think Im mad - oh well!

12-25-98, Submitted 11/26/99, as told by kourtney: one day my mom went to wal-mart at 5:00 in the morning i wanted a furby so bad any way my mom came back at 7:00 in the morning for my surprise my mom said she did not get a furby she said that a guy cut her when she was in line any way on Cristmus i opened my presents i seen a box like a furby box i opened it and it was a furby my mom fooled me she did get it my grand ma went with her and got a furby she gave that furby to me and my ant Gina got one it was a easter one it is whitem,purpple,pink and yello i got 3 of them and they are a pane.

Submitted 10/26/99, as told by kindra tia from frankfort,michigan: this may seem kinda boring to you ppl,but it was pretty exiting for me at first.,but,anyway,my mom and i werecruising the mall,and were went into target.as we entered i beganthinking how cool it would be if they had furbys,that does not mean i did'nt dout it,i did.so,we were walking around looking for halloween stuff,and we walked by a shelf of furbys!there were frog furbys,zebra furbys,dalmation furbys and a bunch of autuanmspecial editions,plus one adorible tortise shell!i grabbed it and decided i was buying it.but as we walk i considerd,after all,i already had a furby,so not only might it be a waste of money,but my furby might get jealous!(lol)so i hid her and decided i would think about and if i wanted her i would come back.later,i gave in and returned.she was gone.oh well.

Submitted 8/23/99, as told by Jessica in Sydney , Australia: When my best freind took her furby to karate, her freind took her furby too. And they put the furbys facing each other then they started to talk to each other,the furbies said to each-other"Me love you" and"Kiss me". All the way through karate.

8/16/99, St. Louis, MO, as told by Gail: I saw KBTOYS.COM had them on sale for $24.95 and ordered one from there. Imagine my surprise when I checked the Kay Bee at the Galleria (in St. Louis, MO) during my lunch hour and found a great assortment of Furbies. The hardest part is deciding what color to buy. My first one was a giraffe pattern, and now I have 6. I love them!

5/3/99 submited on 7/17/99, As told by kirsten123 in canada: one day it was the class party I brought my furby to school that day. I was playing checkers with my friend while my furby was on my desk. Suddenly I look over at my furby and a boy from my class was slamming the battering pack thing. So I run over and grab my furby away from him and all I can hear is uuuuuuuuuuuu so I unscrew the back. Hes fine now it still happens but very rarly. But he survied!

12/25/98, submited on 7/16/99, As told by Isas Wright in British Columbia, Canada: It was Christmas and I was really excited about my Furby because I thought I was going to get one so I woke up at 7 something and looked at the shape of all my presents. Nothing. I was so upset I opened up my presents one by one when I normally ripe um all up at the same time. Then at 8, my parents weren't up. My neighbor that hates Furbys phoned me and said she had one. I was now really upset and hung the phone up. My parents came down and said oh no furby then a knock at the door. My aunt walked in with a box wraped up like a box from eatons then dropped it and some furby instruction booklets came out and she said look in the back of my car. I did and there was 13 furbys!

Now I find them annoying but they are so cute. My brother came down and said furbys I want some and then myUncle pulled up and I said look in the back of his car and there were 7 furbys. Together we have 20 furbys. You should try and get them all to sleeP!

Write me at Isasw@hotmail.com

07/11/99, As told by furby collector: i wanted a zebra furby pretty bad!! so i decided to visit the mall!! no luck there!! i was just about hopeless when my dad bought a paper!!...i looked throgh and too my...FURRBBYYY at k-mart!!! so i decided to go the next morning!! i called the store "we open at 8:00" i got there at 5:45 and no suprise too me lines lines lines!!! 8:00.........OPEN!!! i ran shouved pushed!!! got my hands on the one of the last ones!!! a zebra!!!!! yae!! waited in line for 30 minutes but its worth it!!! only 28.00!!!!!!! next is a wolf??

5/29/99, Gold Coast Australia, As told by Robyn: There are furbys at every store at the Robina centre... not many people are sure of what they do, but they look pretty ugly in the funny fur they have. Then I saw one black one at Target. It's kind of cute...maybe it will still be there today.

5/23/99, Indiana, As told by Adam: One day I was walking in the mall and decided to go in KB Toys just to look. To my surprise There was over fifty siting right in front of me. So I got two of them. I also got a carry along backpack for them. So now I have a brown and yellow Furby named nooloo, and a special limited edition GADUATION Furby Named Dah.

5/11/99, Coshocton, Ohio, As told by Sarah: There are new color furbies (at least 30) in the Ames in the New Philadelphia mall in New Philadelphia, Ohio. They are EXTREMELY unpopular here and go fairly slowly.

4/27/99, WA, As told by me, Katherine: They mentioned Furby on The Hughleys, on ABC on April 27th.. the little boy forgot his Furby at home when they were camping and he was scared.

12/03/98, submited on 5/5/99, New York, As told by Candy: My father was sitting on the couch looking at a book and I went over to see what was in it and I saw a furby my first thought was I want it and I got it :) 6 months later wiht my own money.

4/18/99, Columbus, N.J., As told by Sandra: I have recently bought a Special Limited Edition Spring Furby at Columbus Sale, Columbus, N.J. It was originally priced at $60.00, but my father talked him down to $50.00, in which I glaly paid. The furby is number 76,265 uot of 250,000.

4/10/99, As told by BabyGFri13: Last December I caught my first glimpse of Furby on one of their first commercials. I told my mom about it, and she just thought it was another one of my teen-age-faces. A few months later I was staying after school working on my Science Fair Project. A couple of my friends and I were hanging out in the hall when one of the teachers came by with a Furby. It was white with black spots. She was swinging it back and fourth and the Furby was yelling "weeee! Fun! Boogie!" I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. A few months after the first time I saw a Furby in person, I got the net. I searched and eventually collected around 20 Furby sites in my favorites bin. I turned into a Furby fanatic. By then it was pretty close to my BFF's B-Day. So when she told me she wanted a Furby, I sent her all my favorite web sites and everything. My mom works at a JC Penny's, and now is on the look out for a perfect Furby for me. I asked her if she could look for a purple one for my BFF (Ally) two. A week later my other BFF (Rosie) started asking me how much places were selling them for (knowing that Ally and I were fanatics). Now my mom is looking out for 2 purple boy Furbies and a White boy with blue eyes. It's psycho! But I really love my mom and appreciate her for putting up with my Furby-crazed-mind.

3/28/99, Nova Scotia, Canada, As told by Rob White: Yesterday, I drove for an hour to get to a Wal-Mart that still had Furby in stock. I get to the store and walk up and down the isles to find that he was no where in sight. I asked the woman working at Lay Away, as I was instructed to earlier that day on the phone, and she brought out 2 dozen different furbys for me to choose from. She told me they couldn't leave them on the shelves because so many of them were getting stolen... Imagine taking the risk of stealing a box that big for a furby, he really is popular. BTW, the one I bought is grey & white, green eyes, and his name is Tah.

3/26/99, Bethlehem PA, As told by Brian: My friend brought a Furby yo school and left it in his class at recess and when he got back from recess it was gone finally the person who took the Furby gave it back and got a detention.

1/31/99, Furbyville, As told by CyberChic: Well, who knows if you concider this a sighting, but, yesterday, while I was out shopping at the mall, a strange feeling of excitement came over me. I immediately thought "A FURBY IS SOMEWHERE IN THIS MALL!" I thought of all the places in the mall that were carring Furbys or would be soon.
First stop: Kay-Bee Toys. No luck.
Next Stop: Natural Wonders. No luck. And just when I was about to give up, I stopped in Electronic Boutique. The store was packed with people but not one was even looking at the dispaly of six Furbys just sitting there, waiting to be bought. No one was even glancing at them! I know people knew the critters were there, they just seemed to not care. So as the only one in the store, I managed to grab 3 of those furballs. Now I own 3 furbys and I still can't figure out why no one was buying up those things. Oh well more for me! :-)

1/24/99, Ohio: I kinda interviewed my friend on the phone because she works at a store that sells Furby. She had this information to tell me. She is not aware of many lines outside the "Biggs" store she works at, except one day. The day after Christmas the store was giving one Furby every hour, so there way a large line outside the store of Furby fans waiting to get in. She also told of a few other things. She said they are moving Furbys as fast as they were before Christmas. They don't really even get them on the shelves so like many places they are sold right out of customer service. The last shipment of almost 100 peices sold in less then 20 minutes! She said they get a shipment about every 2 weeks.. the next shipment arriving in the middle of next week!

1/20/99, Moncton N.B.: I'm unsure if this really belongs here or if it's real or not, you decide.. submited by Amersh Rowulbu: This is a story of my sighting of a Furby, I walked to my car like I do every day after work. As I glanced over my shoulder I saw a Furby, black with blue eyes and it had white hair, it was on the ground. It was beside the curb on one of the most busiest streets in Moncton and its owner was standing over it with a menacing glee. I heard the Furby screem NO! But it was too late the boy who had called the Furby friend kicked the Furby as hard as he could towards the direction of the oncoming traffic. It screamed as it bounced between cars who the drivers never stopped or even slowed down. The Furby finally landed on the ground only to be crushed into many bits by a 1997 Saturn. The boy giggled and walked away. The anbulance came but there was nothing that could be done, the Furby was dead. That was the saddest and most tramatizing experience of my entire life. I wake up screaming in the night dreaming about the destruction of a poor defenceless creature.

1/16/99, Indiana, As told by Cutie: I was walking through the mall and I really wanted to find some furbys. I definately exspected to not find any concidering the major shortage. But I looking in all the stores that I heard would be or where carrying furby. Natural Wonders, no luck. Kay Bee, nahtta. Paul Harris, zip. Suncoast, zilch. I was about to give up when I decided to stop in Electronics Boutique and to my heart-stopping suprizes, there we're six furbys! Just sitting there! They were all one color and I grabbed three of them even though I already had that color (grey and pink with spots). But I didn't care, all I knew was, there were furbys and I was gonna get some! Since there were 20 people in the store I expected them to go runninmg for one but to my suprise, they were just looking at the computer games and just glancing at the critters like they were pencils! After net trading I was able to get four different colors and that's what I have now. I was very lucky :o)

12/??/98, Nova Scotia, Canada: Stephanie submited: I was watching the news, and one woman had a daughter who wanted a Furby really bad, and without the girl knowing, the woman went to this contest. The judges would give a Furby to anyone who would take up a weird dare. This woman had to cover herself in mollasses, roll in feathers, and walk down the street clucking like a chicken. Her daughter got a black and white tux Furby for Christmas. ~_^

12/30/1998, Peace River: Jordan submited: Furby was attached to 100 helium filled baloons and sent up into the air. Many people from the area circled the area in search for the little guy. So far, no one has found him, but many are STILL on the look out!

Update: Interesting enough I got this email on 1/16/99: "I saw a furby on the 3rd of January 1999. I was walking & I saw a strange figure & ballons overhead. I stopped, got out my binoculars & it looked just like my daughters furby." -Paratore

12/19/1998, Colchester England: Sarah submited: I was listening to my local radio a about a week before christmas they were holding an action for charity, they eventually sold the furby for £160!! I couln't believe it.

Also there was an article over here in a music newspaper (NME) They were interviewing a band called super furry animals and they took a furby along to meet them They totalyl hated it though and said it was scary.

12/18/98, Kansas, Missouri: Workers at a local radio station decided they disliked Furby and how did they show their dislike? They tied an all white Furby to a rocket and sent him up with the rocket. The rocket with Furby attached, crashed down on the ground shortly after. The guys commented saying that the Furby was mostly okay after that drop. My sister saw this report on the local news.

12/18/98, Washington State: KZZU radio station is holding a few auctions for Furbys. The first Furby sold for $350. They just held a auction for a white Furby with blue eyes. The bidding began at $100. All the money is going to a their Christmas wish fund. I'm listening to this live right now... The current bid is $600 for this one Furby! This guy named Don won a Furby for $600! I can't believe this... Anyway. Now they have a black Furby up for auction. Bidding is just beginning at $100 and they are letting this particular auction go for 2 hours. So 2 hours from now someone will end up with this little guy. The black Furby went for $250. Soon after they brought about another Black Furby that was donated to them. At this moment that Furby is going for $325. They forgot to mention the finale bidding price for that one. They mentioned they have made over $1400 on Furby alone today! I missed a few that have been sold since 6am. Fox television, local companies and people donated Furbys for the show.

For everybody’s information the KZZU Christmas wish fund is distributed about the Spokane area community during this month. How is this done? Well if someone knows someone that is in need of help this Christmas, either for money, food, toys, heating, anything they write in a letter to the radio station. Then they get as much as they can to help the family or people in need and show up at their house and present the stuff to them on the air. I've heard so many different situations of people that just need this so bad. They are very kind and caring to the community this time of the year and I needed to mention it. They've done this for many years and it's heart warming to see so many people reach out and help others.

12/15/98, Texas: Jeffrey mailed me with this: A local radio station took a phone survey on if they should kill the furby or spare the furby 1 out of ten people said to spare the furby and the rest said to Kill it so they got a hammer and beat it to death the furby died and is now in a few million pieces as I heard on the radio.

12/4/98, Washington State: KDRK radio station held a morning auction during the morning guys, Jay & Kevin, show. They were auctioning off a Princess Di Beanie Baby and a Furby. After a few hours and at the end of their show they sold the Beanie for $100 and the Furby went for $250. The money went to the Toys For Tots charity.

11/13/98, California: A local radio station (Rock/Alternative, KROQ) person had Furby on as a guest host. He was on for almost an hour. They tossed him up in the air and caught him and you could hear him say "Wheeee". They talked about how hard it was to find Furby and discussed their opinions. They liked the idea that it could learn English as you raised it, and that it interacted with other Furbys.

11/1/98, Washington State: Radio station (Country, KDRK) morning guys Jay & Kevin had a Furby on the air for a while. They called up several listeners and had the Furby talk to them, instead of talking themselves. What interesting conversations ;). After much discussion and conversation with Furby and about Furby, they noticed that Furby was sneezing and getting sick. My cousin, Kelly, called them up and told them how to care for Furby and how to take care of him when he's sick. She even told them a story about when her mother's (my aunt) got really sick for a while and it even was saying "cold" because they didn't realize how to care for it then.

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