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wolf/owl FurbyThe Furbster, of Electronic Furby, brings to you this bi-weekly poll. The poll will consist of a variety of questions, mostly on Furby. The poll is a single question that can sometimes be serious, while other times be just for the "doo-ay" of it.

The poll changes every other week, with a new question posted on Saturday or Sunday - depending on how lazy the Furbster is feeling! The results will also be made available to you even after the poll is over. Be sure to get your vote in before the weeks are over as the old poll is closed once the new poll question is posted.

If you want to make suggestions for poll questions, do send the questions to me, The Furbster, and I will take them in consideration. I may or may not use your suggestion, if I do I'll be sure to credit you!

To take the Furbsters Bi-Weekly Poll simply read the question and choose your answer. If your answer is not there choose the answer closest to what you would answer. After you answer press the Submit Vote button and you will be brought straight to the Results page. The poll is entirely anonymous, only your answer is recorded and used in the results. You are only allowed one vote per poll, but you may come back at any time and check out the current results. Be sure to come back and vote in the next poll! And now cast your vote below in the current poll!

12/7/00: Furbsters Weekly Poll is no longer being done. However the history is still viewable.

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