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It started March 26th, 1999. McDonalds released their newest Happy Meal toys, the McFurbys! They had 80 to collect. Even these days you can still find those toys in Target stores and floating around the internet, for people who are still trying to complete their collection.

Now Tiger has done it again! March 23rd to April 13th 2000 McDonalds will have the new McFurby happy meal toys! This time they are cute little plush key chains and there are only 12 to collect.

To learn more information about each of the McFurbys toy lines choose one of the following:

If you are looking to join in a email discussion group to buy, sell or trade your McFurbs, then join the mailing list: McFurbs or send a blank email to!

If you are looking for a place on the web to talk about your collection or to buy, sell, or trade your collection you can do this on the Buy, Sell, Trade board and you can chat about it on the Discussion Board!

Be sure to keep checking back, I will be updating with more inages and information when it becomes available!

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