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-Links to Furby Websites-
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Link Description
Furby, the official website -Tiger Electronics page
Furby, the official website (Spanish) -Tiger Electronics page
Furby, the official website (Japanese) -Tiger Electronics page
Poo-Chi, the official website -Tiger Electronics page
Adult Lovers of Furby Official Website! -Excellent email discussion group, join you'll love it!
The Amazing Furby Mania -Joe Lavin's humorous, yet negative review of Furby.
Baby Topsy Furby -A section of Topsy Furby.
Bah-Zoo-Kah -One of my most favorite sites online. A very funny parody page!
Bar Full of Furbys -Lots of information.
Best Online Buys (was: findafurby.com) -Where to find Furby.
Rose's Bejeweled Furby Website -Pictures of Furbys made to look like the infamous FAO Furby.
Callys Furby Paradise -Down at the moment.
Cook your Furby -Anti-Furby site
Dancing Furbys -Furby animations to music. Takes a while to load.
Death To Furby -Anti-Furby site
Electronic Furby -The website you're at right now!
Fab Furby
-General information.
Fantasy Furby Incubator
-A fun little game.
Feedmag Loop
-Anti-Furby Board
Furbia -Tips and tricks
-Where to get Furby
-General info
Furby -Furby clothing for sale here!
Furby (Japanese) -Showcase of many Furby Knock-Offs
Furby -Anti-Furby
Furby! -Read this before you consiter buying Furby at a high price!
The Furby -New page
Furbys and Fun -Basic information about Furby
-Chat board, tips board
-Alot of broken images, not updated in a long while.
Furby Animated GIFs -Most were taken from other websites
-But they are good ones, worth a look.
Furby Asylum -Chat
Furby Autopsy -Not for the faint of heart...
FurbyCam -Check out images of an owners furby and what it's been up to.
Furby Chat Board on Ebay -The sellers and buyers chat board.
Furby Dance -Furby animations to music. Takes a while to load.
Furby Discussions -Chat
Furby, Etc. -Pretty big site with lots of info.
Furby Falls -Is under construction right now.
Furby Fan Club -A chat board.
Furby Fan Page: F3 -New, in frames
Furby FUBAR -Anti-Furby site
Furby Fun -Furby Chat
Furby Fun -CIR Hacking site
The Furby Fun House -Up to date
-Has a diary that is kept up several times a week
-Lots of fun and entertaining stories
-Furby Moments is great!
-A great page, go here for sure!
Furby Fun Land -New, not much yet
Furby Fundamentals -Basic Furby FAQ.
Furby Furtropolis -Tips
-Furbish Language
Furby Gate in New Zealand -General news and information on Furbys & others
-Has a really cool java furby that you can make your own colors!
Furby Gathering Place -Has lots of general information, tips and images.
Furby's Guide 2000 (Japanese) -Beautifully done, lots of Furby info and images.
-Very cute images of the owners Furbys having fun.
-Well worth a visit, knowning Japanese or not!
Furby Heaven -Mostly links to other sites
-Links to NG's
-Links to sellers
-Links to mailing lists.
Furby Interactive Virtual Pet Fans Bulletin Board -Furby Discussion
Furby Journal -Just what it says.
Furbyland -Some neat stuff done with Java here
Furby Land -Different then above.
Furby Love -Furby Adoption Certificate Generator - Cute!
-Just opening
Furby Lover's Chat -Chat room
Furby Lovers Universe -Basic information
Furby, Netherlands homepage -No english as far as I can tell here.
Furby Nation -Lots of general information
-Doesnt look updated in a while.
The Furby Nursery -Images
Furby Mailing List -Another email list, not as active as others.
Furby Mania -Some pics & chat
Furby & Music Universe -Newsletter
-Furby information
Furby Page -Info
Furby Page -Different then above.
-New Site
FF4A (Furby Fun 4 All!) Mailing List home -This is another active and good Furby mailing list.
-Not as active as ALOF, though.
Furby Place -Pics
Furby Scams and Myths -They also have a give away!
Furby Talk -Chat Board
Furby Talk -Chat Board
Furby Tech -Anti-Furby
Furby Times -They seem to be down at this time.
Furbys Unite! -Good stuff!
Furbyville -Be part of a network of furby's and friends
Furby World -New site
Furby Zone -Tips
-Message Board
Genea's Furbys -ALOF Member's website about his Furby Family
Great San Juan Furby Camp -It's for real! You pay for your little one to go off to camp for a week!
-Even if you don't want to do that, the site is worth a look, very very cute pictures here!
HackFurby.com -One of the more interesting Furby hacking sites..
Hack Furby -Hackers gather to learn about Furby and IR Protocol.
Hack Furby Contest -Anti-Furby site
Jope: Furby Remote Control -Hacking
Kohkoh's Village -Very cool!
Love Furby - Our Adventures -Images and stories in journal format.
Mallorys Furby World -This is a new page with great potential.
My Virtual Furby Collection -Furby News
-Furby Pictures.
New, Faster, Better Teddy Ruxpin -Chat
-Hasn't been updated in a long time
Nita's Nest -All about Birds and Furbys
-Talks about how she started and shows her huge Furby collection!
-She is the list mom for the ALOF mailing list.
PoBox655 Index -GENEA@'s Furby Website, ALOF list member
Poobee Home (Japanese) -About and how to buy this Furby Knock-Off
Randy's Homestead -Beautifully made, true art in the form of web design.
-Links & stories
Robotic Creatures: Furby and more... -New site
-Covers Furby, Gizmo, Poo-chi and some others.
Tonkuri (Japanese) -Site about this Knock-Off
-Includes Ordering info, if you know Japanese
Stomp Furby?! -Mostly Anti-Furby site
Topsy Furby -Rather big page, with lots of images and info
Unofficial Furby Fan Club -Big Fan site!
-Lots of information and images
-Has a members only club.
Unofficial Furby Screensavor -This is great!
Virtual Pets Forever -New site
Virtual Pet Project -Send these guys some stories about you and your Furby
We Want Our Furbies Repaired, not replaced! -Sign this petition! Anyone that has lost a Furby understands....

-Web Sites Selling Furby-
Note:Prices may have changed since link was added!
Link Description
E-bay Auctions -Price: Varies per auction.
Yahoo! Auctions -Price: Varies per auctions.
Lily's Crochet Fashions for Furbies -Sells Furby clothing, prices low.
rosey2001's home page -Sells Furby clothing, low prices.
Furby Book! -Price: $11.95
Toys R Us Online -Price: $29.99 and less
KBToys Online -Price: $29.99 and less
Our Store -Price: $39.95
SI Furby Home Page -Price: $39.95
The Price is Right -Price: $45.95 - $59.95
-They have Furby Buddies too
Furby At TNG -Price: $49.95
Furby Page -Price: $49.95
FURBY -Price: $49.95
Purchase Furby On-line -Price: $50.00
Furby Time -Price: $60 or less
Mint In Box -Price: $69.95
World of Furby -They only sell the 'Tux' Black/White Furby.
-They also sell stickers.
-Price: $99.95
Furby Hot Toy For Christmas -Price: $100.00
Furby's! -Price: $139.00+
BeJeweled Furby -Price: $100,000.00

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