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st14This page is about Brent Spiner from Star Trek The Next Generation and his character Data.

Click Here to read a Brent Spiner con report from StarFest (April 21, 1996). A special Thanks to Lark for writing this wonderful report and allowing me to include it on this page! Click here to see some Brent convention pics.

On this page you will also find links to Brent images, Brent Spiner quotes,and links to other Brent Spiner pages.

This Months Quote: "That Action injured you and saved me. I will not forget it." - Data to Riker in "Measure of a Man"

Brent Spiner Images

Please excuse the quality of some of these images.
Data in Generations
Data with Spot From Generations
Two more from Generations
Brent Spiner
Pic from episode "Masks" from STTNG
Data with Julianna Soong
Data's father
Brent with two other familiar faces :)
Brent Spiner

Brent Spiner Convention Images!

Brent con photo 1
Brent con photo 2
Brent con photo 3
Brent con photo 4
Brent con photo 5
Brent con photo 6
Brent con photo 7

I would like to thank Jo DeLapo for letting me use these pics on my page.

Brent Spiner Quotes

These quotes were taken from several different conventions.

Brent Spiner Links

Filmography of B. Spiner
Brent Spiner on
An Outpost 10F Award

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