Hi! And welcome to a section of Mystic Fortress that's been around for nearly 3 months now: The Furby Post. After recieving numerous emails asking about a furby newsletter, Kat AKA Furbster handed the reigns over to me, Brendan, a long time friend and fan of furbys. What does this newsletter consist of you ask? Well, here's a run down of what existing letters have included:

The Furby Post is a bi-weekly newsletter, but may be sent out more often based on fan demand. If you have an idea that you'd like to see in the news letter, want to support the newsletter, or would like to contribute an article please feel free to email me at The Furby Post.

The Furby Post now has an archive page located here. Feel free to take a look at what's happened on the list so far, and if this list is for you :).

Want to subscribe to The Furby Post? Click on the link, fill out the form and you'll be added just like that :)

Click to subscribe to thefurbypost

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